Williamsburg man upset by ‘hipsters’ found guilty of making phony 911 complaints

spikehill53-year-old Williamsburg resident Louis Segna was found guilty of making phony 911 calls to complain about made up incidents happening around his apartment at North 7th and Bedford. He was found guilty for three calls, but was believed to have made over 400 complaints. Some of the calls were regarding noise levels and some calls were much more serious. From [Read more...]

Smorgasburg has been immortalized in a children’s book

photo via DNAinfo

photo via DNAinfo

Thanks to Lisa McKeon’s new book Brooklyn Baby, Smorgasburg and other BK staples will live forever in hardcover and paperback form. From [Read more...]

The story behind the creepy Bedford gorilla

Photo via E.K. Buckley

Photo via E.K. Buckley

Many of us have been startled to see someone out of the corner of our eye sitting in a lot on Bedford and North 1st only to realize it is a big stuffed gorilla. It turns out that gorilla is named Coco and the lot may be sold for upwards of $8 million soon. The owner of the lot passed away a few years ago and while his family decide when to sell, the lot is kept as an urban jungle by his friend Carmen Bonilla. NY Times spoke to the spunky Carmen who is in her eighties:

“I put this here for the kids, because the kids, they enjoy,” Ms. Bonilla said, stepping sure-footedly through the weeds in a flounce yellow skirt, a billowy white blouse, an elegant ivory hat and bright pink lipstick. “That’s the way you’ve got to live — because I’m no better than nobody. Love each other, help each other.”

Read the full story at NY Times.

- @joshmorrissey

Photos: There’s snow on the ground in Williamsburg right now

kenanThe area around Bedford and South 2nd is a winter wonderland right now thanks to none other than GIRLS filming in the neighborhood. Rami even noticed they made South Williamsburg seem like Greenpoint by [Read more...]

Williamsburg’s American Apparel store hit by thieves

americanapparelAccording to DNA info the American Apparel store on North 6th street was robbed by a group of women who found the ultimate back to school sale:

Five women went into the store at 104 North Sixth St. between 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 6 and split up. They left in a blue Ford SUV with 28 items worth a total of $1,100 items, police said.

Please be on the lookout for a blue Ford SUV full of ladies in hooded swimsuits.

- @joshmorrissey

‘Williamsburg: The Movie’ is filming this weekend. What is it?

themovieA production titled ‘Williamsburg: The Movie’ is slated to film in the burg this weekend (thanks Marc Koz for spotting the sign on North 6th and Berry). So what what do we think [Read more...]

Starbucks is trying to open a beer selling second Williamsburg location

Picture via Julia Reinstein for Grubstreet

Picture via Julia Reinstein for Grubstreet

Did you think Starbucks was going to end their entrance into Williamsburg with one little store on Union Ave? No chance. The chain is planning on opening a new location (with a liquor license) right next to the current Dunkin Donuts on Bedford according to DNAinfo:

Coffee House Holdings, Inc., doing business as Starbucks, is asking Community Board 1′s approval for a beer and wine liquor license for 154 N. Seventh St., according to Community Board 1′s agenda for an August public meeting.

Read more at DNAinfo

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Watch a short documentary about a Williamsburg pizza delivery man

bestpizzaIf you haven’t already seen it, check out this excellent short documentary about a 52-year-old Williamsburg pizza delivery man named Bill. Bill delivers for Best Pizza on Havermeyer St. and you may recognize him from his many fixie travels around the neighborhood. The [Read more...]