Ticket Giveaway: A Night With Delorean at 285 Kent

This Thursday, Barcelona psych-synth quartet Delorean will be at 285 Kent previewing songs from their as-yet untitled follow-up to 2010’s critically acclaimed Subiza – to be released this Summer on True Panther.

If you haven’t seen these Basque country boys live quite yet, catch them at this very special intimate (and last minute) show with Mas Ysa and DJ sets by Van Rivers and True Panther Soundsystem.

Tickets are $15, but here at FREEwilly, we’ve got two pairs of tickets for this intimate performance to giveaway to you lovely readers! Just comment below and let us know why you deserve the tickets most! We’ll pick a winner at random but your pleas may or may not sway us…

PS – this weather rules.

Dos Toros Celebrates Brooklyn Opening In Dollar Menu Style

In other food related news, we received an email today titled “IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING BURRITOS,” so naturally, mouths watered and we were inclined to open it. Turns out, one of our favorite Mexican eateries is joining the Williamsburg family at 189 Bedford Ave. tomorrow:

As you may have already heard, Dos Toros Taqueria, the popular Mission-style burrito joint, will be opening in Williamsburg this Wednesday, April 3rd. Since this is an exciting opening for both the Dos Toros team and New Yorkers alike, the brothers behind the horns wanted to make it extra special. In honor of the eatery’s first location outside of Manhattan, the newly opened Dos Toros will celebrate dollar-menu style! Leo and Oliver Kremer, founders of Dos Toros, will be selling each food item for only $1. See below for deal information:

·         1 burrito = $1

·         1 quesadilla = $1

·         2 tacos = $1

·         Chips + Guac or Salsa = $1

·         Restrictions & Additional Details: Limit one item per person. Drinks normal price. Deal valid 4/3/13 from 12:00pm-10:00pm.

Bleached Reminds Us Spring Has Almost Sprung

As temperatures begin to slowly inch closer to Spring appropriate calculations (I didn’t wear a coat outside on my lunch break, you guys!), daily subway playlist rituals have begun to shift to what I like to call “West Coast Wishing” in NYC’s more brutal and seemingly never-ending months. The warmth is so close, I can practically taste it.

Luckily, the Clavin sisters’ post-Mika Miko full-length debut as Bleached arrives just in time to push us through these next few not quite sun-filled days (weeks!?) with just enough guitar fuzz to endure the grey yet already allergy ridden air.

Out tomorrow on Dead Oceans, our friends over at The Fader are currently streaming the much anticipated “Ride Your Heart” in it’s entirety. So get your copy when you wake, pop in your headphones and cry silently to yourself on your morning commute about what a cruel diva mother nature is.

Check out the video for “Next Stop” after the jump… [Read more…]

TONIGHT: 3,000 Square Feet of Pure Party Vibes

After a month long installation in Long Island City, HEADSCAPES has come to a close… So naturally, the dozen or so (mostly Brooklyn-based) artists and musicians involved in the show have decided to invite us all to dance the night away surrounded by the fragmented remains of art.

More info on what you missed and may or may not see tonight at headscapes-show.tumblr.com

Tonight’s shindig includes performances from our friends Ninjasonik, New Cross (ex-Team Robespierre) and Mr. Andersonic followed DJ sets from Ben Robey, James Mulry and Dirtyfinger.

RSVP and stalk for attractive attendees here.

A Russian Party, FREE Vodka Tonight at The Flat

Swing by beloved neighborhood bar, The Flat, tonight to encounter some of your favorite Ruskis…

Plus, a DJ set by Slava will be setting the mood which is kind of a big deal considering the party is FREE.

Did we mention, open vodka bar at 10:30!? See you slurry babes there!

The Flat

308 Hooper (btwn S. 5th & Broadway)

10:30pm, 21+

VIDEO: Rush Midnight’s Twin Shadow-Produced ‘Crush’

Out now on Cascine, Rush Midnight‘s +1 EP is a plethora of tropical vibes that’s sure to make your baby-making parts feel all sorts of tingling. Russ Manning’s moniker, Rush Midnight, is equally dichotomous as the former Twin Shadow bassist’s solo debut record – perfectly rushed beats set the danceable rhythmic pace, while each track drips with breathy lyrics that after dark is made of.

