Wet Hot American Summer 10th Anniversary at MHofW

Last night’s sold out 10th Anniversary celebration for the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer was a fan’s wet hot American dream come true. Hosted by Stella (David Wain, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black) who also starred in, wrote and directed the movie, the night included archived video audition footage, a sweater fondling contest and appearances from original cast members.

Music Hall of Williamsburg was filled was fans quoting movie lines in unison and singing along to the film’s soundtrack, which was played live by Joe McGinty and the Loser’s Lounge.

The films stars came out to reminisce about the movie and reenact some of their popular scenes from the film to wild crowd reactions. Among those who made an appearance were Marguerite Moreau (Katie), Jeanene Garofolo (Beth), Zak Orth (J.J.), Jake Fogelnest (Silas), A.D. Miles (Gary), Gideon Jacobs (Aaron), Gabriel Millman (Cape Boy), Judah Freelander (Ron von Kleinenstein), Ken Marino (Victor Kulack), Marisa Ryan (Abby Bernstein), and of course the renown, Can of Vegetables voiced by Jon Benjamin.

Also making cameos on prerecorded video shorts were Nina Hellman (Nancy), Joe Lo Truglio (Neil), Amy Poehler(Susie) and Paul Rudd (Andy).

Check out some of the night’s highlights below including an intro from Arty “The Beekeeper” Solomon’s (voiced by Samm Levine) opening address, a performance by Alan Shemper (Michael Showalter) and Victor (Ken Marino) singing “Danny’s Song.”

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Brookland, Oregon

c/o The New York Observer

Turns out Brooklyn hipsters aren’t as unique as they’d like to believe. This week’s Observer features an article by Adrianne Jeffries comparing and criticizing Brooklyn and its ever growing DIY, organic-living lifestyle as being a carbon copy of the Northwest hipster haven Portland, Oregon.

Jeffries notes that the similarities between the two areas include local interest in an arts and music scene, environmentally friendly DIY products sold auspiciously at markets like the Brooklyn Flea (just a few examples from the article include “rings glued to typewriter keys, handmade, vegetable-dyed, vintage Oriental rugs,” and homemade chocolate bars wrapped in packaging, “printer with soy inks on 100 percent postconsumer-recycled, chlorine-free, processed paper that was made from wind-generated energy”), an affinity for food trucks and the preferred mode of transpiration as bicycles.

These examples and more lead Jeffries to rebrand the borough, Brooklandia, after Portlandia the IFC comedy show starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein that makes fun of the West Coast hipsters.

This negative comparison to Portland is only one of many jibes Jeffries manages to get into the article as he writes off Brooklyn’s creative, environmentally conscious community as hackneyed and pretentious. Check out some choice Brooklyn-bashing quotes below:

  • “Brooklyn’s overwrought mustaches and handmade ice cream in upcycled cups are now well-established facts of life. It’s as if the tumor of hipster culture that formed when the cool kids moved to Williamsburg had metastasized into a cluster of cysts pressing down on parts of the borough’s brain.”
  • “One of the things I’ve found is that as a reporter it’s getting harder for me to pitch Brooklyn stories that start like, ‘Hey, there’s a group of guys in Brooklyn or a group of young people in Brooklyn who—’” Mr. Smith said. “You can sort of feel the eye-roll of the editor, like, yeah, there’s a bunch of people in Brooklyn who, you name it, are constructing a huge skyscraper out of used coffee cups! They’re learning how to butcher pigs in their own kitchen!”

-Robert Smith, NPR Reporter

  • “Williamsburg is just becoming like a circus,” he said. “When I’m there, I hear the circus music in my head. Mustaches were like 2010. We’re on to mutton chops. Everyone is walking around like the Satorialist is about to take a picture of them. That’s not a healthy way to live.“It’s all just becoming so precious,” he reflected. “And Brooklyn is not supposed to be a precious place.”

– Jake Dobkin, Gothamist publisher

Williamsburg Bridge Acrobat Charged

c/o Gothamist

Since performing her high-flying antics atop the Williamsburg Bridge on Tuesday, 24 year old acrobat Seanna Sharpe, has her feet firmly planted on the ground and her wrists locked in handcuffs.

Sharpe was arrested for her impromptu performance and charged with a felony for reckless endangerment. In an interview with the New York Post she spoke out against the severity of her charges,”

“I’m a professional . . . The cars on the ground were more of a danger than I was,” she said at Rikers Island shortly before her bail was posted. “Statistically, I, as an aerialist, am less likely to die on my apparatus than you are in a taxi.”

Sharpe had been expecting criminal trespassing charges, a misdemeanor, because, “It’s a public bridge. I Googled it,” she told the Post.

She is currently out on bail that, according to one report, was raised by her online supporters in only 3 hours. Now Sharpe and her fans await with baited breath to see whether she will take the tumble or spring back from her latest exploit.

