Grand Street Restaurant Week kicks off today

It may only be Monday—and that might have you feeling down after downing a few too many last night during Superbowl festivities—but this week is jam-packed with delicious hangover-curing deals on Grand Street. [Read more…]

Brooklyn protest and benefit shows to dull that post-inauguration grief


via Impose, courtesy of Walter Wlodarczyk

Retire those cardboard signs for a night or two and lend your local (and non-local) musicians an ear! Besides, your arms deserve a break, don’t they? So do your nerves. The good news is you can still unwind without sacrificing that fighting spirit. [Read more…]

“What the F*ck, Chuck?” Rally to be held outside of Senator’s Park Slope home today

via DNAinfo, courtesy of Tracy Tullis

via DNAinfo, courtesy of Tracy Tullis

Just when we thought the Senate was there to protect us from bad calls made by the president, many Democrats have voted in favor of Trump’s cabinet nominees—including New York Senator Chuck Schumer [Read more…]