The Radio Dept. Tells Us What Swedish Bands Not To Listen To, Play Music Hall of Wburg TONIGHT

At the top of many a Best of 2010 list, Clinging to a Scheme marked the return of Sweden’s The Radio Dept.– a band which has fused dreamy indie-pop with new wave subtleties in a perfect cult-following fashion since their first release in 2003. Unlike fellow Swedes that have made big headlines for dance moves in recent years — think of your Robyns, Lykke Lis, and The Knife here — The Radio Dept. keeps their beats at somber levels, inducing the sort of sway dancing one may encounter at any given Smiths night.

Staying slightly under the radar has given the band time to work out the kinks in their own sound, on their own terms, leaving a yearning fanbase at their personal whims. But if these records take 4 years to make, I say, take your time dear friends.

The Radio Dept. plays the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight and tickets are still available. And for those of you bummed about the canceled Webster Hall show on the 3rd , your tickets will be honored tonight– so we suggest to get there early before it gets packed, and to catch the dreaminess that could only come from San Francisco, Young Prisms.

Check out our interview with The Radio Dept.’s Johan Duncanson after the jump where he talks about the band’s weary progression, whether or not Sofia Coppola catapulted them into fame and what Swedish bands we should never listen to again.

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Don Pedro's ReOpens With 4 Nights of Shows!

Ticket Giveaway: Stadiums & Shrines and Neon Musical Insight Showcase

You all remember the awesome Stadiums & Shrines — our partners in crime for the FREEwilliamsburg CMJ Showcase blowout at Glasslands this past summer. Well, the awesome music blog has partnered up with Neon Musical Insight to throw another perfect night of music, booze and dancing at Cameo Gallery tomorrow night!

Luckily for all of you, it’s only $8 and will include the musical musings of such favorites as SOARS, Headless Horsemen, Com Truise and the lovable Kohwi. Moreover, one of you fantastic readers will be winning a pair of tickets to a show that has a flying walrus on the flyer– and we all know there’s nothing cooler than flying sea dwellers, right!?

What’s better is that each blog has posted mixtapes to preview the night, which you can grab here and here.

So comment below for your chance to feel the same exhilarated joy as a young Jason James Richter!

Having a Sex Party This Weekend? We've Got Your Soundtrack…

From Behold The Destroyer:

In 1985, a rather unremarkable adult movie was released titled Sex Crimes 2084 — it was vaguely based on George Orwell’1984. While the book was about a state controlling its citizens through extreme measures and the nature of personal freedom, the movie was about people fucking. It wasn’t about people fucking in the future though, or people fucking in space, or people fucking aliens or robots or anything exciting you’d imagine an adult movie with 2084 in the title would have. This is a failure of imagination.

Thusly, I was inspired to create a mix that would serve as perfect accompaniment to a movie that did have all of those elements, a theoretical movie I call Sex Crimes 3084. Obviously, a soundtrack mix, to a non existent sequel of a poorly received twenty six year old porno, will be comprised of tracks explicitly about sex.

Download what is sure to creep out your girlfriend, but probably impress that hoe in the club here. And don’t worry, you’ll get your girlfriend back once she hears the first few notes of “Love You Down.”

The Gutter Opens Doors To The Back Room

This Friday, Williamsburg’s original bowling alley will be going the route of live music– and beefing up the competition with that larger and newer fellow bowling venue around the corner.

The new 1,000 square foot space, aptly named The Back Room, will be host to what so far look like consistent $5 concerts– kicking off with The Runaway Suns, Sorceress, and Haunted Boots on opening night.

In addition to the shows, the 100 person capacity venue will be available to rent for private parties (with catering from some of our local faves like Fette Sau and Papacitos) as well as doubling as a DIY movie theater. And we couldn’t sell it better than the folks from The Gutter themselves…

Tired of sneaking sixers into the Regal Cinema at Union Square? In the Back Room you don’t have to. Your $9 admission ticket includes two cans of SlyFox beer to enjoy DURING THE SHOW! Check out our calendar or follow us on FaceBook and Twitter for upcoming screening dates and showtimes.

Two drinks and a movie for 9 bucks? Here’s hoping indieScreen will follow suit…

Bushwick's New Monthly Dance Party

Tonight at Tandem will be the birth of Bushwick’s newest dance party. You can be sure to expect some Voltron levels of transmogrification with Beardwizard (one part Rude Dude) and Behold the Destroyer combining forces to form Sensual Harassment. It will be glorious, and it’ll make you wanna bone… especially if you’re a walrus. From Behold the Destroyer:

Tis mid December ya’ll, you know what that means? No, not some bullshit about the winter solstice or Santa Claus coming soon. Early December is the beginning of Walrus mating season! It’s a celebration bitches! That’s right from now till the end of February, walruses all over the world (read: the Arctic) are going to make patches of frigid ice look like Freaknik ’96. To commemorate Wally The Walrus putting it down on all them thick assed walrus P.Y.Ts, my man Jay from Rude Dudes (aka beardwizard) and I will be selecting some quality slowed down dance jams and chopped and screwed RnB tunes at Tandem Bar. Obviously, walruses need the slowed down jams — if you weigh over a ton you’re not trying to get it in to 2 Live Crew.

“Fuck around and catch an asthma attack”
Biggie Smalls

Come down at 11 and celebrate Walrus mating season, or just hangout in general, whatever floats your boat.

Ticket Giveaway: Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival This Saturday

This Saturday, the 3rd annual celebration of NYC’s electronic music landscape is back! Both Public Assembly and Music Hall of Willaimsburg will be hosting Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival with a ridiculous lineup just waiting to get you moving.

Enjoy some of our favorite bands including Javelin, BRAHMS, Class Actress, Penguin Prison, Lemonade, Treasure Fingers, Kid Sister, PUNCHES, and many many MORE! Sounds like crazy fun, huh?

Well, this year will be introducing the BEMF Café for one night only– connecting the two venues into one all out party with DJs as well as menu discounts and food packages for BEMF ticket holders.

We’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader… all you have to do is comment below for a chance to win!

Grab tickets and more info here:

Put Party Pants On, Press Repeat

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