The Dub Police invaded NYC and no one got arrested

The Dub Police invaded NYC and no one got arrested … but we did get a lot of wobble wobble wobble and this video recap:

EXTRA CREDIT: View scintillating party photos from this event!

PHOTO GALLERY: Cosmetic Opera!

CosmeticCosmic Opera took over Manhattan’s historic Hammerstein Ballroom for it’s inaugural extrasensory dance event last night!

SURE SURE SURE …  Skrillex wasn’t there but that guy Axwell from Swedish House Mafia Was! .. AND he worked the crowd into a dance frenzy while aerial dancers danced on the ceiling in a way that would make any Lionel Richie enthusiast jealous!

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You can stop working on that last-minute homemade card; peep Nicky Digital’s Hipster Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that don’t suck!

Whether you’ve snoozed on getting something special for the dudes at Gimme Coffee who have been helping you mainline iced coffee all year or you just don’t want to show up to that memorial service for Dear Leader empty-handed (AWKWARD!), this year’s installment of Nicky Digital‘s Hipster Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone on your list (or your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr feed)!

Check out this year’s hand-selected swag, from panties-by-post to temp tats, over on Nicky Digital!

EXTRA CREDIT: peep the accompanying Mustache Holiday Gift Guide for that friend with the follicular flourish.

YOU’RE INVITED: Yelle’s World Tour Wrap Party!

JE VEUX TE VOIR… À NOTRE FÊTE POUR CÉLÉBRE LA FIN DE LA TOURNÉE MONDIALE DE YELLE!! (Go easy on us, Francophones. This is the best we could do with high school French and Google Translate…)

Translation: I want to see you…at our party to celebrate the end of Yelle’s world tour!


Flyer after the jump:

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PHOTO GALLERIES: Pre-Halloween Face Painted Festivities

OKAY so Halloween hasn’t even happened yet and all these people are already obscuring their faces and running around wreaking havoc …

We’ve got Bingo the Bunny with is two friends (we can’t tell if his friends are in costumes or just trying to get photographed for that buzzy tumblr) going to the weekly Lass & Laddies party at Webster‘s Dance Hall.
>> See more photos of their dance party discotecca here.

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HALLOWEEN PARTY ALERT: End of Lé World Zombie Attack on October 29, 2011

Zombies are taking over and this Halloween and we have realized that THIS really could be, The End of the World. So what better way to meet your maker than to party all night long. Come as one of the hated enemy zombies or come dressed as if this is your last night of your life (cuz it is…)!!

Instead: Dress to fit in as one of the putrid partying zombies or dress to stand out, as its your last night on Earth.

With DJ Klever, Nick Catchdubs, and Jubile on the decks and Nicky Digital snappin’ your pic and leading us to total devastation and imminent afterlife
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PHOTO GALLERY: CMJ … it happened and barely anyone got hurt.

Nicky Digital had his annual showcase. There was free beer and 6 bands. See the Photos HERE!
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It was the last night before the city-leveling, apocalypse-inciting, where-is-your-God-now natural disaster of the century that was (or wasn’t?) Hurricane Irene so, naturally, things at Webster Hall‘s Friday night Trash party were going to get a little weird. Well…take a look for yourself…

“Why is he looking at us like that?…Hey! You tripping balls, dude? What’s going on?…”

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