Check Out Wolf + Lamb’s #BPM2017 Podcast


It’s time to trade in snow flurries for sandals with this especially sunny edition of The BPM Festival Podcast featuring Brooklyn-based house duo, Wolf + Lamb. These borough natives will be making the trek to sunny Playa Del Carmen to play The BPM Festival’s 10th Anniversary on Monday, January 9th.

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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets to See Moon Boots at Output!


In need of a little post-Holiday decompression? We here at FREEwilliamsburg understand how hard it is to bake a ham, fake smile through annual ugly sweater photoshoots and spend time in the presence of small children. Are your shoulders already up to your ears? We thought that might be the case . . .

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GIVEAWAY: Win Tix to BangOn!NYC’s NYE Time+Space Party


If you’re looking for a NYE party where space-themed attire is not only welcome, but encouraged, you’ve come to the right place. Ditch the black tie garb and ring in 2017 with a BangOn!NYC soiree that’s sure to be out-of-this-world. In what has become their annual tradition, you can expect this year’s edition of Time+Space to showcase the best of BangOn!NYC’s over-the-top production featuring high-flying aerialists, dancing moon men, body painting stations Burning Man style art cars, a silent disco and a main stage lineup headed by tropical house hunk, Thomas Jack. With beats this bubbly, you’ll hardly remember it’s cold as balls outside.

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Nine NYC Acts to Catch At The BPM Festival


By Megan Venzin and Sean Roper

The harsh reality of the impending presidency still has us bummin’, but despite the inevitable shitstorm, there is one reason we here at FREEwilliamsburg are stoked AF for the new year. That reason is the return of The BPM Festival, a 10-day house and techno event, which pulses through Playa Del Carmen every January. The recent lineup and showcase announcements have served as a salt-rimmed beacon of light during these gloomy times. Here’s the deal: nothing’s thwarting our Mexico-bound party plans. (screw your “wall”, douche lord).

New Yorkers will account for a small percentage of the more than 60,000 attendees expected to hit the 10-year-anniversary, which will take place January 6th – 15th. However, the Phase 1 lineup is overflowing with local talent. From legends who have shaped New York City nightlife into what we know today to fresh new collectives, here are nine acts that have us packing our bags enthusiastically as we look forward to better times and sunnier skies.

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Electric Zoo Interview: Gone Goldfishin’


Photo by Ross Hillier

After a rare performance at Webster Hall in March, New York had the special pleasure of hosting Goldfish this year at Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island. While members David Poole and Dominic Peters often find themselves performing in these environments, they admit it’s not really their scene on a typical day off in the City.

“We always end up at the Village Vanguard listening to Jazz,” says Peters. “There is such a rich heritage of Jazz in New York City with some amazing history and venues. All of the best guys in the world are always playing here, and we generally gravitate towards that.”

This might sound surprising, until you learn more about the two jokesters, who refer to themselves not as producers, but rather as “musicians who are coming into dance music”. Poole and Peters each share a long love affair with music, which started when they were just children growing up in South Africa, long before they would eventually meet while studying at University of Cape Town. “Dave and I both started playing when we were six years old,” Peters says. “Dave started on the violin, but we are both multi-instrumentalists.”

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Win Tickets to BangOn!NYC pres Sessions 004: Homecoming


Time to dust off your letterman jackets and prune the perfect corsage, because Homecoming is just around the corner! Thankfully this time, it’s not taking place in a dimly lit school gymnasium and there are no chaperones in sight.

On Thanksgiving Eve, BangOn!NYC’s resident DJs will be kickin’ it old school at Bushwick’s House of Yes with a tricked out dance party featuring the familiar faces from your yearbook – the cheerleaders, the Homecoming king and queen, the jocks, the popular kids and us (NERDS). In fact, the only people missing this party are the ones who never left your hometown (they’ll be at Applebee’s, should you need them).

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GIVEAWAY: Lee Foss and Pan-Pot at Output This Weekend!


Look, we know you need a pick me up after waking up and seeing the election results. I’m still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to show up TBH. But just in case that doesn’t happen, we have something else to make your day a little brighter. The newly renovated Output is sure to be ON FIRE this weekend, with a Friday night stop on Lee Foss’s Alchemy tour and a Saturday evening visit from Berlin techno superduo, Pan-Pot.

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REVIEW: Surprise! The Meadows Wasn’t All That Basic


Kanye West returned to NYC to play The Meadows (Photo Credit: SamAlive)

When I exited the 7 train at Mets-Willets Point in Corona, Queens to the distant sounds of rock music rolling over asphalt, I’ll admit my expectations for The Meadows had been set low. Despite the rare use of the CitiField/Flushing Meadows Park venue and the, dare I say, exciting lineup, it was just hard for me to understand what necessity Founders Entertainment saw in launching a brand new festival. [Read more…]