Awesome DVD: Lou Reed's Berlin

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Lou Reed is so fucking cool. On Friday, I got the chance to check out a copy of the new rockumentary by the Weinstein Co., Lou Reed’s Berlin, shot at a show last year at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. It’s the ultimate videographic culmination for one of our most influential children of New York City, and it focuses on an album largely ignored by Lou Reed’s more mainstream fanbase.
If you’re unaware of the cultural significance of the album, Wikipedia’s got a great entry summing it all up, but to sum it up it was originally a dark yet critically acclaimed 1973 album by Lou Reed which chronicled the downward spiral of a junkie couple, set in the city of its name. The tragic and dark rock opera was essentially shelved in Lou Reed’s mind for most of his career, until 2007 gave him the chance to tour for it with full support, backed by the Brooklyn Youth Orchestra and a hand-selected group of world class musicians.
In the film, Julian Schnabel injects images of Christine through dreamy sequences which expose the life of Reed’s drug-addled protagonist, as shot by Schnabel’s daughter Lola. It’s not exactly party footage, but Reed doesn’t always provide a walk on the wildside without giving a lesson in storytelling first. Julian Schnabel’s Berlin comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow, and from what I can tell, you can get it for less than $20 on Amazon.
From it’s short theater run back in June, the NYPost has a review that you can check out for some more info. Below the jump, see one fan’s really silly “interpretation” of Caroline Says II in Second Life.

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