Best dressed exhibitors at this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn


This year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn festival, presented by Desert Island, brought together the best comic artists in the world with the best locals-only vibe you could ever ask for. Sure, there were a ton of awesome comics, and prints, and shirts, and patches and buttons and all sorts of special happenings and mingles. And I’m sure someone is blogging about all that.

But not me! I went solely as a Fashion Blogger. Why shouldn’t the CAB Fest have it’s own red carpet? I think it should!

Until then, here’s just a quick look at the best dressed exhibitors from this year’s Comic Arts Brooklyn. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Forge. Art Magazine

This young lady is pure Camo Boop. I dare you to put this shirt on someone more befitting to wear it. And those hoops are a slam dunk. TBH, I’m not very familiar with Forge.

3rd Place: Czap Books

For the bronze, we have Czap Books rocking a pastel floral of subtle beauty. And the the name tag on the sleeve? So chic.

2nd Place: Sasha Kimiatek

Schwing! You had me at glasses, bangs, and overalls but the Kiss Me I’m Polish? Sasha Kimiatek, will you please go to prom with me?

1st Place: Nick Offerman

And our top place finisher, Mr. Nicholas Offerman, wears a shirt that, in my opinion, sums up our current political, environmental, economical situation in this country and the entire planet. Perhaps channeling the ghost of Alfred E. Neuman, Offerman’s expression supports his fashion statement only proving the truth that hides in the oft quoted advice of “wear what feels good.” Bravo, Nicholas.

Until next year, thanks y’all!


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