Sessions at Santos Party House

The Santos Party House Sessions have been going strong for the last couple of months. This week’s promises to be great with an appearance by Growing–which just so happens to include the most recent curator for the weekly residency Sadie Laska. Check them out before they head to the UK.

New York Eye and Ear Festival This Weekend

As many of you know, we are big fans of the New York Eye and Ear Festival. The second incarnation features bands from allover the New York experimental spectrum in three very distinct venues along with film screenings and a well curated record fair to boot.
Tonight’s line up is for me the most exciting. This is a must for any adventurous music lover.
Check the remaining line up after the jump.

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Sad News for Berliners and Fixies

This just in. Good is reporting that the German government has banned the Fixie!!!

In Berlin, fixed-gear bicycles are now illegal. The news comes from The Local, and English-language German news site:
In a country where cyclists are expected to have a working bell on their bikes, it was probably only a matter of time before fixies fell afoul of the law in Germany. … Since there’s no freewheel on a fixie, the pedals continue to rotate as long as the bike is moving forward. This means the rider either has to slow the bike by fighting the momentum or brake by locking up the back wheel to skid to a stop.
Seeing what they considered a growing danger to traffic safety, Berlin police announced this spring they would begin cracking down on fixie riders. Since only April, they’ve confiscated 18 bicycles.
Clearly, fixies are more difficult to ride (and stop) than any conventional street bikes. I’ve heard many an accomplished cyclist explain how he or she tried a fixie once and that was enough. And plenty of city-dwellers bemoan aggressive biking (which is sometimes associated with fixie-riders). But are the bikes really so dangerous that they shouldn’t be street legal? Is this a setback for bike culture in general?

Who wants to organize a protest?

Kria Brekkan and Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir at St. Marks Church

Last night, I headed down to the bastion of avant garde theater and music St. Marks Church. There, I witnessed a collaboration between Kria Brekkan and fellow Icelandic performance/video artist √Åsd√≠s Sif Gunnarsd√≥ttir. Unfortunately, I only was only able to catch it halfway through the performance, so I was not able to completely comprehend the costumes, spoken word and video component. I think the title “Experimental Existence” is a pretty good clue as to what they are trying to achieve; in any case, the mood was very ethereal (as you would expect in such a setting).
kopasker copy.jpg
From Experimental Existence, Image c/o the Artists
As far as the music accompaniment goes, this was one of Brekkan’s better performances–very light and languishing the way I like her. She just so happens to be playing another show at the newest music spot at the Sycamore in Brooklyn on Wednesday. It’s a very intimate spot, so it should be a good show. More details here.

Hey Ladies! (A Little Beauty Tip)

The entire time that I have lived in Brooklyn I have only had one lady touch my hair and that person is Jess Stover. (And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.) While she has spent most of her time spreading joy around Williamsburg at the Beehive Salon, she has finally struck out on her own and is opening Adelaide Salon.
To celebrate there will be a little soiree on Friday (see flyer). This will give you the chance to put your name down on the soon to be very long waiting list. Man is she worth it!

Zs Record Release Party Inside the Secret Robot

For years, Zs have been making headway marrying jazz and avant garde textures. On Wednesday, they will release their latest album for the Social Registry. Awesome festivities (Grade 13, Effi Briest, Nine 11 Thesaurus) will be happening at Secret Project Robot.

Two Great Jams to Check Out This Week

Thanks everyone for coming out and making the showcase such a great success. We hope you guys had some fun.
If you can’t get enough out of the Real Estate family of musicians, Etienne is hosting a dance party at Market Hotel; it’s a part of a mini-tour with Predator Vision (Etienne and Matt of Real Estate) and Sudden Oak.
If you are too busy recovering tonight, then tomorrow you can’t miss a solo performance of Mira Billotte’s (White Magic) at Santos Party House. Miss Billotte doesn’t play every other week, so when she does, you have to make sure that you catch her! New Egypt has been one of my jams this past year–definitely worth a listen. Below is a video of a recent White Magic performance.

FreeWilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Real Estate

Before you guys come to our showcase on friday, we thought it would be only fitting that you get to know the bands we love a little more personally. First up are our boys in Real Estate.
It’s difficult to believe that before September this band didn’t exist. They have since been signed to one of the best labels right now Woodsist, been all over Pitchfork and recently finished up a tour stint with Love is All.
FW: What’s your daily routine as a band?
Martin Courtney:
We don’t really have a daily routine as a band; we don’t like live together or anything. If we lived together, it would be in the suburbs, and we would do things like jam and eat mac and cheese.
Etienne Duguay:
chill then grip;
chill, jam, party, grip

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