BBQ maestro opening enormous NC-style whole hog restaurant in Bushwick

Tyson Ho. [Photograph: Josh Bousel & Serious Eats]

We’re looking forward to this new pork palace coming soon to Bushwick. (Or is it East Williamsburg?)

Tyson Ho, the Flushing-bred, North-Carolina-trained pit master, has confirmed that he’ll be setting up a beer and barbecue hall at 173 Morgan Avenue to open this summer.

The restaurant is meant to emulate the experience of a communal pig picking, the format of his Hog Days of Summer pop-up meals last year… The communal experience will also allow Ho to turn whole hog barbecue, a lower-yield process compared to smoking single cuts like brisket or shoulder, into a financially viable restaurant. He’ll be digging into Carolina barbecue tradition by serving west Carolina-style outside brown, and the menu will also include a selection of country ham from around the U.S. “to establish ourselves as a church of pork….”

he stumbled on a lower-rent East Williamsburg location that may well be the perfect location. For Ho, the experience of eating whole hog is inseparable from the communal aspect of the pig picking. “That’s the thing about North Carolina barbecue: pig picking is a party. People have them for everything. Birthdays, weddings, losing your virginity…”

The challenge was to replicate that party tradition in urban New York. His new location’s relative isolation and industrial surroundings allow him to do just that. 1,850 square feet, with an additional 3,150 outside, give him enough space to smoke on premises and spread his wings. Nor will he have to worry about bothering residential neighbors with noise and fumes.

The restaurant doesn’t have a name yet, but Eater suggests it could be called Arrogant Swine:

Ho, who apprenticed with Ed Mitchell at The Pit in Raleigh, N.C., got his start with Hog Days of Summer, a series of whole hog parties he hosted at John Brown Smokehouse last summer. Now he plans to turn the same kind of communal pig picking party into a restaurant.

The new barbecue and beer hall on Morgan Avenue will include a massive outdoor space for smoking on-site. Besides the communal hog (still a rarity in New York’s barbecue scene), it will also offer various country hams from across the U.S. in order to “to establish ourselves as a church of pork.” The restaurant is still unnamed, although Ho went by Arrogant Swine at his summer roasts.


  1. jjinbroklyn says:

    Sometimes I think half the hood is vegans, and the other half eats nothing but smoked meats.

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