Throw Vision live @ Big Buffalo Snow Lodge

Last week my buddy Layton called me up and ask if I wanted to go check Throw Vision out with him at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. I had seen them the week before and wanted to catch a clip of this track. It’s also like 3 blocks from my apartment so I decided to swing by. Throw Vision is hands down one of the slickest bands I’ve came across. Do me a favor. Isolate the sound of each instrument and focus on it. How sick is every single person in this band? Another thing that is interest is the lead guitarist Dan, traded places with Taja who usually plays the keys and bass.

If I didn’t mention it you would have no clue. Even when they alternate instruments I’m still amazed. Do yourself a favor after watching this clip and go to and listen to some of their new EP. Enjoy!


Qu3st – Born Wit It

Lately I’ve been listen to up and coming, “Brooklyn born and bred”, hip hop artist Qu3st. He just recently dropped this video that I think you readers will enjoy! This track is called “Born Wit It”. The video work was done by Dumpology. Like always, let me know what you think. Enjoy! It’s good to be back! I’ve missed you readers.


Triple Double Live at Bar Matchless Tonight!

Come out to Bar Matchless tonight at 8:30PM and catch Triple Double at blaqbook’s Mic Check Sunday. Has anyone heard their new new record Red Tooth Rap? It’s an instant classic if you ask myself.

For more information on the show swing by the facebook event below:

Show Your Soul Dance Party tonight at The Grand Victory

Happy Thirsty Thursday lovers! I don’t know about you but my taste buds are craving some soul, oldies, and rock. If you’re right there with me I have the perfect solution. Come on out to The Grand Victory tonight at 11pm and live a little with DJ Jerk Chicken. Check out the promo mix below. Hopefully I’ll see you tonight!

Facebook Event:
Show Your Soul Dance Party

DJ Jerk Chicken(Spicy Pollo):

The Grand Victory
245 Grand St.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Lovers Quarrel at Bar Matchless tonight!

It’d probably be in your best interest to make it over to Bar Matchless tonight for the “Lovers Quarrel” dance party. At midnight sharp, 2 of The Weekend Warriors, DJ Jerk Chicken and Dr Fiskars will be on the one’s and two’s bringing the oldies, soul, and rock. The best part is it’s FREE! Swing by and live a little. Check out the premix for the party below. Enjoy!

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, New York

See more event details here.


Friday Night Mics @ Spike Hill Hype: DXA’s “Friday Night Mics” showcase is this Friday, Feb 8th at Spike Hill. Before every showcase we like to grab a few of the artist and give you a hint as to exactly what you’re in for.

DXA-Vintage New York Hip Hop sound redefined through the words and minds of those who grew up in the heart of New York City, and influenced heavily by the expression of the Golden era of Rap Music. Knocking beats and versatile flows delivered astutely, DXA embodies the gritty and fun of being the core of the apple.


Friday Night Mics @ Spike Hill Hype: Jonifin Marvin’s “Friday Night Mics” showcase is this Friday, Feb 8th at Spike Hill. Before every showcase we like to grab a few of the artist and give you a hint as to exactly what you’re in for.

Formerly a member of Red IDentity and SquadZilla, Jonifin Marvin a.k.a. King Geoffree reemerges on the Philly hip hop scene as a solo artist. Having been born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and being raised in Philadelphia, PA has created a fiery flow in this multi-faceted artist. Unbound by any genre, Jonifin transitions on stage between magnetic hip hop lyrics, to entrancing reggae vibes, to smooth soul vocalization. Inspired by late 80’s/early 90’s lovers rock, and roots and culture reggae, coupled with being influenced by hip hop monsters such as Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, B.I.G., and Blackstar, Jonifin Marvin has been a student of music during great eras.
Now associated with the TreeHouse-Coalition, Jonifin with all his contagious energy is set to engage audiences both live on stage and through their speakers. You can expect commanding beats and vocals on every track; truth and sincerity in every lyric.

Friday Night Mics @ Spike Hill hype: ASPCP

At blaqbook’s last hip hop showcase, ASPCP opened. It was super early and no one was really out of work yet. Although, the crowd was light they still did they’re thing and I was able to capture some great footage of them. The footage created some buzz amongst my interweb peers.

So we decided to bring them back for this showcase and give them a well deserved later show time. Recently the Philly youngsters dropped this new track “Four Horsemen”. This new school of hip hop are bringing intellect to table. Before hip hop was more about money, women, sex, etc. I’m not saying I didn’t and don’t love it like the next man.

I am saying the dialogues and rhyme schemes the Badass’s, Tyler’s, and ASPCP’s of the world are coming with are wise far beyond their years. Come see them live this Friday at Spike Hill during blaqbook’s Friday Night Mic’s” showcase.

The show is at capacity as far as the Facebook invites are concerned, so if you want guaranteed admission grab a ticket from the Spike Hill website here. Hope to see you Friday!