The Williamsburg Whole Foods opened today

photo by Jenn Morrissey

photo by Jenn Morrissey

The long awaited nail in the Williamsburg gentrification coffin/great place to get fresh food in the neighborhood Whole Foods opened today at 289 Bedford Ave. It features an in-store Jewish Deli, a Luke’s Lobster cart, seasonal OddFellows Ice cream flavors and so [Read more...]

The L train will shut down for 18 months starting in 2019

ltrain2Well we have what appears to be the official decision on the impending L train shut down. According the the NY Times the MTA will go with the plan that shuts down the L train completely for 18 months. From [Read more...]

Apple announces their Williamsburg store is opening next week

appleAccording to Apple’s website their long awaited Bedford Avenue store (at North 3rd) will open on [Read more...]

The Williamsburg building owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law keeps catching fire

184kentLast year Williamsburg luxury rental 184 Kent was was purchased by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared [Read more...]

You have until tomorrow to bid on Verboten and turn it into a nightclub for cats

catFollowing a number of issues with the venue’s owners, Williamsburg nightclub Verboten’s lease is up for auction. Whether you want to turn it into a nightclub for cats or just [Read more...]

Panorama Festival has released their set times

settimesPanorama has released the set times for their inaugural festival. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that none of the headliners are overlapping each other! Festival-goers with diverse music tastes won’t have to choose between Sia/LCD Soundsystem or Kendrick Lamar/Sufjan etc. There’s more info and tickets available here. The festival takes place July 22-24th on Randall’s Island.

Blood Orange just dropped a new album and video

devDev Hynes just released his new album Freetown Sound today even though it wasn’t supposed to come out until July 1st. The excellent self produced album features some names you may know like Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado and Ta-Nehisi Coates. The album is [Read more...]

There’s a Chipotle opening on Bedford Ave because of course there is

via photo via a secret source

via a secret source

Joining the soon to open Whole Foods at North 4th and Bedford, Chipotle appears to be opening a Bedford location. I spoke to someone who works in the area and they told me that the sign went up at around 3pm today. No word yet on if this suburban trend will continue with the opening of a J Crew, Urban Outfitters or even a Starbucks….oh wait.

- @joshmorrissey