Check out the video for “Crush” below, featuring NYC subway breakdancers W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew and produced by none other than George Lewis Jr. himself:

Haven’t had enough? Get your copy of Rush Midnight’s +1 here and check out the spandex-clad video babes in “The Night Was Young Enough” after the jump…

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More than just a fix: Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee Holiday BoxCoffee, long may you run our lives, help the hung-over, and get us through our daily plight as semi-creative worker bees. And while we can’t all be coffee aficionados, we don’t have to stand by idly like Bartelby, consuming lifeless and burnt drivel. Some have always known that there’s more to coffee than just caffeine, but for us in the masses it’s not always easy finding the good stuff. That’s all changing thanks to a local Brooklyn service, Craft Coffee. Born right out of the burg they send a sampler pack of three amazing coffees from top roasters around the country right to your doorstep.

No joke, this is the best coffee you will ever taste, and they have the hip barista tasting crew to prove it. Blind taste tests and forty coffees sampled every month means the absolute best coffee for you.

Order now,as in right now, if you want to gift a Holiday Tasting Box in time for the Holidays at craftcoffee.com ($29.99 free shipping)  Three, six and twelve month subscriptions start at $19.99 a month.

Ticket Giveaway: Spanish Prisoners at Pianos TOMORROW Night

From Bushwick’s grey industrial streets, rose Spanish Prisoners’ strangely uplifting sound — a perfect blend of cloudy density and pop-y guitar riffs that brings to mind The Beach Boys on the verge of a heroin overdose. But don’t be fooled by the analogy, surf rock is nowhere to be found here — rather, a heap of perfectly listless waves crash over emotionally charged yet stoic lyrics.

Spanish Prisoners “Know No Violence” off of the band’s newest release, Gold Fools, carefully careens between dreamy layered vocals and lucid instrumental precision, a habit the band luckily doesn’t kick through the entirety of the album. We got to chat with songwriter Leo Maymind and singing drummer Mike DiSanto about finding the perfect amount of reverb, the influence of drunk douchebags and New Order on the album, and how, apparently, Nas’ Illmatic is totally timeless.

Oh and did I mention we have  a pair of tickets to check out Spanish Prisoners tomorrow night at Pianos with Ski Lodge, Wolff and more!? So check out the rest of the interview after the jump and leave a comment below for your chance to win and be sure to grab Gold Fools for the current price of whatever you want to pay for it.

First and foremost, where does the name Spanish Prisoners come from?

Leo Maymind: The name came from the David Mamet film “the Spanish Prisoner,” which I think is a classic con-artist movie. Mamet kind of has a cult following. I’m not even sure the rest of the band has seen it.
Mike DiSanto: I haven’t seen it and people always seem vaguely disappointed in me when I tell them that.
Leo Maymind: We’ve been talking about setting up a movie night and all watching it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Tell me a little about the writing process of Gold Fools. How does it differ from the band’s previous releases?

M: The writing process was very much the same as the recording and mixing process.  It was all kind of happening at the same time as Leo and I would pass tracks back and forth with a pile of USB keys. I bought a new keyboard at the time and every time Leo gave me a song he was working on I would delete some of his tracks and recreate them with the keyboard, which was maybe a little annoying but I regret nothing.
L: Mike would also incrementally decrease the level of reverb without telling me. And then I would just increase it even more the next time around, hoping he wouldn’t notice. So it was mostly this long process of just sending things back and forth and sort of carving out something that was pleasing to the two of us and our other two bandmates. Suffice to say it took a pretty long time to arrive where we are now.
M: That’s true, at least 40% of our discussions on the album involved reverb.
L: It was more like 70-80%. We would start talking about reverb and end up talking about New Order for an hour.

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