The Williamsburg Hotel’s bar is now open, Harvey is coming soon

The northern tip of Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg is slowly transforming into the hotel district. Sure, it’s making the neighborhood EVEN MORE touristy, but at least there are some great restaurants and bars associated with the properties. The Wythe Hotel houses The Ides and Reynard. The William Vale hosts Leuca and Westlight. And now, the recently opened Williamsburg Hotel has just opened its own hotel bar in its lobby. The hotel’s restaurant, Harvey, will open later this year, [Read more…]

More closings in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

The Camlin; credit Cassandra Girlado/Wall Street Journal

The Camlin; credit Cassandra Girlado/Wall Street Journal

The new year has just begun so we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news. BUT, two popular restaurants closed while we were all over-indulging for the holidays. In Williamsburg, The Camlin closed just days before Christmas. Despite solid reviews, they were never able to get the traction they needed to stay afloat:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce we will unfortunately be closing The Camlin next Friday, December 23rd. Unfortunately, it’s been a tough year, and sales are just not strong enough to keep us going any longer. So we have made the difficult decision to close. [Read more…]

Luksus is closing this month

Luksus, via Yelp

Luksus, via Yelp

Last week we lost Cubana Social. Now Luksus, which recently received another Michelin star, is set to close on December 31.

Don’t freak out beer snobs, Torst will remain open. Chef Daniel Burns says closing is a “a creative choice” and that he wants to “try something new” and “celebrate what we did for the time that we did it.”

The Michelin-starred restaurant from chef Daniel Burns will be serving its final meals on December 31. Burns, an alum of Noma and Momofuku’s culinary lab, will be moving onto other projects in the new year, starting with chef collaboration dinners overseas at places like Omnivore in Paris. [Read more…]

Video: four morons broke a Virgin Mary statue outside a Williamsburg church posing for selfie


Or as the Brooklyn Paper‘s charmingly-retro reporter calls them “buffoons,” “knuckleheads,” “pack of yahoos” “blasphemous bozos” and “holy terrors.”

A pack of yahoos broke a religious statue while trying to pose for selfies outside a Williamsburg church on Saturday night, police say. [Read more…]

Little King, a new bar and gastropub, is now open in Williamsburg

(credit: Jane Beiles)

(credit: Jane Beiles)

Little King opened recently at 749 Metropolitan Avenue, just off the Graham Avenue stop in Williamsburg. The kitchen is run by the former Five Leaves sous chef Philip Vernier and the menu features high-end bar food including Mussels in Spicy Turmeric Broth ($14), Brioche Grilled Cheese ($10), Scallop Crudo ($13), Roasted Bone Marrow ($6) and the obligatory burger. The booze menu includes a Mezcal Old Fashioned and other inventive cocktails, all in the $13 range. [Read more…]

Brooklyn to be spared this year from the pukenado known as Santacon

Well at least there is some good news this year. The retching, shrieking gaggle of red-suited bro and bro-ettes will be bypassing Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick this year! As we noted before, the vomit-filled shitfest was originally supposed to commence in McCarren Park, but there’s been a change in plans, much to the chagrin of anyone living in Manhattan:

The 2016 event will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10 (although Santas will start gathering an hour earlier, at 10 a.m.). And, contrary to a flurry of reports in late October naming Williamsburg as its starting point, this year’s SantaCon will in fact be entirely contained in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. [Read more…]

Roberta’s is getting Pizzagate threats: “you are going to bleed and be tortured”

If you haven’t been keeping up with the literally insane and baseless Pizzagate saga, it seems to be escalating. Now Roberta’s is the latest to get caught up in the madness:

A worker at the popular pizza joint Roberta’s received death threats after rumors spread on YouTube and Twitter that it was connected to Pizzagate — the fake-news conspiracy theory claiming Hillary Clinton was running a child abuse ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria. [Read more…]

New music venue Brooklyn Steel coming to Williamsburg this Spring


Brooklyn Steel is set to open in 2017 at 319 Frost Street in Williamsburg. Confirmed acts thus far include The Decemberists, Pixies, PJ Harvey and more. From Bowery Presents:

Brooklyn Steel is the largest general admission venue in Brooklyn, with a capacity of approximately 1,800. With Music Hall of Williamsburg, Rough Trade and now Brooklyn Steel, The Bowery Presents will operate three venues in Brooklyn, offering fans unique and diverse concert experiences. [Read more…]