Ichiran Ramen opened in Bushwick and it’s expensive

The popular Japanese chain opened its first New York location last week and many were surprised by the prices. In fact, some dishes were close to twice the price of what is charged in Japan and Hong Kong. Without add-ons, a bowl of ramen is pretty dang expensive at $19:

Hundreds of fans of the Japanese ramen chain Ichiran lined up before the new Bushwick location opened at 11 a.m. yesterday, but some of them balked at least one difference in New York City’s location — the price. One bowl of the tonkotsu ramen costs $18.90, before add-ons like noodle refills. Even with tip included in the Ichiran prices, many people were irked at how much more expensive it was than at other locations in Japan and Hong Kong. In Japan, the same bowl costs $7. [Read more…]

Cape House Clam Shack is now open in Bushwick


Cape House Clam Shack, c/o Gothamist

Gothamist paid them a visit and their verdict was “everything that has clams in it is good.”

Start with the soul-satisfying New England Clam Dip, a bowl of thick, chunky, and creamy dip, shavings of lemon zest on top, surrounded by extra-crunchy Cape Cod potato chips. I asked for hot sauce and mixed it in, and you should too. In fact, maybe they should just put bottles of the stuff at every table. Nothing fancy. Even (especially?) Trappey’s Red Devil would go great with just about everything here. [Read more…]

The Manhattan Inn is closing


We’re sad to see them go, but in honor of the occasion they’ll be hosting a slew of shows including Delicate Steve, Pavo Pavo, Sam Cohen. Their last night is Monday, Nov. 13:

“While the Manhattan Inn has always enjoyed steady support from the community, it was no longer enough to keep the business viable,” the owners said in a statement, adding that rising rent wasn’t the reason they were leaving. [Read more…]

More ‘All Seeing Trump’ sightings in NY as artists launch website and new video


The people behind the Trump Zoltar machine spotted in Greenpoint earlier this week, have now launched a website and video, posted below. [Read more…]

Modern Love – a new “swanky vegan comfort food” restaurant is now open in Williamsburg

Modern Love, credit Gothamist

Modern Love, credit Gothamist

They opened quietly a few weeks ago on Union Ave:

The two best dishes I ate here used tempeh, tofu’s firmer, cakier cousin, for textural balance and a subtle earthiness, and the results were excellent. The simple Tempeh Stuffed Avocado featured a mini mountain of the stuff, chopped into chunks and slathered in spicy mayo, exploding up from half a perfectly ripe avocado, a pile of watercress giving some crunch and bitterness, a drizzling of chili oil bringing the heat. This was the second time in a week I ate avocado paired with chili oil, and if other kitchens know what’s good for them, I predict you’ll soon be seeing this combo all over town. [Read more…]

Trump Zoltar machine spotted in Greenpoint


h/t Gothamist who reports that the talking Trump machine was packed away in a van after the video was shot. Where will it appear next?

The moron behind #Twinks4Trump is hosting a pro-Trump art show in Williamsburg on Saturday


That’s right, the dipshit behind #Twinks4Trump, Lucian Wintrich, is hosting an event with an all-star cast of racists, dipshits, and sewer trolls including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Martin Shkreli, David Angelo, Francis Legge, James O’Keefe, the Godesky Brothers, Jon Proby, Sebastian Sommer and, perhaps, a real life Nazi or two. Sounds like a great reason to leave town. Ugh. When will this nightmare of an election be over?!

The opening for #DaddyWillSaveUs will be held at 191 North, 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York October 8th starting at 8pm ET.

Headlining speakers and contributors for the opening include outspoken gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes. Additional contributors include Martin Shkreli, James O’Keefe, the Godesky Brothers, Jon Proby, Sebastian Sommer, and more!! [Read more…]

Silent Barn pressures Nooklyn, an apartment finder app, into removing them as a Bushwick “amenity”

Silent Barn, credit bushwickbridge

Silent Barn, credit bushwickbridge

Nooklyn, an apartment search website and app run by this guy ruffled some feathers over at Silent Barn yesterday. The company listed the club as an “amenity” to Bushwick’s Saint Marks Luxury Apartments which didn’t go over so well with the owners, who lashed out on Twitter:

[Read more…]