Guten Nacht!!!!!

John Roberts is my second favorite DJ, my first being the Pantha Du Prince. They both coincidentally happen to be on the best microhouse label Dial records–although John is a transplant New Yorker living in Berlin. Tonight you get to experience him with another fellow Berliner and Berghain (this place rules) resident DJ Marcel Dettman at Public Assembly.
I know it’s cold but you won’t regret it.

NIME at Exit Art

ITP’s program is increasingly putting out some of the best thinkers in everything that touches technology. As part of the program, students can take a course called New Interfaces for Musical Expression, dedicated to moving digital music beyond mouse and keyboards.
Today, there will be an exhibition/performance at Exit Art of the tools students have created throughout the course of the class. Highlights include: autonomous solar-powered robots, augmented flutist, plate-spinning sampler, and sing-along animatronics.

Hi, I'm Ridiculous

Jenn2.0 Trailer from Rob Lewis on Vimeo.
Above you will find the trailer to some show (wonder which network is picking this up) that stars a social media consultant who is too busy living her internet life to make connections in her real life happen. I know we all use Facebook, blogs and Twitter to meet peeps, but who wants to sit through a show watching some self-indulgent person live out their anti-social fantasies stalking friends of friends? Epic fail.
Hat Tip: @DanGould

Craft Hacker Panel at the New Museum Tonight

The way I think of Craft Hacker is Ghada Amer + Computer programmer = Awesome. If you feel the same way, then you should check out this panel tonight.

Damaged! #2


Present Perfect Continuous at NURTUREart

Dustin Klare.jpg
Dustin Klare, Journey to Somewhere Like This,2007
NURTUREArt has been a bastion for up-and-coming curators and artists since 1997. It’s current group show Present Perfect Continuous marks the strong curatorial debut of Denise Wong. Taking its cue from the grammatical tense present perfect continuous, the show’s premise revolves around two ideas: migration and memory. Here, the audience sees artists from diverse backgrounds congregating together in New York; in so doing, this migration of sorts provides the backbone for each work’s narrative.
On a purely aesthetic level, the works are quite gripping. Many of the pieces touch upon the new psychedelic movement that has been prevailing for the past several years, pairing a colorful palette with painstakingly crafted abstraction. Perhaps one of the most interesting pieces is Sarah Julig’s interactive photo collage installation. Julig invites the viewer to share in her personal history by submerging himself/herself inside the piece for a short period of time; the result is intended to communalize the artist’s experience with that of the viewer’s.
Present Perfect Continuous also features: Yasemin Kackar-Demirel, Andrew Eklund, Dustin Klare, Elizabeth Knowles, Hilary Lorenz, Nesta Mayo and Gelah Penn. NURTUREArt is located at 910 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY. Check out the show before it closes on Saturday, December 13th.

Ducktails and SSPS @ Cake Shop…FTW

While everyone was lounging on their sofas from eating massive quantities of food, I was at the Cake Shop checking out a small but amazing show last night with Bob Bellerue, SSPS, Ducktails, HD (members of WZT HEARTS). Most noteworthy of the night were the sets by SSPS and Ducktails.
SSPS is Porkchop from Excepter’s solo project. Taking his cue from German minimalist house, SSPS is equal parts dirty beats and experimental sound exploration. Often marrying the two can prove challenging to create something with substance, SSPS was up to the task–ladling abstract vocals over a dark, dance backbone. (He even got a few members of a slightly reserved crowd to dance.)
Ducktails is the solo project of Matt Mondanile (with the occasional live collaborator). Best described as poppy surf rock informed by avant garde music a la The SKATERS and Kemialliset Ystavat, Ducktails is the type of warm music that will get you through the Winter and keep you happy year round. Touching on the pop and the more abstract, Mondanile divided the set between a meditative, outdoors instrumental and an anthemic surf rock ballad (that was unfortunately cut short due to technical difficulties).
In addition to Ducktails, Mondanile also collaborates in Predator Vision and Real Estate—both are in keeping with the good vibes. Real Estate is playing tonight at the Cake Shop at midnight if you can make it out.

How many of your friends….

Look like this guy?