If You Need a Vacation from Williamsburg…

OR, we could bring ghostriding to the ‘Burg. Who’s with me?

Williamsburg On Acid

I’m pretty sure this is what it would be like:

I don’t know how I found it. I don’t know where it came from, or why it was made. What I do know is that this four-part series by Ryan Trecartin, appropriately titled “A Family Finds Entertainment,” is the biggest mind fuck I’ve ever experienced on the Internet. I’ve included the rest below the fold. Watch if you dare, but I suggest that you bookmark this link first — you’re going to need it after Part 4.
Unicorn Chaser – keep hitting refresh until your brain regains its equilibrium.

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Look At This Fucking Hipster

Curated by someone who is almost certainly a hipster himself, Look At This Fucking Hipster is a Tumblr blog displaying pictures of, guess what? Hipsters! As amusing as riding the L-train on any given day, the blog consists almost solely of pictures that could come from any Bedford Avenue venue. But the author’s descriptions leave an unironic taste in one’s mouth, as his one-line descriptions simply regurgitate the majority of already played-out hipster stereotypes. This isn’t to say that riding the L train isn’t constantly amusing — I often find myself wishing that I didn’t break my own camera by getting sand in it while photographing hipsters at Far Rockaway Beach. But honestly, where is the artistic edge? You don’t really have to look to see several fucking hipsters in these parts. In fact, you would have to suffer congenital blindness or crippling schizophrenia to NOT see them. Honestly, what kind of talent is required to steal pictures from people’s facebook profiles or simply upload photos of your own Friday night antics to a Tumblr? Where is the sense of personal exploration? WHERE IS THE CUNNING COMMENTARY?
I don’t know, maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I have a soft spot for hipsters. Either way, I’m going to need to see something a little more avant garde before I can claim that Look At This Fucking Hipster is the new DOs and DON’Ts.

Feel Better About Yourself

The act of people failing at things will never be not funny. Fail humor is timeless and universal, transcending cohorts and cross-cultural boundaries to unite humanity in a single lol. I mean, even the most basic human behaviors like having sex and eating are done way differently around the world, but it is pretty much as instinctive as breathing to lol at the misfortune of others.
That’s why I get excited when new sites emerge to attract the sacrificial virgins of Internet humor. This one is especially good: an interactive site called FMyLife — fuck it! — allows users to recount those rock-bottom moments when everything goes wrong in a way that is devastating to them, hilarious to onlookers. Below every bag-over-face confession is the opportunity for readers to weigh in on whether they sympathize (“yes, your life is f*****”) or take sadistic pleasure in reading about the dumbassery that brought it all on (“you deserved that one”). There’s a lot of input from awkward teenagers but regardless, every tale is a glorious /facepalm. Come on, we’ve all been there.
From FMyLife:

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Dirty Car Art

While the majority of window art consists of hasty doodles of body parts or the played-out request to be washed, Scott Wade reshapes the dirt and grime that accumulates on car windows into works of art. Among his masterpieces include a portrait of Albert Einstein, the Mona Lisa, and kidnapped passengers screaming to be released.
See them all in the Dirty Car Art Gallery.


Consider this a spring style preview. Guys, I want to see jorts, and lots of them. Bonus points if you and your friends wear matching shirts and parade down the street on stilts. Super bonus points for anyone who gets their hair cut like the guy in the white.

WWJD — If He Was a Hipster?

Holy Jesus fuck! I recently came across something that has me baffled to the core: The Christian Hipster phenomenon. Apparently, Brett McCracken, a self-identified Christian hipster, is writing a book about a utopian world where Christians sit around and smoke cloves, drink 40s and pray together.

“This is a serious exploration. It’s not a joke, and though it is humorous at times and occasionally ironic, it is by no means an exercise in sarcasm (as in, say, Robert Lanham’s Hipster Handbook)… Whatever criticism I end up putting forward in the book, I hope that readers recognize that it is all for the ultimate refinement of the church and its mission in the world.”

I see. Well then leave the sarcasm to me, because I’m going to go ahead and call this one a HIPSTER FAIL.

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Requiem For a Day Off

The hopes and dreams of three ambitious people are shattered when their school-day adventures begin spiraling out of control.