Basically everything is shutting down in north Greenpoint


Hail Mary; credit Grub Street

As Gothamist reports, Hail Mary is the latest casualty in a mass number of shutdowns in the past six months.

Hail Mary, the cute gourmet “diner” on Greenpoint Avenue, closed over the weekend after less than a year in the neighborhood. This is sad news for mac and cheese lovers, funfetti fanatics, and anyone who enjoys high quality comfort food in a cozy, welcoming environment. If you love a restaurant, go there frequently, or risk saying farewell.

Reached via email, owners Ham and Sohla El-Waylly told us they “tried their best” to keep their Greenpoint dream alive. “We made something we loved and that completely represented us through and through,” they told Gothamist. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. We’re happy we got to try and that this experience has made our relationship stronger.”

We’re sorry to see them go, but Hail Mary was just one of many businesses that have closed recently in north Greenpoint, making the neighborhood feel strangely quiet these days. 

Franklin Street has been hit especially hard, with all of the following closing in the past six months. Casualties include:

Jimmy’s Diner shutdown unexpectedly in January.
Cassette, which closed in November, is now hosting a pop-up for Threes Brewery.
Mr Soulvaki shuttered its doors earlier this year.
And Mrs Kim’s claims to be renovating, but Yelp suggests otherwise.

Undoubtedly, its just the calm before the storm as local businesses make room for the chains which can afford the rising rents. Ugh.


  1. Let’s be honest. The places that are closing, they will not be missed.

  2. Brooklyn label seems to have disappeared too

  3. With all due respect, Hail Mary wasn’t good and the food was overpriced.

  4. Russell.FL says:

    Just as long as Broken Land keeps doing well, I’ll be happy.

  5. Hail Mary was a miss. An odd, oversized space serving noones version of comfort food at a very high price point. Service was rude too.
    Jimmy’s however will be missed. A true neighborhood joint.
    What we need are late night “Modern Diners” or competent modern comfort food and cheap ethnics. A 24 hr Polish Diner on Franklin would be great. The souvlaki site is being scouted as a ramen place. Perfect for that site.

  6. Troy Palme says:

    Mrs Kim’s F’ing sucked.

  7. NO equal balance in these areas any more so what exactly do you expect? Once again the permeating foul stench of greed is killing almost everything in its path, and this won’t be the end of it no matter what folks think. Watch what happens with Astoria being the next “in place” to be?!

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