Hipster molting season is here again


Inside the sober rave in Williamsburg


sober rave (c/o Gothamist & Mathew Gilbertson)


sober rave (c/o Gothamist & Mathew Gilbertson)

Thanks to Gothamist for doing the leg work. There’s just no way we could take sober dancing and animal masks at 6:30 AM.

A $20 ticket to Morning Gloryville gets you the following: three hugs upon entry (one from each of the Morning Gloryville crew), a plastic lei, and three and a half hours of dancing. There’s a smoothie bar, where smoothies are $6-a-pop and juices run $9, and you can purchase Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee for around $2-$3, if you so desire. Massages are available for a “suggested donation,” and crews were leading soggy yoga classes every 5 to 10 minutes on the Zoo’s rainy roof.

The dancing, though, was Morning Gloryville’s real bread-and-butter, with DJs blaring house music that reverberated all the way down Bogart Street. The Zoo—which was packed by 7:30 a.m.—boasted a bouncy floor and trampoline, and attendees were all over it, climbing walls, doing handstands and flipping from a rope swing in the middle of the room. The Zoo’s garage doors were open, and passersby kept stopping to snap photos of the dozens of grown-ass adults in sequins doing pike jumps and tossing giant blow-up balls around the faux-graffitied wall.

Morning Gloryville advertises itself as a pre-work “sober rave,” a description that stressed me out initially—how does one survive a strobe-light dance party without intoxicants? Is it appropriate to spike a mango smoothie? Can you blog on an Ecstasy comedown? But those concerns were all for naught, because what Morning Gloryville really is, is a $20 gym class, designed to pump you with endorphins before you move into your cubicle for the day. I prefer running in circles around Maria Hernandez Park but, hey, everybody’s doing their own thing.
The next edition Morning Gloryville goes down on August 13th at 6:30 a.m.; buy your tickets online.

More pics here. You can get tickets for the next sober rave here.

‘Bushwick Nightz’ book launch party is tonight


Our friends at Bushwick Daily just released a collection of short stories, Bushwick Nightz. Tonight they’re throwing a party to celebrate:

In 12 original, honest, brutal and completely self-aware stories, you’ll explore the bright and dark moments of all that occurs here from drug deals, to gallery shows, drinking, sex, Zagat-rated meals, gentrification and trying to figure it all out.

Meet the writers in person, hear them read, discuss the stories, drink some champagne & most importantly celebrate Bushwick with us!

8:30-9:30: Discussion & reading moderated by Eric Silver with writers Dallas Athent, Prospero Vega & John Jarzemsky [Read more...]

Littleneck Outpost now open in Greenpoint

littleneck outpost

Littleneck Outpost;  128 Franklin St., Greenpoint
credit: Daniel Krieger

We can’t wait to try it!

The all-day cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, serving coffee, breakfast dishes like granola or arugula quinoa with a soft egg and boquerones, and sandwiches and salads that range from Littleneck classics like a lobster roll to a chicken confit sandwich with bacon jam. The space is big and bright, with plenty of seating and a little corner of retail items like books, aprons, and pantry items.

Here’s the menu, via Eater, below: [Read more...]

First Domino Sugar condostrosity to be six stories taller than the Edge


On Sunday, we bid adieu to Domino once again with the closing of the Kara Walker installation. Now we find that Two Trees, run by the insane Walentas family, have filed permits for the first building to be constructed on the site:

DOB filings indicate that 320 Kent Avenue will span 470,106 square feet and 36 stories, rising 401 feet to its pinnacle. The tower will include a 41,801 square foot commercial component, and the remainder will be residential, divided between 392 units.

As mentioned before, DeBlasio and councilman Stephen Levin are not interested in battling for air rights in North Brooklyn. Instead, they are allowing developers to build as high they wish, provided they throw the community a bone in the form of affordable housing. Affordable housing is of course an important issue, but so are air rights, public transportation, and the desires of the community.

Pasar Malam – a new Malaysian, night market-inspired restaurant is open in Williamsburg


Credit: Noah Fecks/Bedford & Bowery

Pasar Malam; 208 Grand Street (bet. Bedford and Driggs Aves)

From Bedford & Bowery:

The dishes here are mostly Malay classics with unique twists: the chili crab, for instance, is made with a soft-shell rather than hard-shell crab, and the Hainanese chicken rice is made with crispy rather than steamed chicken. Though the food isn’t knock-your-socks-off spicy, says Mehta, the Nasi Lemak will have you reaching for one of the place’s herb-packed “holistic” Chinese drinks, or a cooling soymilk and grass jelly drink named Michael Jackson for its black-and-white color.

“If it’s not a good one, you’re not sweating,” says Mehta of Malaysia’s national dish, a combination of coconut rice, pandan leaves, pickled vegetables and house-made anchovy sambal. [Read more...]

Williamsburg finally getting that Starbucks that no one wanted in the first place


Very soon, you’ll be able to order your own viente crappuccino at a new Starbucks location close to Barcade on the Lorimer stop. Verb can’t afford the rent in the neighborhood, but Howard Schultz sure can:

The new location of the Seattle-based chain, 405-409 Union Ave., will debut mid-summer, a company spokeswoman said.

It marks the first time Starbucks is opening in the area largely devoid of the chain that’s ubiquitous in Manhattan. Only one other location exists in the North Brooklyn area, in Greenpoint, at 910 Manhattan Ave.

Last year, reports floated online of the new location after a tipster notified Eater of job listings for the company.

The new Starbucks is on the ground floor of a luxury rental condo building at the corner of Union Avenue and Ainslie Street, where a studio recently rented for $2,300 per month, according to StreetEasy.

Thankfully, a great local alternative, The West, is right across the street. Make sure to give them some love!

Where to watch the World Cup in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick


The USA vs Portugal game is on at 6pm! Our vote is the Gutter since its spacious and they have an enormous screen set up. Iona will be fun too since they are showing it in their garden. Here are some other places where you can watch the World Cup:

Brooklyn Bowl
Banter Bar
Knitting Factory
Berry Park
Alligator Lounge
Spike Hill
Radegast Hall & Biergarten
Battery Harris
Red Star
Kent Ale House
The Mark Bar
Shayz Lounge

Brokleyn has a good rundown of Bushwick spots for the game: [Read more...]