Ralph Lauren is joining J. Crew on Wythe Ave.

Photo via Jason Ritcher on Twitter

Photo via Jason Ritcher on Twitter

Jason Richter spotted this sign going up on North 3rd and Wythe in Williamsburg near the J. Crew. Oh well.

(h/t Gothamist)

Vice had over $16,000 worth of laptops stolen from their new Williamsburg office

 Photo by Spencer Heyfron for Newsweek

Photo by Spencer Heyfron for Newsweek

Vice had their new office (in the former Glasslands location) on South Second robbed of over $16,000 worth of laptops last week. From Brooklyn Paper:

sometime during the evening of July 14, and made off with 11 laptops worth over $16,000, according to a report.

The thief entered the building at S. Second Street and Kent Avenue through a second-story window that was left open overnight, police said.

Staffers realized they had been ripped off the next morning when they discovered the MacBooks had vanished and some of the office’s furniture had been disturbed, cops said.

Greenpoint Landing developers paid $400,000 to the city to cut down three trees

Photo via Stefano Giovanni for Brooklyn Paper

Photo via Stefano Giovanni for Brooklyn Paper

How bad do developers want to take over the Greenpoint waterfront these days? Bad enough to pay the city $400,000 to cut down three elderly trees that were in their way. From Brooklyn Paper:

The department said it is not in favor of felling mature foliage, but five trees at Newtown Barge Park — at the corner of Commercial and Dupont streets — were blocking the forthcoming Greenpoint Landing 10-tower mega-development, so it gave the real-estate company the green light to topple the topiary and slugged it with a $414,000 penalty for the privilege.

The city claims it will use the money to plant new trees nearby. Read more at Brooklyn Paper.

Roberta’s is being sued for unpaid overtime

robertasRoberta’s, Bushwick’s most famous restaurant is being sued by a long time employee for failure to pay overtime wages. From [Read more...]

You can order food from Smorgasburg on Seamless this weekend

Antica Pesa's Spaghetti Burger via bigchomp.blogspot.com

Antica Pesa’s Spaghetti Burger via bigchomp.blogspot.com

This weekend’s edition of the Smorgasburg food fest will have a new feature. Delivery! From 11AM-6pm on Saturday you will be able to fire up Seamless and order a number of Smorgasburg’s offerings from the Williamsburg and Queens locations. Here’s what will be available via Observer:


Goa Taco – Slow-roasted Pork Belly Paratha Tacos
Chickpea and Olive – Calexico Burger
Good Stock – Jambalaya
Imperial Egg – Scotch Egg
Antica Pesa – Spaghetti Burger


Kim Chi Smoke – Redneck Tacos
Patacon Pisao – Crispy Plantain Sandwich
Arepa Lady – Arepas
Celebes Bakar Grill – Beef Rib]

- @joshmorrissey

You are going to need more than $20,000 to win this bag of Williamsburg air on eBay

An eBay auction for a bag of air from right here in Williamsburg is up to over $20,000 in just one day of bidding. From [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s is officially coming to Williamsburg

Trader Joe’s is not gonna stand by and let Whole Foods take over Williamsburg. The west coast based grocery chain will occupy what is currently [Read more...]

Williamsburg’s Rough Trade was converted into a vintage Sam Goody by HBO

samgoodyMartin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s new rock and roll HBO show took over Rough Trade Records on North 9th street in Williamsburg today. The record store/venue and it’s surrounding area were made into a 1970′s scene for the forthcoming show starring Olivia Wilde and Bobby Cannavale. Check out more pictures at Brooklyn Vegan.