Sonic Youth At Prospect Park 7/31

Until last night, I had somehow never managed to see Sonic Youth live. I rectified that huge oversight in my concert-going experience last night, enjoying their flawless set at Prospect Park. The set was chock full of hits and the requisite bursts of drone and noise never once slowed down the momentum. Apparently Benjamin Button was based on the life of Thurston Moore since he has begun to age in reverse. He looked like he was about 16. Kim looked beautiful as always. Overall, it was an amazing set and I look forward to seeing them again. A big thanks to Big Ass Lens, who has another video posted here.

Leaked: Daft Punk's Contributions to the Tron Soundtrack

Yep, that’s right. There’s going to be another Tron movie. (Ah, the nostalgia). And Daft Punk is on the soundtrack. According to Cinemablend, there are nine songs in all. Here they are below!

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Before They Were Indie

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst

Flavorwire has a cute and funny collection of indie stars before they were famous. This is my favorite (left) Conor Oberst, before his was emo. They also have a cute Nickelodeon video starring Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells when she was a tween and a hilarious shot of the Animal Collective crew. Check them all out at Flavorwire.

If you’ve got more, add them in comments. We’d love to see some shots of local artists and musicians. Ninjasonic anyone?

SPONSORED POST: SPIN to Webcast Black Keys, Flaming Lips & More

The Black Keys

It’s SPIN’s 25th anniversary year, and to celebrate, we’re throwing a week-long party in New York City, with five consecutive nights of shows, presented by ZYNC from American Express and headlined by the Smashing Pumpkins, the Flaming Lips, the Black Keys, the National, and Spiritualized. But you don’t have to be in NYC to see these amazing gigs — each night will be webcast, live, right here on!

Visit each night, from Monday, July 26, through Friday, July 30, at 8 P.M. EST for a live broadcast of the concert, shot in high-quality video from nine different camera angles! See below for the full schedule.

Click here for the live stream page.

The concerts, produced by the Bowery Presents, will also be streamed live on the ZYNC Facebook page. Fans will be able to interact during the live stream through Facebook and Twitter.

“This concert series is the best of both the old and the new world,” says Malcolm Campbell, SPIN’s Publisher. “Not only are we helping to produce incredible live music, the cornerstone of SPIN since its inception, but we’re able to broadcast it to fans all over the world with our partners at American Express on the web.”

SPIN25 Webcast Schedule.
All shows begin around 8 P.M. EST (except Wednesday, which begins at 10 PM EST) and are powered by

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Clothes on the Bed by Geneva Jacuzzi

Limited edition vinyl here.

New Ducktails: Apple Walks

Naked Cowboy sues Naked Cowgirl

image c/o

There’s trouble a-brewing on the range, um, we mean Times Square. Turns out Robert Burck, aka The Naked Cowboy, has a burr in his saddle tighty-whities about an impostor known as The Naked Cowgirl who is cramping his style and perhaps his copyright:

“No one else should be profiting off the Naked Cowboy brand,” said Burck’s lawyer, Joe Jackson. “This woman is confusing tourists and destroying the brand.”

Burck filed the trademark infringement suit against the cowgirl, whose real name is Sandra Brodsky, in Manhattan federal court. Burck said his idea – which he trademarked in 2000 – is about clean, wholesome fun. He claims the cowgirl is tarnishing the name with her antics. “She has been observed using visual profanity (flipping the bird at the camera) when photographing with people in Times Square,” the lawsuit states. “This is inconsistent with the manner in which the Naked Cowboy conducts business.”

Somehow we don’t think said cowgirl is gonna deter the housewives from Omaha, in town to see Shrek on Broadway, from taking photos with our city’s favorite homoerotic exhibitionist.

Beach House – Walk in the Park

I continue to love Beach House’s latest record, Teen Dream. For anyone who got picked on in high school, this new, freaky video by Allen Cordell is like a fever dream.