Turkey’s Nest is pretending to turn into a sushi restaurant

Photo via John Maceda/Gothamist

Photo via John Maceda/Gothamist

As seemingly all of our favorite local establishments are closing due to rent increases, Turkey’s Nest decided to have a little fun by posting the above sign in their window. I appreciate their [Read more...]

‘The Lorimer Stop’ parodies the surprisingly non-parody reality show ‘The Bedford Stop’

lorimerThat parody of Williamsburg that isn’t actually a parody called The Bedford Stop now has an actual parody. Perfectly [Read more...]

Williamsburg’s NitaNita is closing due to their rent tripling

nitaIn a sad and familiar story NitaNita on North 8th and Wythe will be closing closing next month due to rent increases. From [Read more...]

Check out a digital 3D model of the Domino Sugar Factory

dominoSadly the Domino Sugar Factory has been partially demolished at this point, but [Read more...]

Come see The Match Game at Over The Eight tonight

matchgameCome join myself and a diverse crew of New Yorkers in a modern day version of the classic game show Match Game tonight at 8pm. From [Read more...]

Thanks to Groupon you can own a clip-on man bun for only $9.99

manbunNow that man buns are fading out of style Groupon is offering the opportunity to have [Read more...]

All of your Williamsburg nightmares have been realized in a reality series called “The Bedford Stop”


A show called The Bedford Stop with the tagline ‘A reality show about Brookyn girls avoiding reality’ has made its way to YouTube for all of your hate watching needs. Unfortunately it appears to that this show is not a parody. I say this is unfortunate because as a parody it would hit home more than most any other Williamsburg parody I’ve seen. There are [Read more...]

Williamsburg apartment deal alert: You can live in a dumpster for only $1,200 a month

dumpsterToday a Williamsburg apartment with an outdoor space was posted on Craigslist for a mere $1,200 a month seeking a “hipster type.” The only catch is you will have to live in an actual dumpster that once was home to piles of trash. As [Read more...]