Will You Eat At The Woods’ New Restaurant?

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When I think of The Woods, the place to go in south Williamsburg when you want one of those kinds of nights, I don’t really think of fancy “farm to sandwich” cuisine. That may soon change; according to Eater, Brooklyn Flea favorite Landaus has announced that they’re opening a full restaurant inside The Woods. The restaurant – that’s right, not just a food cart – will take the place of the taco cart that’s been operating out of the backyard since 2009.

Landhaus at The Woods, as it will be called, will have a full kitchen and menu items like “wood-grilled heritage pork chops, grass fed cheeseburgers, lobster rolls, and roasted mushroom sandwiches with cheddar cheese sauce.” There will be a party for the restaurant’s opening this Sunday, October 28th from 2-6pm.

New Photo Exhibit At Sage Showcases Restaurant’s Punk Rock Roots

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Indie music and Thai food may not seem like the most logical pairing, but a new Thai restaurant on Graham Ave. actually has its roots in the scene. Sage, which opened in May and is located at 301 Graham Ave. (at Ainsley), was inspired by the longtime friends and business partners behind Generation Records, an East Village punk, metal, and hardcore record store that occupied Thompson Street for twenty years. In tune with its musical background, Sage is hosting a photography exhibit later this month that will feature “prominent and influential indie bands on tour in the late ’80s through ’90s, all black and white photography, original and unique prints,” a rep tells FREEwilliamsburg.

The artist behind the exhibit is Bert Queiroz, a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Washington, D.C.-based musician and photographer. Querioz’s website says he “was one of the original members of the punk and hardcore scene that gave birth to such influential bands as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Fugazi.” The exhibit will be in Sage’s bar area and will open with a reception on October 30th from 8-10 p.m.

Click here for more on Sage, located at 301 Graham Ave. (at Ainsley).

Lana Del Rey As Streetwalker In New Video

Lana Del Rey has been a video vixen since day one.  Most of us saw “Video Games” before we heard it, and that video’s DIY/found footage aesthetic didn’t take long to go viral. Since then, Lana’s video releases have been events, with “official audio” versions and promo pictures leaked days or weeks in advance. The videos have gotten longer and their characters more complex; this past summer we saw Lana as Jackie O., a suicidal lesbian, and a David Lynchian chanteuse singing “Blue Velvet” in an extended ad for H&M.

Excluding “Blue Velvet,” “Ride” is the first single off of the extended cut of her album and its video went on YouTube yesterday. LDR plays a singer/streetwalker living carefree on Kerouac’s open road. She swings like a pendulum on a tire swing in desert, as if suspended from the sky. She rides on the backs of motorcycles, shoots off fireworks while wearing a Native American headdress, and gets physical with older men on pinball machines and outside motels. Her hair is curly, but she’s still our Lana, fringed denim jacket and all. She’s in character, but a theater marquee lists her as Lana Del Rey, perpetuating and perhaps mocking criticism that she’s fake and always in character.

The “Ride” video is over ten minutes long and the actual song doesn’t start until three minutes and thirty seconds in. Lana provides voice over narration, which she wrote, at the beginning and end. “I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer,” she begins. Later: “I was born to be the other woman. Who belonged to no one. Who belonged to everyone.” The sentiment is powerful at times, trite at others. Anthony Mandler directed, as he did Lana’s “National Anthem.”

Unlike Lana’s previous songs, the Rick Rubin-produced “Ride” is less “ghetto Nancy Sinatra” (Lana’s words, not mine) and more  “Sam’s Town”-era The Killers (who director Mandler has also worked with). Lana’s look is more Americana and less flash.

Lana still has tricks up her sleeve, and for now at least, we’re still along for the ride.

Watch the video below.

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Transmitter Park Will Finally Open On Saturday


The long awaited WNYC Transmitter Park will open in Greenpoint on Saturday, park officials told The New York Post today. The waterfront space, named after its former use as a location for a WNYC radio transmissions tower, is on 1.6 acres between Greenpoint Ave and Kent Street, steps from the India Street stop on the East River Ferry. The project cost $12 million and took two years to complete.

According to the Post, the park is the first piece of 50 acres of parkland that Bloomberg promised north Brooklyn as part of the 2005 rezoning that so drastically changed the area.

Greenpointers says the park will have an open law, play area, bird garden, and café. A new pier is still under construction.

Today’s Teens Don’t Know About No Doubt, Ughhh

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No Doubt and Gwen Stefani are trending on Twitter right now, but not because the newly reunited group just released the first single off of their first studio album in eleven years. They’re trending because they performed at the Teen Choice Awards moments ago and apparently none of today’s teens know who they are. See a handful of the unfortunate tweets after the jump. [Read more…]

Nude Pics & Make Outs: What’s Up With Lana Del Rey And Her Sister?

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It’s no secret how we feel about Lana Del Rey. But there’s something going on between her and her sister and no one seems to be talking about it.

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Back in April photos surfaced of Lana kissing kissing a blonde girl who bloggers claimed was Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games. Those bloggers eventually updated, identifying the girl as Lana’s sister, Chuck Grant. The photos were for an art project in which the girls were recreating a scene from the film Gia starring Angelina Jolie. This isn’t innocent sister kissing. It’s closed-mouthed – as in Gia – but they’re passionate. Chuck has her hand on Lana’s neck and Lana’s head is tiled sideways. There are two photos of the sisters like that, plus a third one of them gazing into each other’s eyes.

Then there are the nude photos that surfaced this week. There appear to be five photos, all from a photo session five years ago for Lana’s “Kill Kill” EP back when she was Lizzy Grant. Chuck took the photos, and all Lana is wearing are a few plastic leis.

Here’s what we know about Chuck Grant: She’s a photographer. She hangs out with Lana all the time. She has a Tumblr and a website. Most of her photos are of Lana. They take selfies. She shot some of Lana’s “National Anthem” video.

(Sidenote: I find it interesting that Chuck is boy’s name when in these instances she’s taking the position of the male, first when kissing the overly-feminized Lana, and second when acting as a male voyeur objectifying Lana’s body.)

What’s most odd about their relationship and these pictures is that despite the intense scrutiny the media put Lana through earlier this year, no one is talking about it. Does that mean the public is ready to accept Lana as an artist and let her do what she wants? Or does that mean no one cares anymore?

You Can Still Catch Tonight’s Cancelled Waterfront Show At A Secret Venue

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Organizers of the Lacoste L!VE Williamsburg Park Concert Series announced this evening that the Refused and Off! show would be cancelled due to the weather. But word around town – and confirmed by both bands’ Twitters – is that Refused will be playing a secret show at Europa Club on Meserole. Unlike the originally scheduled concert, this one is free. Doors at 9 p.m.

According to those on the scene, there is a humongous line. Some people are saying the club is already at its 550 person capacity. Here are some pictures of the line.

The Williamsburg Park Series Opened Tonight

After months of planning – including turning a random parking lot into a feasible concert venue – the Lacoste L!VE Williamsburg Park Concert Series opened tonight with Counting Crows. If you live in the area and opened your window at around 9 p.m., chances are you heard them playing “Mr. Jones.” Here’s what concertgoers and locals are tweeting about the show: [Read more…]