Baptist Church, an even better place to recruit soldiers than the Walmart parking lot!

This is really disturbing. Click on the picture to read the full story. (Thanks shlonkombakazay)


  1. The only time Jesus was ever angry (The Money changers in the Temple) was over in improper use of a the Holy Temple. I think this is a a clear example of the same misuse of religion. Sadly only in the South would something like this happen.

  2. Oh. My…
    This is truly, truly upsetting.
    They are tainting the purity of their religion! Can they not see that? Even non Christians are seeing how crazy that is.
    Crazy, crazy…
    See? You agree with Conor Oberst.. now?
    Fuck the South.

  3. Robert Lanham says:

    I’m from the south Miller. Lots if good, smart people there. Don’t be a dipshit

  4. No. Really.
    Fuck the south.

  5. I guess I will rephrase my statment. I feel that in the American South east thier is a cult of personality in which Jesus is associated with the American Military and its traditions. It is almost like the two are the same. That is what I meant by “only in the South”. Christianity has morphed with Military Service and good citizenship.

  6. Don’t turn this into a north-south issue. It won’t solve the problem to alienate people who agree that this misuse of our places of worship must not continue.

  7. pls i want to be a recruited soldier.thanks

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