PHOTO FIELD TRIP: Iceland Airwaves Music Festival!

Our buddy Nicky Digital just got back from a photographic extravaganza in his favorite home away from home, Iceland!

This time he went over to Iceland Airwaves Music Festival which features the best of Icelandic music as well as acts from all over the globe!

Take a pictorial journey through Nicky’s experience and mark your calendars for next year’s festival Oct 30 – Nov 3, 2013!

Geysir, Iceland
Iceland’s countryside is non-stop awesome! Just literally jaw droppingly awesome! This is Geysir and it’s mega! [Read more…]

YOU’RE INVITED: Nicky Digital’s FREE CMJ Showcase TONIGHT! With DOM, Ki: Theory, Reptile Youth, Such Hounds, Fibes and more!

DOM* (Worcester, MA)
Reptile Youth (Denmark)
Ki: Theory (Richmond, Virginia)
Such Hounds (Brooklyn, NY)
The Bobby Effect (East Palo Alto, CA)
Fibes, Oh Fibes! (Göteborg, Sweden)

Click HERE to RSVP for FREE entry!

PHOTO FEILD TRIP: Wild Wild Wednesdays at Westway CMJ Edition!

Roxy Cottontail curated a behemoth of a CMJ showcase at Westway this week and our boy Nicky Digital was there to snap it up for you!

>> Click HERE to view the FULL Gallery!

P.S. Nicky’s got a showcase on Saturday night (10/20) and he said he’d put you ALL on the list! All you’ve gotta do is RSVP here! He’s even got a DOM exclusive CMJ LIVE SET!

TONIGHT: East Side Social Club’s 5th Anniversary AND You’re INVITED!

We excerpted the important parts for you but you can and should read the touching invite from the party planner below:

1) Free to ALL with RSVP

2) Drink Specials ALL NIGHT: $5 ESSC Cocktail all night and a late night $4 beer!

3) Music by Prince Terrence (Hussle Club), Rok One (Black Russian) and Omri S. Quire (ESSC)

Ladies & gentlemen, dear friends,

I would like to extend an invitation to you: Tonight we will be celebrating the [belated] 5th anniversary of East Side Social Club at our usual Tuesday night stomping ground, The Blind Barber (339 E. 10th Street, Manhattan, NY).

It’s been more than 6 years since I started a Tuesday night party with 4 friends (it was called Private Men’s Club: Women Allowed) at the Black & White. After a year, they went on to be rockstars and music industry moguls. At that point, I laid the foundation for East Side Social Club — originally a celebration of the decades and musical genres of the passed that I felt were being over-looked and forgotten. Some years later, the Man Men and vintage crazes began to kick in and I felt it was time to expand and build on what I started at Black and White and avoid the likelihood of becoming a theme-party.  A little over two years ago, a dear friend and important part in the longevity and success of ESSC, Nicky Digital, told me about a bar that was to open, perfect for the rebranded ESSC, and so we began to write the next chapter with ESSC Tuesdays now at The Blind Barber.  No other choice would have been better.  ESSC is now a bridge from the past to present, crass to class, in style, culture, and band-based music – the juxtaposition of antique, vintage, retro and modernity in one place that is not about following a trend, nor is it about creating a trend, its about the timelessness of the good that comes out from human creativity, where even they over-looked may have a chance to shine.

To celebrate properly, we’ve got some ESSC members and friendlies lending a hand: Behind the deck, we’ve got guest DJ sets by Prince Terrence (Hussle Club) and Rok One (Black Russian/Plant Music), and behind the bottle, and on the couch, will be The Crazy 88s (Love to the Rescue/Shhh… Just Take It), Jer Ah Mi, and Kariem 88.

And as usual, I will also be selecting music, and Nicky Digital will be snapping pictures in the photo-booth and around the bar.

Drink specials include $5 ESSC Cocktail all night and a late night $4 beer.

For more info:

ESSC is an inclusive social club, open to all. Feel free to invite friends: everyone and their mothers are all welcome! (valid ID required, of course)

Looking forward to seeing you who can make it and will catch up with those who cannot at another time…

Omri S. Quire

[Read more…]

PHOTO GALLERY: The Do-Over did it over in Bushwick!

This past week the Do-Over crew returned for a summer closing bash for all the good folks in The Big Apple. DJs rocked sunny jams and classics along with a wide spectrum of new sounds. Our buddies at were there to snap it to the tunes! [Read more…]

Remembering the McCarren Park Pool before it was a pool again…

Do you remember venturing out to/in Williamsburg every Sunday, rain or shine for the Jelly Pool Parties at the once defunct McCarren Park Pool? [Read more…]

FREE Lovelife Hump Day Mix Tape!


It’s hump day and since you’re most likely sitting in your cubicle and not humping we thought we would share this mix tape from recent Brooklyn transplants, LOVELIFE, to get you through your morning (or afternoon … or I guess evening … it all REALLY depends on when you are reading this)! [Read more…]

Want to party on a ROOFTOP this WEDNESDAY night?

Free fun this Wednesday … but the catch is you’re gonna have to get your keester on the JMZ and ride it ALL THE WAY INTO MANHATTAN!