UPDATE: A man who has Ebola went bowling in Williamsburg last night

Pic via James Spencer's Facebook

Pic via Craig Spencer’s Facebook

33-year-old Craig Spencer recently returned from his Doctors Without Borders trip in Africa and now [Read more...]

Starbucks had their Williamsburg liquor license denied again

starbucksbeerCommunity Board 1 in Williamsburg had their final vote last night regarding Starbucks’ request for a liquor license for the forthcoming North 7th location. I talked to [Read more...]

Williamsburg busker gets arrested even after NYPD officer reads law permitting the performance

musicThis weekend musician Andrew Kalleen was arrested by the NYPD for while performing at the Lorimer/Metropolitan subway stop. In the below video the NYPD officer is clearly heard reading the law that allows for this type of performance but that appears to [Read more...]

Glasslands is officially closing at the end of the year

glasslandsWell my morning is ruined. Glasslands Gallery is officially closing at the end of the year. From [Read more...]

Thief robs Williamsburg apartment of its valuables and its dignity

hopeA woman returned to her apartment on Hope and Havermeyer last weekend to discover almost $3,00 worth of goods missing including her HP laptop and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses. The thief, perhaps displeased that he robbed an apartment in Williamsburg and didn’t even get a Macbook or a pair of Ray-Bans decided to pay her back with #2 worth of goods in her bathroom. From [Read more...]

The Living Room opens in Williamsburg next week

thelivingroomFormer Lower East Side music venue The Living Room closed on October 26th of last year. This year on October 21st the venue will reemerge with a soft opening for CMJ. The new venue is located on 134 Metropolitan Ave (Between Wythe and Berry) in Williamsburg. Check out their website for the schedule of events.

Starbucks’ second Williamsburg location had its liquor license denied

starbucksBrooklyn’s Community Board 1 voted to deny Starbucks’ the right to a liquor license on their forthcoming North 7th st. location last night. From DNA info:

Burrows said in this case, “the public says there isn’t an interest.”

The board vote followed impassioned arguments made by several locals, including Esther Bell from The West, which is located at 379 Union Ave., just a block away from the new Starbucks.

Bell said she she launched a petition after hearing about Starbucks’ request for a license to sell beer and wine on Monday, because she is concerned it will threaten small businesses in the neighborhood.

“We don’t need them to take over Brooklyn,” said Bell, who was applauded by the residents on Thursday.

The people haven’t won quite yet as there is still a final vote scheduled for October 20th.

- Josh Morrissey is on Twitter

Hungry teens arrested for stealing Doritos from the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory

doritos2A 14-year-old and 15-year-old were arrested last week for breaking into the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory (Williamsburg has a Frito-Lay factory?) and stealing several cases of chips. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there’s a slight chance this idea was influenced by a recently decriminalized substance. From [Read more...]