Top 5 shows of the weekend

These are the best shows this weekend, and that’s not an alternative-fact.
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FREEwilliamsburg’s Top 25 Albums Of 2016

2016 was the dirt fucking worst. There’s no other way to put it. It seems almost absurd to talk about what a great year it was for music, in light of all of the terrible things that have happened, but music helped us cope a lot over the last twelve months. And serendipitously, a wealth of great records were released this year, as everything else seemed to go for broke. Here are twenty-five of them that allowed us to forget the cruel dystopia that has become our reality, if only for a little while. We needed both their comforts and catharsis, perhaps more than ever before.

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Panorama 2016 Festival Review


The folks at Goldenvoice, the company most famous for promoting Coachella, were probably looking forward to a reprieve from the three digit temperatures their flagship festival often endures in the Southern California desert when they were organizing their New York City festival, some months ago. Instead, they, and festival-goers like myself, would have to persevere through three days of record-setting highs on Randall’s Island this past weekend; the shiny paragon of LCD Soundsystem’s big New York reunion show looming over us all. [Read more…]

Ten acts we’ll be checking out at Panorama


The inaugural Coachella East, better known as Panorama starts tomorrow on Randall’s Island. The folks at Goldenvoice have done an admirable job putting together a solid festival lineup, mostly consisting of big tent indie, electro and hip-hop. Here’s the ten acts we’ll most definitely be checking out this weekend.

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MTA displacing residents around the M train in Bushwick during repairs

mtrainshutdownWell, all of this train business just keeps getting worse.

BUSHWICK — Dozens of homes, a coffee shop and bike store along the M train line have to be vacated for between six and ten months, or even longer, during repairs to a section of the elevated tracks, according to MTA documents.

Twenty-six apartments along Myrtle Avenue, Broadway and Ditmars Street as well as the coffee shop and Asian fusion eatery Little MO and Harvest Cyclery have to be relocated, according to the MTA. Board members signed off on the relocations on March 21. [Read more…]

Top 5 Shows of the weekend

napalmdeathDISCLAIMER: The real number one show of the weekend is the Bernie Sanders rally at Prospect Park on Sunday. I just couldn’t rank a Grizzly Bear set ahead of any of the other shows on the list. Please be advised that the FREEwilliamsburg staff wholeheartedly feels the Bern. But we also feel doom, post-punk, thrash and hardcore. We suspect Mr. Sanders does as well. All those memes told us so. You know the ones. GO BERNIE! [Read more…]

METZ and John Reis made a song together so now I can die happy

metzreisThis is the most excited I’ve gotten about a collaboration since I got an e-mail that said “featuring members of Blood Brothers, The Locust and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”

World-beating noise-punks METZ and the godfather of post-hardcore John Reis (frontman of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and Rocket From The Crypt) dropped a track yesterday called “Caught Up” that sounds like a bunch of pissed off birds flying around a hibachi chain restaurant. Their words, not mine: [Read more…]

All of a sudden, I realize I missed Explosions In The Sky

eitsMusic takes a peripheral role in most people’s lives. It’s why most people listen to whatever they liked in high school; a time where obligations and responsibilities are few, and hours can be spent daily listening to new records. Explosions In The Sky were a cornerstone for me then. They were “serious music,” and could always be counted on for exhilarating moments and bombast in stark contrast to a lot of the emo and post-punk I was listening to at the time. [Read more…]