Cults Base First Music Video on a Real Cult

Befitting their name, the video for Cults’s  “Go Outside” centers around the story of the People’s Temple cult lead by Jim Jones in the 1970’s. It features both kitschy and haunting original footage from daily life in the cult before the infamous 1978 Jonestown Massacre.

Already in heavy rotation on our summer playlist, after seeing the unique video for this song, we like it even more. We’ve drank the Kool Aid and it tastes good.

Go Outside, by Cults from Boing Boing on Vimeo.

The video’s director, Isaiah Seret, included this statement with the video:

To tell the story of Cults’ hauntingly beautiful track, “Go Outside”, I was inspired to bring the band inside the world of Jim Jones’ famous religious cult, Peoples Temple, and the eventual tragedy in Jonestown. Fortunately, when exploring the feasibility of this video I became acquainted with Fielding M. McGehee III, an expert on Peoples Temple history and the primary researcher for the Jonestown Archive. It is thanks to him and his encouragement that I was able to take on this project and through his support gained access to over two and half hours of home videos showing Peoples Temple in Jonestown. For this music video we didn’t want to put a spin on the footage or the peoples lives—instead we wanted to re-tell and humanize their story. In order to achieve this we used a combination of stock footage, visual effects and other tricks to embed the band into the historical footage. This was achieved through my collaboration with my visual effects supervisor Bill Gillman and my cinematographer Matthew Lloyd. Lastly, I am moved to say when we completed the video we were able to preview it for some of the survivors of the Jonestown Massacre, who expressed their appreciation of our focus on the lives of the People’s Temple members as opposed to exploiting the graphic images of the final tragedy.

In History and Memory,

Joe Jonas Hit with Balls at House of Vans Show

c/o Posh24.com

Joe Jonas may have won over your preteen sister, but Williamsburg hipsters are not impressed.

Last Wednesday Jonas opened for Swizz Beatz at PAPER Magazine’s “See No More” party at the House of Vans. According to a report  from the Daily News,

“Jonas did not encounter very much love from the hard-core Williamsburg crowd in their frayed jeans, acid-washed tanks, jean vests and oversize eyeglass frames.

The booing and jeering began as soon as the Disney TV star and his four backup singers took to the stage …

The hostile hipsters didn’t even react when Jonas showed off his newly sculpted torso by taking off his blazer to reveal a tight tank top.”

The crowd of “hardcore” hipsters even went so far as to pelt Jonas and his back up dancers with Nerf basketballs handed out for free at the event.

However; Alexis Swerdloff at PAPER refuted the News’s account, telling Gothamist,

“As someone who was standing in the middle of the crowd during the entire performance, I can say that yes, there were a few balls thrown onto the stage—but they were promotional balls that were being thrown around all night—and that Joe was hardly met with stony silence! Rabid fans lined up around the block hours before the performance and were screaming throughout.”

Whichever version of events you believe, this discrepancy begs the question of whether anyone is actually immune to a teen heartthrob’s puppy dog eyes and choreographed dance moves after all.

Meatball Shop Opens Next Week

c/o GrubStreet

Alright carnivores, start working up your appetites.

Meatball Shop, currently at 84 Stanton Street on the Lower East Side, is expanding and opening up a new location in Williamsburg next week.

If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, they are a meat lovers dream, serving a wide variety of meatballs, with five different kinds of house-ground balls and various sauces. Then you can have your balls served whichever you like, as sliders, heroes, pastas or just a side.

The Brooklyn location will also include a full bar and make-your-own cocktail menu, with check boxes where customers can choose combinations of liquors and mixers like blackberry and mint.

Meatball Shop will be located at 170 Bedford Avenue, near N. 7th Street.

The Strokes- “Taken For A Fool”

What’s better than The Strokes? Multiple Strokes!

In the video for “Taken for A Fool,” the band’s new single, numerous images of Julian, Albert, Nick, Nikolai and Fab appear simultaneously at the center of a spinning hologram. As the camera does 360 degree pans, the band rocks out while Julian mugs for the camera and fools around. The traditionally stoic frontman’s mischievous antics are downright cute and we even get a big smile out of him at the end!

Not to mention the song itself is pretty great too.

Seaside Summer Concert Series

Even though the Siren Music Festival has ended, you can still see free shows on Coney Island this summer curteosy of the 33rd annual Seaside Summer Concert Series. Located at West 21st Street and Surf Avenue, the concerts start July 14 and continue every Thursday night through August 18 with classic rock headliners like Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Monkees and Cheap Trick. Check out the full schedule and complete concert info below:

c/o Brooklyn Vegan


The 33rd Annual Seaside Summer Concert Series performances are held Thursday nights at 7:30 pm at West 21st Street and Surf Avenue in Coney Island next to the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

The public is encouraged to bring their own chairs.

A limited number of  $5 rental chairs in a specially designated area are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Performers are subject to change without notice. Call the concert hotline for updates at 718-222-0600
NO cameras,
NO audio or video recording,
NO alcohol,
NO pets,
NO bottles
NO smoking
All persons and packages are subject to search prior to entry.