Big Terrific Moves

Last night was Big Terrific’s last show at Sound Fix because the lounge is totally closing. For over a year the N. 11th St. venue served as a mainstay of free comedy and music in Williamsburg, and Big Terrific was the weekly keystone thanks to common appearances by acts like Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Eugene Mirman. It was basically the closest you could get to “Adult Swim Live” without blowing $75 on the “Cartoon Network on Ice Tour 2009.” All that past tense, so depressing. Good news after the jump!

Good news is that Big Terrific hosts Max Silvestri and Gabe & Jenny are moving the act to Cameo, which is even closer to the train. And to Wednesdays, so now Wednesday can be your new Thursday, and Thursday can be just another lame weekday instead of riding Friday’s coattails to the top. New Big Terrific shows start on March 11th @ Cameo, and tomorrow is Marissa Nadler playing Sound Fix’s last in-store show.

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