Better G train service may be coming

The people have been heard! The MTA announced they will be conducting a complete review of the G train line. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to made changes, but when they reviewed the L in 2011 it resulted in a service increase. From NY Daily News:

“We certainly know where a lot of complaints are,” said state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn Heights), who wrote to MTA President Thomas Prendergast along with state Sen. Martin Malave Dilan (D-Bushwick). “A full line review is a practical way to make real service improvements within budget limitations.”

The review is expected to be completed this June.



  1. yes, please!

  2. I think the real problem here will be that they will do the study and complete it and five years from now the new towers in Greenpoint will be built and it will be crowded again and the MTA will say, “but we just did a study.”

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