Bass Solos Rock

Except when they’re played by John Kruk. This video of Kruk rocking out is as priceless as his mullet. [thanks Jud. c/o Can’t Stop Bleeding ]


  1. clarque says:

    isn’t that michael anthony of van halen?

  2. WTF people! That IS Micheal Anthony of Van Halen and it was recorded in 1982 @ the Capital Center in Largo, MD (Diver Down tour). You should here Diamond Dave’s stage banter during this show. Fucking pricless!!!

  3. Mean Commenter says:

    Ha ha! The ultimate Williamsburg hipster can’t even name his Van Halen members! How appropriate for a trust fund kid to feign rock knowledge on a daily basis, as things appear before him to grasp at. (I am predicting this will not be posted by the moderator)

  4. van halen, yes, but this was still intolerable.

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