Be Like Lil' Wayne = Best iPhone App Ever

It’s completely worth the $0.99 cost for the “Be Like Lil’ Wayne” iPhone application. The possibilities are endless and wonderfully asinine…..
Per EpicTilt, the application’s designers:
“Lil’ Wayne equips you with a vast array of his personal bling and outfits to pimp yourself out so you can share with your friends! You can even add Lil’ Wayne himself into your pictures and share with the rest of the world by email or by showing it off in the Lil’ Wayne user gallery!”
Here’s my dog:

wayne lo.jpg
Here’s the contestant from the new Top Chef who never blinks:

chef wayne.jpg


  1. wow! lola looks madhood!

  2. This is the stupidest waste of time I’ve ever heard of. Why on earth would ANYONE want to look as stupid as that no-talent assclown? Since when was wearing a hat to one side considered a talent? Since when was wearing single color script-fonted tatoos considered a talent? Since when was being a NIGGER considered a talent? This is just fucking stupid, and anyone who buys this app should make sure the welfare department doesn’t find out about the iPhone they bought with my god damn tax dollars. Fucking NIGGERS!!!

  3. Shaver rifick says:

    yea fuck niggers and fuck all who dont agree… we’ll string you up

  4. Wow. You’re oh so cool because you can say nigger on the internet. I bet your scared little redneck punk asses wouldn’t have the guts to say it above a whisper in public.
    Why waste your time inflicting that kind of hate on anyone, let alone a whole race. Try picking up a book and learning something, it might help expand your mind. Don’t worry, you can still pick out a book with pictures, I know you’d be confused.

  5. streets2525 says:

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