Beware the Hipster Traps

This alleged “hipster trap,” which includes a bear clamp fit with all the earthly pleasures a hipster would wish for, comes to us via gigaface on Reddit, who notes, “Just met this guy setting up ‘hipster traps’ in NYC, baited with PBR and American Spirits. Awesome work.”

[UPDATE: Meet the Urban Hunters Who Created the ‘Hipster Traps’]


  1. come back says:

    i hope this helps the hipsters come back to williamsburg because i’m so effing tired of these euro trash/yuppie/richies.

    • yeah, williamsburg for proper authentic americans only. like it always used to be. free of people that are ‘trash’.

  2. any hip (or severed at the hip) amputees yet?

  3. papa smurf says:

    They forgot to put some kale in there.

  4. Nerf Herder says:

    That won’t work, everyone knows a hipster can use crude tools like a moth-eaten hoodie or a studded belt to get those wayfarers and that PBR out of the trap. Besides with a trap like this you’ll probably damage the hipster, and then you’ll be stuck having to listen to it bitch about how having two arms is “so mainstream”.

    What you really need is a clear plexi-glass box with a hole in it just large enough to fit Jesse Camp’s fist through.

    Then there’s the bait. Pink wayfarers and PBR are abundant in Williamsburg. What you need is something to draw the hipster in. Inside your trap you should place a Japanese Import version of Death Cab For Cutie’s “Photo Album” on vinyl.

    When the hipster reaches in to withdraw the record they will be unable to pull it out through the hole. They will not, however, let go. All you have to do then is place a thin lanyard around it’s neck, and you can use it to find the cheapest drug dealers.

  5. jackofhearts says:

    What is that gold chain thing supposed to be?

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