Soft Circle's Hisham Bharoocha Orchestrates Another Drum Circle Today

Many of you may recognize Hisham Bharoocha as former Black Dice member and solo-artist as Soft Circle. However, he has been a keen collaborator and orchestrator of the Boredum’s Boadrum project. Going it alone, Bharoocha will lead a 40 drummer Earth Day celebration today at Loomstate. Other noteworthy drummers include members of Oneida, Lichens, Pit Er Pat, Aa, and Jah Division among others.
Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) will DJ.
Loomstate is located at:
356 West 58th St (Between 8th + 9th Ave)
More details can be found here.

Monkeytown New Year's Eve Performance Equals Total Victory

This New Year’s Eve is, of course, a special affair for Monkeytown. As many of you have heard, Monkeytown will be closing its doors at the end of January. For their last intimate New Year’s bash, they have picked a special family version of an Excepter performance. Over the course of the last four years, the Excepter takeovers of Monkeytown have been my favorite for their utilization of the backroom’s space and their sometimes unpredictable choice of sound and visual aesthetics.
In October Excepter released the album and short film Black Beach on Paw Tracks. Shot on a brief vacation in California, Black Beach finds Excepter mining more chilled-out (sometimes microhouse) sonic territory.

Arithmetic Williamsburg Style

(Daddy’s + Wavves) x The Black Lips = Friday night chaos. My only wish is that, Hipster Runoff, you will treat this with such poetic justice as you have done so before.

On the Transformation of Williamsburg's Art Community

Image c/o Gowanus Lounge
In Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia, Robert Longo relays how crazy and different Jack Goldstein was for making his studio home-base in Williamsburg during the 1970s. Like many others of his time, Goldstein was one of the first wave of artists to take advantage of its cheap rent and massive spaces, a situation that gave birth to one generation of artists and musicians to the next.
Jumping to present day Kent Avenue’s glass tower promenade, it’s hard to imagine the opportunity (and poverty) that infiltrated Williamsburg at that time; it seems that those days–if they still exist– are numbered. Loren Munk of the James Kalm Report recently spoke to Art:21 about the last days of artists in Williamsburg. You can read/watch here.

Zero Film Fest Opens Tonight

Zero Film Festival bills itself as the film festival for the truly self-funded filmmaker. Tonight, the launch party is hitting up Galapagos in DUMBO with premieres from Peru Ana Ana Peru, Alia Raza, and Aaron Katz.

Mayer Hawthorne at Santos Party House

Image c/o PSFK
Last night, I was able to head down to Santos Party House to check out the latest gem from Stones Throw Records LA-based Mayer Hawthorne. Easily, Hawthorne’s music echoes the Motown era soul of his birthplace–a fact that he doesn’t deny. However, unlike many acts whose retro revival feels like wearing your influences on your sleeve, Hawthorne is charismatic enough to pull it off–with a tight backing band to boot. His stage presence is still a little stogy between songs, but those moments were few and far between as he churned out one potential hit after the next.
Mayer Hawthorne has yet to drop his full-length album, so I am sure it will be awhile before New York sees him again, but when he does, it’s not one to miss.

Antennas of the Race: Kevin Regan vs. Radek Szczesny

Tonight marks the closing party of the Bushwick Biennal at Nurture Art, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the survey of local emerging artists, you have until Sunday to do so.
Below is another artist on artist interview featuring two of the participants in the biennal: Kevin Regan and Radek Szczesny.
Kevin Regan: So tell me about the artist collective you were in with Lolo. What was it called? Is it still active? I heard something about it from Jeremy. This was something you were doing over in Williamsburg, no?
Back in Gainesville, Florida, in the mid 90s, just before I moved to New York, I opened an alternative art space with a couple friends of mine (John Cason and Matt Roberts). It was called Blank Space. I was involved in it for a year and then I moved to New York. We did 10 art shows during that time. We also lived in the space. It was a blast. The whole set up was a little unusual for Gainesville which is more about old houses than industrial spaces. Sometimes Bushwick reminds me of Gainesville.
C/O Kevin Regan

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R.I.P. Dash Snow

Gawker is reporting that artist Dash Snow has died of a heroin overdose. They credit several sources in the article. If you are familiar with Snow’s work, you could never really delineate between his intense lifestyle and his artistic output.
I hope the old Irak crew does a befitting memorial.