Best Coast played Bowery Ballroom

Last night, Best Coast proved their lo-fi, doo-wop, surf rock can make it through the summer and into the rainy, grey weather of fall with a sold out show at The Bowery Ballroom.

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Brooklyn’s Small Black opened the night with the poppier side of the indie dance-drone sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Tunes from the Small Black EP and the forthcoming New Chain LP (out Oct. 26) were earnest but with a dash of esotericism that kept them believable. My boyfriend wondered how long until Kanye discovers them and they blow up.

Someone was head banging behind me as London’s Male Bonding launched into their set of punk with 90s grunge overtones and thumping kick drum. Almost akin to early Nirvana (but with Dave Grohl as creative director), they were dirty t-shirts, beer and fun; in a Bushwick loft party way.

At the climax of the Frankie Valli classic “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, Best Coast (Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno and Ali Koehler) took to a darkened stage and without a word (besides Cosentino’s quip that it “smells like weed… that’s cool.”) they launched into “Bratty B”. What followed were slightly less fuzzed-out versions of tracks from their EPs and the “Crazy For You” LP, such as a speedier “Boyfriend”, a grungy ode to Lesley Gore’s “That’s the Way Boys Are” and a Snacks the Cat-dedicated “Goodbye”. Lacking the dreamy layering from the albums, Cosentino’s voice was more commanding, matching well her driving guitar and Bruno’s heart-thudding bass line. Fortunately, the swinging drums (from Koehler, a recent replacement)  kept it all from getting too heavy, ‘cause the last thing Best Coast would want to do is harsh your mellow.

Best Coast play another sold out show tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Small Black

Male Bonding

Best Coast

Best Coast

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