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Neon Indian x Lars Larsen = "Mind, Drips"

By now, you super plugged in folks know quite a bit about Neon Indian, specifically frontman Alan Palomo. But when it comes to music videos, it’s always interesting to see how the director, or in this case visual artist Lars Larsen, interpret and expand the ultimate chimera of both parties. Taking a look at the literally drippy affects of Neon Indian’s “Mind, Drip” where we watch the cryptic love laden lyrics forming into perfectly vague actualization.

Larsen, an electronics designer and multimedia artist based out of Austin, Texas focuses on “synergistic relationships between technology and subject, and the resurrection of forgotten pre-Computer Age technologies,” all of which are blatant below. That’s right, vague and blatant at the same time.

Tame Impala Make Us Dizzy

Ticket Giveaway: Diamond Rings at Glasslands

At first glance, one could try and dream up the sounds of Diamond Rings— a name derived by one man show John O’Regan, explaining the dichotomy of his “multi-faceted and tough” yet thoroughly “glitz and glam” range. Yes, there is Diamond Rings’ certain showmanship quality, reminiscent of a sexy hipster Hedwig, but more importantly, the Toronto-based performer’s music is emotionally charged and mixed with the zip zap of dance activating synapse.

Diamond Rings is a the perfect blend of syrupy vocals, computer generated beats, rainbow colored sneakers and grunge guitar– sparking a visual in the brain of Kurt Cobain dressed up and writhing around in place of Madonna’s classic wedding dress moment.

You’ve got two chances to catch Diamond Rings in the next week, Monday at Mercury Lounge and this Saturday at Glasslands- a show we have a pair of tickets to giveaway to one of our lovely readers. Just click on through to check out the interview with O’Regan after the jump and let us know which Dimond Rings video is your favorite for a chance to win!

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Get Your Hump On With The Death Set Mixtape

From the lovely folks over at Mishka:

Those wacky Australian, now Brooklyn based funbags, The Death Set (changed spacing), have really gone and done it now.  This is an amazing 43-track party mix that will make for a great party but I wouldn’t put this on at a house party because it will turn into a whirling tornado of humping and grinding, bumping and jiving, slamming and sliding.

Don’t play this at a house party!? Puh-lease! I want to extend a special thanks to The Death Set kids for releasing the soundtrack to my birthday party just in time.

And if you want to get your hump on, swing by The Cove tonight to celebrate the release of Artificially Sweetened with open bars, a live performance, and DJ sets galore! Details after the jump…

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Your Youth Premiere "Diamond" Video, We Get Hazy Flashbacks

If it looks like the people in this video are having a good time, well, it’s because most of us just consumed at least 80 ounces of malt liquor… and if you’ve ever tried to climb out onto a fire escape to smoke a cigarette with Colt 45s taped to your hands, then you know what I’m talking about.

Your Youth along with the wonderful Jay Buim, who shot this party gem documentary style, threw a house party that ended with not only some serious debauchery, but also with me falling down in the street from drunkeness– a feat that has never been accomplished before due to my Polish genes and high tolerance. So, mission accomplished.

Sadly, for all of you, that wasn’t caught on tape. Here’s what was:

Boy & Bear on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch

Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the acoustic session with Boy & Bear over at Big Ugly Yellow.

Monday Night Plans: Get Boozed Up For A Good Cause

Tonight at Gallery Bar, you all have a chance to do something good with your alcoholism– a benefit for the Jukumu Letu Center of Kenya.

FREEwilly friend DJ Whitney Fierce will not only be entertaining us with her musical skills, but acts as director of the foundation which hopes to change the lives of the women and children living in the slums of Nairobi.

Miss Fierce will be heading to Kenya tomorrow to work in the community she hopes to aid with tonight’s event– which includes a star-studded DJ lineup, a photo installation by WMP, and cocktails.

There is a $10 suggested donation which can feed a Kenyan child for over a month. So don’t be a douche, come out and support!

10pm-4am, $20 shirts will be available to add to donations.