Our free sangria brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard! The Yard at the Soho Grand, that is…

The only way to do summer right is to double-fist it.

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PHOTOS: Fun Haüs Relaunch @ Stay

Last Wednesday, everyone’s favorite hump day party, Fun Haüs, relaunched at LES’s Stay Lounge, just in time for Eli Escobar‘s D.E.S.I.R.E. EP! With new scenery, new DJs, and a new feel, the reloaded Fun Haüs is sure to wipe away the Wednesday OH-DEAR-GOD-WHYs…

Pebbles Baby Rox and Contessa Stuto

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PHOTOS: The Darby loves LOVECAT!

Everyone knows that cats are all the rage right now (and always), so whoever named brand spankin’ new Lovecat Mag was right on the money! The beauties and the beastlies came out to the Darby in droves for the launch of this limited edition female fashion model fanzine.


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PHOTOS: Blind Barber reps the East Siiiiiiiiiiide!

This ain’t your grandparents’ social club! Every Tuesday, the East Side Social Club convenes at Blind Barber to boogie away the Tuesday Bluesdays and stay out of the soul-crushing heat…

Exactly .7 seconds later, this popsicle melted into a puddle of dashed hopes and dreams.

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PHOTOS: Webby Hall gets TRASHY

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little TRASH-y now and then, and there’s no better place to do it than Friday nights in the Studio at Webster Hall!

Big deal. Like we can’t do that…

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PHOTOS: Haüs makes Wednesdays FUN!

If you’ve ever been caught saying “Oh god, it’s only Wednesday???”, then you’ve never been to the Fun Haüs, where the tunes flow as freely as the booze, and everyone is already practicing their sick calls into work the next day!
And you say “hump day” like it’s a bad thing…

We don’t know what this guy saw to make his eyes bleed, but we’re pretty content with that fact.

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PHOTOS: Le Poisson Rouge FREAKS OUT for Oh! You Pretty Things!

The wild child(ren) of NYC were out at Le Poisson Rouge for Oh! You Pretty Things! Although…”pretty” is not quite the word we’d use to describe it. Probably something more along the lines of “WTF”…

This dude’s eye black takes intimidation to a whole new level.
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PHOTO GALLERY: throws an after party for YELLE’s Sold Out Show at Irving Plaza!

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