What If Every Coachella Performer Was A Hologram?


Tupac Shakur’s surprise hologram performance at Coachella last weekend made headlines (although it wasn’t really a hologram). But what if the entire lineup consisted of holograms, bringing back performers and reuniting groups long since gone? That’s the thinking behind this imaginary hologram-only Coachella line up from Aux.tv, which includes Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Mozart.

Ben Stiller Was In Greenpoint Yesterday Taking TwitPics


Ben Stiller snapped this photo outside of the G train in Greenpoint and posted it to his verified Twitter account yesterday.

Stiller was in the neighborhood shooting The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which according to IMDB is about “a timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams [and] embarks on a true-life adventure when a negative goes missing.” It’s a loose remake of a 1947 film. A daydreaming magazine photo manger? Sounds about right for Greenpoint (although maybe not for Stiller.) The film stars Stiller, Kristin Wiig, and Adam Scott.

In other Greenpoint on-location news, if you’re wondering what that pile of Christmas trees near Berry Park is, that was from a shoot for an upcoming Paul Rudd movie.

Work Begins At Waterfront Concerts Site



It looks like construction has started at Williamsburg Park, the site of this summer’s waterfront concert series. Here’s a view of the lot from earlier today, with several Parks department vehicles and what appears to be an enormous drill.

The organizers’ call for proposals states that “construction may not penetrate the existing asphalt,” so we’re guessing that this work is being done by the Parks department to prepare the site before the production company moves in.

Shop, Drop & Drink Tomorrow

Shop, Drop & Drink is tomorrow, Saturday 4/7, a Williamsburg-wide shopping event and bargain hunt through local bars, shops, and galleries.

Participants will have access to discounts, performances, and special events at 50 businesses, including Bird, In God We Trust, Life:Curated, Jumelle, Shoe Market, Catbird, The Commodore, and Momofuku Milk Bar.

The event is centered around the Domino Smart Guide app, which lets participants view a map and target their favorite stores and bars. Taking a picture of a desired item and posting it to Facebook will unlock the special deal for that item. You can download the app from Domino here.

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City Wants To Ditch Street For More United McCarren Park

Google Maps

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the city is considering a proposal to do away with the portion of Union Ave. between Driggs and Bayard that runs through a section of McCarren Park. Those behind the proposal believe that the 33,800 square ft. space can create a more united park and hope the “demapping” and rezoning can happen this summer.

As Brooklyn Paper notes, the stretch of Union Ave. is currently home to a year-round greenmarket. It’s unclear whether the market will continue to operate in the new space or move to a new location.

I’m Going To Be A Megamillionaire Tomorrow


I know there’s a 1 in 176 million chance of winning today’s record-breaking Mega Millions lottery for $500 640 million, but there’s something about buying that ticket (or multiple tickets) that really makes you think it’s going to be you.

Naysayers are mostly talking about how the odds are impossibly against you. “You are not going to win the lottery. Your lucky numbers are not going to hit. Your quick pick is not going to be special winner. Your investment in lottery tickets is not going to pay off,” writes Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan. According to one stat, imagine you have a friend in Canada and put that friend’s name in a container with the names of everyone else in Canada. You have a 5 times greater chance of choosing your friend’s name than winning this lottery.

But while so many writers are talking about the crazies who think they can win big, fewer are talking about the camaraderie this brings to our city and others. Where I work, for example, everyone is bonding over our office pool. Even my FedEx delivery man said “of course” he bought his ticket, and added, “See you Monday. Or hopefully not.” As one of my friends tweeted, “Lotto talk is on par with weather talk this week.”

Actually winning an amount this big might not be so great anyway. Since this is a record-breaking sum, the winner or winners will no doubt be immediately thrust into the public eye. It is 2012, after all. They will have to abandon social media, hire security, and appoint the best economic advisers. For the rest of their lives, they will have to go into seclusion, forever wary of relationships with others who may just want a slice of the cake. Where’s the fun in that? Maybe the conversation this brings around the watercooler today really is the best part.

But when I do win – and I’m pretty confident that I will – I’ll move to the south of France and start dressing like mid-’90s Michael Jackson. So if I suddenly stop posting on here, you’ll know why.

BREAKING: No Murder Charge For Man Involved In Deadly Bedford L Brawl

via NY Daily News

Gothamist reports that police have charged Ryan Beauchamp with attempted assault (a misdemeanor) and harassment (a violation), not murder, for his involvement in last Friday’s deadly Bedford L station brawl. A misdemeanor carries a maximum of 1 year of jail time, while a violation is up to 15 days. Beauchamp has priors, including an Occupy Wall Street arrest in October and an earlier arrest in Connecticut.

This is the latest development after police first released a sketch, then a video, and then took Beauchamp in for questioning on Tuesday. As of yesterday afternoon one of the “WANTED” fliers still hung in the 1st Avenue L station.

With these charges come new details about the incident and Beauchamp’s background. While initial reports made it seem that both men were to blame and later accounts said Beauchamp was at fault, new witness accounts say Basin initiated the fight after Beauchamp bumped into him. One witness says “there was a point when it was over and Basin followed him.”

Beauchamp is 33-years-old, homeless, and originally from Westchester.

Basin’s funeral is this morning in Howard Beach.

First Renderings Of Williamsburg Park, Site Of This Summer’s Waterfront Concerts


We previously posted about the Open Space Alliance moving this summer’s Waterfront concert series from East River Park to an industrial lot on Kent Avenue between N. 11th and N. 12th. Now OSA has announced that the new space will be called Williamsburg Park and released the first renderings of what the venue will look like.

Granted, the images have graphics right out of a Nintendo 64 game. And a major change is that this season’s venue doesn’t have a waterfront view of Manhattan. But some changes are good, like how there will no longer be a restricted area for drinking beer.

OSA also made its first band announcement, Swedish punk band REFUSED, who will be performing on June 18th. The series begins on June 1st.