Free Williamsburg and 319 Scholes Present Club Hell: A Satanic Future Rave on October 27th

We’ve had our eyes on one of media arts most up-and-coming spaces for awhile. So when the peeps at 319 Scholes asked if we wanted to help out with their immersive multimedia installation turned Halloween party, was there any question in our mind?

Proving that no one can do Halloween like 319 Scholes, on Saturday, October 27th, Club Hell will feature the music curating skills of UNO records with media artist and electronic musician Fatima Al Qadiri headlining alongside the visuals of THV Ent. — all against the back drop of a turn-of-the-century glass factory turned art space Knockdown Center.

Full Line Up:

Fatima Al Qadiri
Total Freedom
Venus XTC

Pre-sale tickets $15 @

Venue is off the Jefferson L stop:

Google map directions

We’ll have more in the upcoming week about our partnership with 319 Scholes. In the meantime, check out their opening tonight for Domenico Quaranta’s Collect the WWWorld, featuring F.A.T. Lab’s Evan Roth and Ryan Trecartin to name a few.

UNO Throws Down with Zomby, Mykki Blanco @ The Autumn Bowl Tomorrow Night

Rarely does a showcase so perfectly come together to encapsulate the current zeitgeist of music. Fortunately, UNO records has its ear (and perhaps eyes) to the ground in a very big way. Featuring the likes of Zomby, Mykki Blanco, Arca, Gobby (live), Kuhrye-oo (live), Anthony Napels, and Aquarian, the aptly titled CMJk event will be accompanied by visuals from some of media arts most exciting audio-visual projects: Ryder Ripps, Dump.FM, Deanna, and Sam Hart (A // V Club) at the newly established Autumn Bowl.

For more details, check out the below:

10/18:  8pm – 4am  |  at the Autumn Bowl
67 West St., Greenpoint
presented by Self-Titled, PvH & UNO NYC
free before 10:30  |  5$ w RSVP late
facebook event:

A Talk In The Park With Jan Anderzen

Finnish experimental musician Jan Anderzen (often known as Kemialliset Ystavat or Tomutonttu) has been a driving force in the Finnish experimental music scene over the last decade and a half; his influence is far reaching — even in Brooklyn– with the likes of Matt Mondanile (Ducktails/Real Estate) and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) among former collaborators. Known for his ability to collaborate and orchestrate diverse musical happenings, he has recently taken up residency at Issue Project Room where he will perform a special performance (audio and visual) with a few American collaborators on this Saturday.

While I’m sure many of you might like to know Jan’s philosophy on certain music aesthetics, we thought it might be more interesting, instead, to discuss the work of an obscure Russian/Finnish/American painter Nicholas Roerich‘s paintings after a trip to his museum in the Upper Westside.

Excepter Playing Last Show…for Awhile

This is a special show as proceeds will go to cover medical bills for someone in Excepter personnel. On a more superficial level, it’s a great line-up, including a new personal favorite Blissed Out. The show happens at Shea Stadium tomorrow.

Essex's Son Visits CMJ

If you’ve been listening to more ambient and electronic styles of music lately, Gold Panda‘s name pops up pretty often. Having seen this man hit the decks at Field Day in London this past summer, I will say that you are in for a huge treat. Below is his full schedule. Do not miss.

18 AOL Spinner show (streamed live at 8.30pm, EST) – invite only
21 Pitchfork Showcase, 9.00pm, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brklyn
22 Webster Hall w/Fourtet show 7.00pm, Webster Hall, 156 Ludlow St
23 Fixed party , TBC (evening show) 70 N 6th Street, Brklyn
23 Urban Outfitters (daytime event, TBC 12-6) Soho Store, 575 Broadway, NYC

Adventures in Riga with Oneohtrix Point Never

Your favorite Foreign Correspondent has made it all the way to Riga, Latvia, to attend the famed Sound Forest Festival that encompasses avant-garde and experimental music from around the world. You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with Brooklyn? Well, you may recognize one of the rising stars of the Brooklyn music scene Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) in the video below.

Daniel and I have been on a few adventures which we hope you will enjoy. For our first chat, we were inspired by the ex-Soviet press conference building, Preses Nams, housing the the festival, so we did a little impromptu press conference. Daniel, being of Russian descent, has a lot to say about Eastern European supermarkets — the quality of their jackets and candy –among other things.

Lau Nau + Kuupuu at Issue Project Room

This may be a little late for some of you, but the best acts to come out of the Finnish Freak Folk scene are here at Issue Project Room. May I introduce you Lau Nau and Kuupuu? Bringing together signature exploration with space, noise and technology, Laura Naukerinen and Jonna Karanka produce music that will drift in and out of your consciousness.

Prince Rama, HIGHLIFE Play Showpaper Benefit on June 4th

prince rama of ayodhya at automatic (chicago) october 3rd, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

Although yours truly is stationed across the pond, I have managed to grow fond attachments for “Sleepy” Doug Shaw’s HIGHLIFE blend of african and pop melodies and the extra awesome psyched out prog of Prince Rama (of Ayodhya). Top this show off with Amen Dunes and the fact that it’s a Showpaper Benefit, and you most likely have a recipe for one of the shows that sticks out of the blur that is Brooklyn’s music scene.
:: Prince Rama
:::: HIGHLIFE —–
:::::: Amen Dunes
:: special guest @ 8pm: W.H.I.T.E. —
128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 8pm | all ages | $8
Everything else here.