Bar Opening: OTB (Finally An OTB We Like In The Neighborhood)

OTB (c/o Eater)

From Eater

Earlier this month, Post Office owner Alla Lapushchik opened OTB, a Williamsburg tavern with a race track theme. The drinks menu includes classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Hemingway Daquiris, plus original cocktails, beer, and wine. The food menu from Ssäm Bar alum Sam Glinn is slated to debut later this week. It will feature bistro dishes like oysters, escargot, frog legs, French onion soup, steak frites, and coq au vin.

OTB Menu


  1. Johnnypotsandpans says:

    What you really mean is, “Finally an OTB with dumb fucking hipsters in it.”

  2. seriously, fuck post office and fuck this place. the people at the real otb were real people. real life people.

  3. Been here a few times and it was GOOD! tasty drinks, great service, nice conversation (NO HIPSTERS IN SIGHT – guess they cant afford the $5 beers) cant wait for the kitchen to open, the food at PO is delish so i expect the same. OTB, Post office, Whatever – its just a name – not a theme-kitch thing. (i think its a bukowski reference actually..?)

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