Beware Hipsters! Babies and Old People Invade Williamsburg

c/o Block Magazine

Williamsburg’s demographics may be changing, according to David Maundrell, President of

As reported on The Real Deal Magazine’s twitter feed: “As families and retirees move into Williamsburg off the Bedford L stop, hipsters are moving east along the L,” Maundrell said yesterday at the Green Pearl Brooklyn Real Estate Summit.

Can Williamsburg survive these population changes and maintain its edge, or will its indie cred be lost to pension checks and baby strollers?


  1. I love it. This only raises my property value. Love it, love it, love it.

  2. Suicide Watch says:

    There goes everyone’s sex life.

  3. steven pants says:

    Williamsburg’s indie cred has been gone for 10 years.

  4. come back says:

    um, i thought everyone knew this old news three years ago.

  5. What? When people have sex they sometimes have babies?

  6. jjinbroklyn says:

    I don’t know: if you go out on the Northside on a Monday at 1am, it still looks like hipsters to me. But at least there’s a place to get diapers 24 hours a day now!

  7. Hipster says:

    check this out:

  8. All I have to say is :

    A few months ago I saw someone breastfeeding in Fabiane’s.

    EWWWWWWWWW. There goes the neighborhood!

    Whoever invested here is smart and lucky, but sad for the hipsters who once congregated here and will now drive the rent up elsewhere.

  9. manhatposeur says:

    Yeah at the Cresthardware store hipsters were bringing their babies to the show. its cool with me, hip-yup mom & dad’s have to grwo up a bit.

  10. Old people aren’t a problem. Some of them are the original residents, so they kinda belong here. And some of the baby boomers are pretty hardass. They were hippies, beats,etc. They probably have more indie cred than anyone else. Babies happen. As long as the parents are those snobs who think that the whole damn world has to revolve around them and their kid, it’s not a problem to me.

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