Big In, uh, Shanghai

If you know me, you know that I’m a big slut for a good magazine layout. But with prices of specialty &/or foreign mags running at around $15 a pop, websites for Chinese hipster inspired print such as M-Style scratch the itch just as well. Over at the Shanghaiist, they seem to agree:

Hipsters get a lot of flack in the U.S. and Europe for fetishizing elements of fringe movements and regurgitating them into something completely sterile and inauthentic – all of the style and none of the substance, so to speak.
And yet (for us, at least) the cheap beer and great music is a welcome escape from the whisky-and-green-tea, Eurotrash house, everybody clad in some skimpy shade of black scene that’s dominated Shanghai so far.

Bombarded with the now long dead pop culture trends of yesterday’s East, some Hong Kong-goes-Brooklyn gems passed under the radar. These kids might as well be living in my building, no? But we’ve always been fans of the Asian aesthetic. I mean, McDonald’s is giving away Hello Kitty watches in their Happy Meals nowadays (which I know one FREEburg writer is super excited about). It’s no wonder Michel Gondry loves him some Eastern city lights….
(Exciting news & a peek at Gondry’s newest, Tokyo!, after the jump)

This collaborative three-way will be opening March 6th in NYC. Two-thirds of the equation will be doing introductions and Q&As all weekend. Check it!


  1. Kevin TS says:

    my little airport ref on freebillyburg! that just made this fobster’s day. azn indie twee, yall

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