Big Hug Mugs from ‘True Detective’ going for $100+ on eBay

Rust Cohle want you to buy a Big Hug Mug.

Rust Cohle wants you to buy a Big Hug Mug.

You’d better act fast if you want your very own Big Hug Mug, as seen in HBO’s True Detective. The troubled yet brilliant detective Rust Cohle uses one as an ashtray whilst throwing back Lone Star tallboys, but feel free to use yours for coffee.

FTD, the flower company that made the mugs, still produces “Big Hug” merchandise, but the particular mug that appears in True Detective was last produced in 1999, according to a spokesperson for FTD. Which means it’s officially “vintage.”

Here’s the eBay link. The average selling price is $50-$80.


[via Eater]

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