Brooklyn Craft Fair This Weekend

Maybe we all had mothers who made our Halloween costumes and taught us how to sew. Whatever it is, Brooklynites are the best at making their own duds. This weekend you can get the best of the best at the Lyceum for under $30. Check it out:

We want everyone to thrive in this sucky economy – both crafters and consumers – so we want to help get the goods flowing in both directions. This is a time for keeping our money local and helping our artists thrive, all the while keeping an eye on the ole purse strings. This market is designed for those of us who can’t spend like we once could, but still want to support the arts the best we can, get to know the artisans’ of NYC, and get lovely handmade things in the process.
So please come to the Market, buy as much as you like (get those mother’s day and holiday gifts early), and let’s keep our money out of Target and Walmart!!

Forgot to add, my favorite Charm School Design will be there. Every lady should have one of her headbands in her closet.

Moot is Time's Most Influential? (4 Chan–Anonymous–Wins Again.)

“Epic Fail”, Lolcats, and Denial of Service Attacks are all presents that have be granted to us by the lovely 4chaners. If you have never been introduced to 4Chan, then now is the time to definitely learn because Moot was just voted Time’s most influential person. And, this was no small feat. Anonymous spent many man hours hacking the website. Music Machinery has the full story.

WG News and Arts Gets a Digital Facelift

When I first moved to Greenpoint, there were two publications I checked out to get my bearings. The first I now write for– the second was the Williamsburg Greenpoint News & Arts. Proving that it’s never too late to go digital, the publication has just launched its new website. Here’s what they had to say:

The site features a blog covering neighborhood happenings, along with some of the stories from our monthly paper. We’d like people to still pick up the print edition when they see it, so we’ll probably be keeping a few
stories offline, at least for the first couple weeks that the paper is out. (But it’s free anyway, so we’re not asking too much, I hope.)

Ducktails and Javelin Play Inside a Robot Tonight

c/o Pak
If you are not easily deterred by the rain, there is a pretty great show happening inside artist space Secret Project Robot tonight.
The much (deserved) hyped avant garde sunny pop of Ducktails will be complimented by the smooth dance grooves of Javelin. After seeing Javelin play the Graffiti Research Lab’s MoMA after party some months back, Javelin has become a personal favorite. (They have an entire song using Beyonce vocal samples that’s pretty killer.)
Full line up and details below:

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What do Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Lightning Bolt, and Lucky Dragons have in common?

Custom instruments.
Bent Festival is this week. As part of the festivities, 3rd Ward will hold a special “hacked music event” tonight. This is your chance to meet future music pioneers before they continue to release limited edition 7 inches that your son picks up at an estate sale and starts jamming to.

NEW YORK electriCITY from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.
Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics
Hat Tip: Make Magazine

Visual Music Marathon Tomorrow

visual music marathon.jpg
My two favorite mediums are the visual arts and music. So, it’s a no brainer that I would be excited for the Visual Music Marathon happening tomorrow in Chelsea. What makes me even more amped is that we have works from people allover the world represented.

The 2009 Visual Music Marathon will be held at the Visual Arts Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, New York City. Over 300 works from 33 countries were submitted to the Marathon. Of these, 64, representing 6 hours of programming, were selected for screening. The remaining six hours will be devoted to invited artists, historic works on 16mm film, works provided by two guest curators, and approximately one hour of live video performance art.

Art Fair Week Round Up

rede jornal NY detalhe.jpg
Volta, Installation View: Maria Nepomuceno, c/o Marcio Botner, A GENTIL CARIOCA GALLERY
The Armory Show is a mecca for the who’s who in the international art scene. More importantly, it always offers dealers, curators, critics, collectors, artists and other art luminaries the ability to party and network in the name of the emerging art scene. Not to be clich√©–but here an artist’s career is easily made.
A natural outgrowth of the Armory has been the satellite fairs. Often, these are for younger, less connected galleries. While some might look down on these as lesser quality, it was at the satellite fairs that I saw the best work. Why? Because these galleries are hungry for it. Right now, the Armory feels like a craft fair. The installations are less thought out, the floor plan is a little chaotic and the overwhelming number of participating galleries makes the works less palpable.
So, if you are in the mood to check out the fairs next year, you should skip the Armory and head down to Volta, Pulse and the like. Below are some highlights from this year.

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OORUTAICHI, Drawlings and Lights @ Cake Shop

c/o Yoko Sawai
A week or so ago I popped into the Cake Shop to hear the musical meanderings of Japanese experimental musician OORUTAICHI as well as Rings side project Drawlings and Lights. While musically the bands seemed pretty disparate, it was a surprisingly entertaining set. I wish more of you had been there.

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