The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Osekre & the Lucky Bastards - Photo by Chris Mather

This past weekend was an absolutely unreal weekend for music, fueled by our very own Aputumpu music festival.  I just want to say thanks to everyone who was able to make it out.  If you did, maybe we got to chat for a bit in between sets; I was there three of the four nights.

I had to miss Japanther on Sunday.  Sorry guys.  Word to the wise… don’t ever eat a pancake wrap for brunch.  Sure, an omelet with sausage, ham, bacon and pepper jack cheese wrapped in a buttermilk pancake, doused in syrup SOUNDS awesome (and to be fair, it TASTED awesome), but it doesn’t mix too well with a stomach that just got done processing a lot of PBR and vodka clubs.  I’ll spare you guys the details.  But hey, I did manage to make it out to the other nights.  SOME HIGHLIGHTS:

Osekre and the Lucky Bastards, who booked Aputumpu, stole the show Thursday night at Shea. My man Osekre knows how to get a crowd pumped up, no doubt.

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Aputumpu is Tonight!

Aputumpu Festival

It feels more like July in Brooklyn this week, as record highs offer a preview of the summer months to come.  Our very own Aputumpu festival similarly alludes to the warmer months ahead as we kick off the summer concert season with four nights of music from some of the hottest up-and-coming acts in Brooklyn.

We profiled a couple of ’em last week, Brooklyn-based (via Minneapolis) electro-producer Mux Mool and Brooklyn institutions, Japanther, but they’re not the only acts we managed to book for our weekend of debauchery.  Although, maybe it would not be beyond the conceptual realm of Japanther to attempt to play an entire festival BY THEMSELVES.  But yeah, we’ve booked over twenty bands that should get you psyched for another summer here in Brooklyn.  Oh, and the fun starts TONIGHT.

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The Time is Near – Aputumpu is Thursday


Nooooo, not for SXSW. That time IS ALREADY here.

We’re just ONE WEEK away from Aputumpu… or NXNE, as I like to call it.

Alright, maybe we’re not QUITE on a par with SXSW yet, but we’ve got some sick acts lined up for our little four day festival. And hey, we even got at shout out in the New Yorker today!

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

The Black Keys

I gotta be honest.

The “Most Blogged About Shows” this week seems to be a bit… thin.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t some really good options for you, if you happen to be “hangin’ round these parts” this week.  But if you’re like a lot of the bands we normally feature here… you WON’T be “hangin’ round these parts” this week.  You’ll be down in Austin for SXSW.  Oh, and my usage of “hangin’ round these parts” in a paragraph about Austin, Texas, is purely coincidental.  I assure you.

Anyway, I digress.  I will be here for the week.  And I’ve got some shows that will make you and I both feel A LITTLE better about being in Brooklyn, while everyone else sweats their asses off at “south by.”

Our most blogged about show this week is SOLD OUT (as is GENERALLY the case), and it’s a big one – The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys at Madison Square Garden.  It’s kind of crazy how HUGE The Black Keys have gotten, but I guess it makes sense; they’re talented and have a pretty “inoffensive” sound.  I gotta be honest.  Again.  I’ve never personally been able to get into either of these bands, but hey, if you got a ticket, enjoy.

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Aputumpu is only two weeks away!

Aputumpu Flyer

Platinum Badge: $1395

Gold Badge: $1150

Interactive Badge: $950

Music Badge: $750

Aputumpu 4 Day Festival Pass… Priceless.

Alright.  Maybe not PRICELESS, but honestly, who has the money to burn on one of the above SXSW badges – and that’s not even accounting for travel and hotel?  Especially when you’ve got an amazing music festival going on in your own backyard, the following weekend, for the LOW COST of $30?  That’s right, THREE – ZERO DOLLARS for FOUR DAYS of music.

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

The Roots

This week’s edition of “Most Blogged About Shows” falls on a leap day.  Much has changed since the last leap day.

On February 29, 2008:

–      George W. Bush was in the White House.

–      “Road margaritas” were readily available from Turkey’s Nest on Bedford Ave.

–      The domestication of dogs continued, unabated.

–      Zucotti Park was just some concrete slab.

–      Chillwave was nothing more than a twinkle in Ernest Greene’s eye

What was our MOST BUZZED artist, The Roots, doing in 2008?

Why, they embarrassingly cut a single with FALL OUT BOY lead singer Patrick Stump!  Sorry guys, we didn’t forget about that (even if you tried to make us by cutting it from the LP.)  Don’t let that dissuade you from seeing them on Tuesday at the Apollo Theater.  One thing has NOT changed; The Roots are an INCREDIBLE live act and one of the best hip-hop acts of all time.  Don’t miss out.

My personal CAN’T MISS shows this week are Cults, Writer and Mrs. Magician on Friday night over at Maxwell’s, and Tennis and Hospitality, Monday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.  I’m all about the female-fronted acts this week.

If you can’t make it all the way out to Maxwell’s on Friday, Matthew Dear, Blondes and Helado Negro bring their electronic stylings to Bowery Ballroom.  Don’t end the night there – hop on the M for the after-party over at Glasslands, which features a DJ set by Dabrye.

Speaking of Glasslands, they have an absurdly good hip-hop show this weekend with Oakland’s own Main Attrakionz, with BBU, Greedhead’s Big Baby Gandhi and Beans of Antipop Consortium.  Also at Glasslands, shoegaze-revivalists Widowspeak front a Captured Tracks showcase Saturday night, with Mac DeMarco and Quilt supporting.

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Sharon Van Etten

It was the last day of the school year; third grade, I believe.  I sat at my desk chewing the eraser off of my No. 2 pencil in anticipation of the two months of freedom, which lay ahead.  I obsessively cleaned my over-sized tortoise shell glasses with the bottom of my t-shirt.  The clock ticked… slowly.  Finally,  the bell rang, and FLASH, I was off.  I sprinted down the hallway exuberantly.  The strobe LED lights from my LA Gears reflected off the waxed linoleum floor, until they hit the black tar pavement of my elementary school’s playground.

Before I could go home for a summer of splashing around in the town pool and watching marathons of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, all day, on Nickelodeon; I would hang around the playground for the school carnival.  It was an annual tradition on the final day of the year.  I would eat cotton candy.  I would ride the scrambler until I threw up.  I would play tilted carnival games, with dreams of shoving a giant stuffed neon animal into my mom’s station wagon in my head.

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Announcing the Aputumpu Festival!

Aputumpu Festival Poster

Freewilliamsburg is pleased to team with My Social List and Aputumpu to bring you the Aputumpu Festival.  The festival takes place from March 22-25 at Shea Stadium, Public Assembly, Cameo Gallery and (le) poisson rouge. [Read more…]