Fadmashion Giveaway!


Fadmashion, the New York style collective and boutique celebrating the diverse styles of NYC neighborhoods, is offering an EXCLUSIVE giveaway to YOU, lovely FREEwilliamsburgers! (OK, so this giveaway may be a bit biased…they are a Williamsburg-based start-up so they’ve got a ‘lotta love for us in their heart.)

The coveted giveaway is the (super cute) Fadmashion Nyla Noor El Borne Hipster Clutch (value $300!):

To enter to win this fab clutch:

1. Sign up to Fadmashion between Sept 20 and Nov 1, 2012
2. LIKE the Fadmashion Homepage

The winner will be awarded November 10, 2012. This fetch clutch can be yours for FREE – but only if you enter to win! So enter away, fashionistas, and good luck!

For more stylish pieces and to see what Fadmashion is all about, check out their site. There are 24/7 sales and new arrivals all the time, plus $10 instant credits, and up to $50 credits when your friends join! Happy shopping!

Red Bull Curates Exhibition Tonight!


Colin Young-Wolff/Red Bull Media House

Red Bull has come up with a really cool art competition – turn a standard Red Bull refrigerator and turn it into a work of art. Or, as Red Bull puts it: “The medium? A Red Bull refrigerator (covered in canvas). The mission: Create.” And create they did!

Elizabeth Harper/Red Bull Media House

25 New York artists gathered at Villain on Sunday, September 9 to create and fulfill this “mission.” Of these 25 works of art, only 3 will be coined winners. And these winners will be revealed tonight, September 13!

So what are they competing for – what’s the grand prize? A chance to show at the “Scope art fair during December’s Art Basel in Miami Beach, the biggest international art event on the calendar.”

Again, the event takes place TONIGHT, September 13 at Villain at 9:00 PM. Go and enjoy the art!

Marilyn’s Love Affair with Brooklyn

Image c/o www.thelmagazine.com

For the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, August 5, NBC News has released old interviews with the iconic movie star. In this interview, she proclaims her love for our fab ‘burb:

When I retire, I want to retire to Brooklyn…it’s my favorite place in the world so far that I’ve seen. I haven’t traveled much, but I don’t think I’ll find anything else to replace Brooklyn. I just like walking around. I think the view is better from Brooklyn, you know, you can look back over and see Manhattan. That’s the best view…It’s the people…I like the streets, just the people and the streets and the atmosphere, I just like it.”

So do we, Marilyn!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

An Invitation to Chick-Fil-A

Image c/o www.breitbart.com

Via NY Daily News:

Republican state Assembly hopeful Russell Gallo is trying to get soapbox time on a nationwide controversy by inviting Chick-Fil-A to Brooklyn. Gallo, who’s running in the 45th AD against Democratic incumbent Steven Cymbrowitz, sent a letter to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy inviting the fast food business to Brooklyn.”

We know, this Chick-Fil-A issue has been flooding your Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds for what feels like decades, but this warrants a post – whatever you believe, this is a pretty ballsy move for a hopeful politician to win over voters. You can read his letter to Cathy in its entirety below:


Decorating the D

Image c/o The New York Times

Thursday seven art installations were unveiled at various Brooklyn subway stations along the D line. According to the New York Times,

Almost all of the new works…are laminated glass windscreens that edge subway platforms above ground.”

To see these “laminated glass windscreens”, check out all of the beautiful art exhibitions in this slide show, c/o the New York Times: Beautifying the D Line. Seriously, take a look.

Amongst these installations includes a very cool gate created by Christopher Russell, a Manhattan sculptor:

Mr. Russell was entrusted with designing bronze gates, 7 feet high and 6 feet wide, at the Ninth Avenue Station in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The gates depict honeybees crawling on hives, and the posts of adjacent fences will have honeybees resting on 17 finials shaped like flower heads.

The gates are expected to be presented in the fall after the station, an Arts and Crafts-style copper-roofed structure built in 1916, has been fully renovated. Although the gates are operable, riders will not pass through them, but will simply admire them (or tremble in their presence).”

For more on this story, including the inspiration and process behind Russell’s work, visit the New York Times article in its entirety here: A Sculptor Creates a Stop on the Bee Train.

If you happen to hop on the D train and pass one of these installations, comment below!

Kitty vs. Kitty

Dear Readers,

Because we know how much you love funny cat videos, we present you with this gem. Enjoy!

88 Reasons Summer in the City is The Tits

Photo courtesy of Charles Andrisano

Our friends over at Brokelyn have come up with “88 reasons why summer belongs to brokesters” and it is awesome (not just because of the discounts/free events listed). Our personal favorites include:

4. Skinny jeans and gnarly beards are enough to win you discounts at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Williamsburg Night.

8. Naked bike riding. Naked book reading. Why do anything with clothes on?

9. Less clothing also means less laundry

35. Don’t think we forgot about fire hydrants. All you have to do is find a sexy fireman and ask him to open one.

75. Those 6am walks home from the party are a lot more sparkly and sweet in the summer. Until the sky explodes and out comes the angry sun from Super Mario 3.

88. A broke-ass pizza-delivering baby-daddy named Mookie did right by his lady with a few well-placed ice cubes. Go fill that tray right now.

And obviously:

80. The satisfying sound of popping a Brooklyn Summer Ale with a lighter from your pocket.


Visit the site to view all 88 reasons, and all the ways to save major moolah this summer .

MMNY Williamsburgers & Wieners BBQ Block Party

Make Music New York W&W BBQ Block Party 2012

As we mentioned yesterday, today is the Sixth Annual Make Music New York celebration. With hundreds of musical acts performing in the streets until 10PM, you may feel a bit lost as to where to begin. Here’s a great event to hit up: The Sixth Annual Williamsburgers & Wieners BBQ Block Party.

The event begins at 4PM and is held in the garden patio of Cyn Lounge, “so that the music spills out onto the sidewalk, and the dancing in the street” (did “Dancin’ in the Street” just start playing in your head too?).

FREE burgers and hot dogs will be served (while supplies last) with drink specials until 10PM.

The block party’s line-up includes:
Avi Wisnia
Golden Bloom
David Ladon of The Doctors Fox
The Great Apes
The Working Effective
…and many more!

So head over to Cyn Lounge at 4PM for free food, drink specials, and awesome live music (and maybe even some dancin’ in the streets – woo!). Happy Make Music New York day!