Man arrested for stealing 75 lbs of almonds

Who says Williamsburg isn’t the gritty crime-filled place it used to be? A man was arrested on Sunday for stealing three 25 pound boxes of almonds from the back of a delivery van on South 8th and Bedford. Unsuprisingly the NY Post headline includes the word ‘Nut Job’, more from the Post:

He tried to run off with the loot, sources said, but the 5-foot-8, 180 pound man ended up dropping the boxes on South 8th Street, sources said.

The driver called 911, but Ayala allegedly scampered off before the police could catch him.

But two hours later, Ayala smashed his 2010 silver Toyota Carrola into a parked, unoccupied van on Wythe Avenue and South 8th Street—about two blocks from the scene of the crime, sources said.

When asked about the crime he said:

“I really f—– up,” he allegedly told the police. He then bizarrely added, “I really f—– up my relationship. But I didn’t break into the car.”

Not sure how he damaged his relationship unless he had promised his lady to come up with the toppings for the greatest ice cream sundae of all time. Anyway, see more at the Post including a picture here.


GQ names St. Anslem one of ‘The Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013’

GQ just released their list of most outstanding American restaurants of 2013, and Williamsburg’s own St. Anslem made the list. GQ Food critic Alan Richman writes:

More than a steak house or a bistro, St. Anselm is a Brooklyn restaurant, filled with independence, quiet sophistication, beautifully executed simplicity, and a touch of quirkiness. I asked our waiter if absolutely every menu item was grilled, and he replied, “Except the spinach.” The avocado-and-shrimp salad comes with grill marks.

Read the rest of the review here.

Watch a beautiful time-lapse video of a night in Williamsburg

Director Supralude created this excellent time-lapse video titled TNIW (That Night In Williamsburg). The audio is a remix of Nine Inch Nails’ 21 Ghosts by Near Deaf Experience. The video was shot with a Canon 5D. Watch [Read more…]

Williamsburg has a ‘new’ sports bar

photo via Thrillist

I noticed a few articles about a new sports bar opening in Williamsburg called Roebling Sporting Club located at 225 North 8th. I was immediately intrigued as I am an avid sports fan who lives in the neighborhood. As it turned out they were remaking one of my favorite ‘burg standbys K&M into a sports bar. I got a little nervous about what it would become after reading this quote from one of the owners to Observer:

“I’m the new Williamsburg,” he boasted. “I’m the type of guy moving here. Those $3,000-to-$4,000 apartments? Those aren’t for hipsters. Those are for guys like me who like to watch sports at 6:30.”

Spoken like an Entourage character, I pictured the place being ripped to shreds and replaced with beer pong tables and filled with the fratty crowds that now form a line out the door of The Whiskey Brooklyn on weekends.

However, I stopped by and was happy to see the laid-back vibe appeared to be still firmly intact. In actuality every write-up should just be the six words “they put some TVs in K&M'”, because the place looks almost exactly the same as it was. A couple nice HD TVs are now behind the bar, and the projector displays sports instead of the old movies they used to show. No word yet if the occasional weekend dance parties that included Mark the dancing Hasidic Jew are still happening, but I sure hope so. On a side note I was inspired by the club and have started referring to my living room as a sporting club since I added an HD TV. The laid-back vibe also appears to still be firmly intact.

Want to be in the new Titus Andronicus music video?

New Jersey rockers Titus Andronicus are filming the music video for their song Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter in Williamsburg and want you to be a part of it. From their page:

all you have to do is rock out earnestly, just as you would while enjoying any of yr favorite music. The video shoot is happening this coming Sunday, February the 17th, at a “mystery location” somewhere in North Brooklyn, somewhere easily accesible by subway. The shoot will run from 2:30 pm to around 9 pm. Refreshments will be available, and there will be a real life Titus Andronicus live performance, in addition to much lip syncing. If you are interested in being in the video, e-mail with yr name, and you will receive a response telling you the location. Sound good?

Watch the trailer for Brooklyn Web series ‘East WillyB’

Williamsburg/Bushwick web series East WillyB raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter to film a full season of the show. They describe the series as follows:

East WillyB chronicles the adventures of Bushwick Sports Bar owner Willie Jr., and his motley crew of bar regulars, as they deal with the trials and tribulations of living in an ever changing Brooklyn. Named the “Latino Show for the New Generation,” by the New York Times, East WillyB is a fresh new comedy which explores the humors and tensions when cultures collide in the face of gentrification.

The series [Read more…]

How many coffee shops are there in Williamsburg?

Economists at NYCEDC took a look at the listings for all of the coffee shops in NYC. They broke down the numbers by zip code and found that Williamsburg’s 11211 has the highest concentration of coffee shops outside of Manhattan with 31 shops. They also found that 42.7% of the coffee spots in NYC are either Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. I did a little math myself and that number drops way down to 6.5% in Williamsburg being that there are 2 Dunkin’ Donuts and no Starbucks (for now) within the 11211 zip code. Check out more of their coffee findings here.

Take baking classes at Momofuku Milk Bar

At Momofuku Milk Bar’s Williamsburg location (382 Metropolitan Ave) you can now learn to create their amazing treats yourself. Dessert legend Christina Tosi and her staff will teach and bake through the entire Milk Bar cookbook starting February 14th. Already scheduled classes include Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookies, Crack Pie, Blueberry & Cream cookies and more. Spots for the $50 2-hour classes are going quickly but you can sign up for the remaining dates here, and be on the lookout for new class announcements soon.