Man smashes Kent Ave. storefront windows because of ‘zombie apocalypse’

240kentThere are a lot of reasons people get angry in Williamsburg these days. The opening of chains like Starbucks, the soaring rent prices, and the closing of all of our favorite restaurants and music venues are usually the main sources of local ire. However, this time a ‘zombie apocalypse’ is the culprit. A Brooklyn [Read more...]

Bo Schultz went from the Turkey’s Nest softball team to Major League Baseball

Bo Schultz
Toronto Blue Jay’s pitcher Bo Schultz has a fascinating history that includes a stop in a McCarren Park softball league on this way to the majors. Bo went to Northwestern to play baseball but after not being able to make the team he quit and spent the summer of 2006 writing for Men’s Journal in NYC where he joined the Turkey’s Nest softball [Read more...]

The Streetwork Project art show is opening tomorrow

streetworkThe Streetwork Project is a great organization that serves the homeless youth of NYC. The young artists involved in the organization will be presenting an art show called We Are Here starting tomorrow at 7pm at ABC no Rio on 156 Rivington St. Come on out and support some great young artists and a great organization. There will also be a community dialogue on art and social justice next Tuesday 2/24.

Williamsburg couple forced to purchase $1.5 million apartment with danceable kitchen

via Pablo Enriquez for The New York Times

via Pablo Enriquez for The New York Times

The latest couple featured in the NY Times’ ‘The Hunt’ series (which follows New Yorkers searching for an apartment) can pretty much be summed up by the image (above) that accompanied the article but [Read more...]

Joe Biden enters Williamsburg, proclaims himself ‘Weird Guy’

via VICE Media

via VICE Media

Joe Biden is in Brooklyn today to pay a visit to the Williamsburg overlords Vice Magazine and potentially hip up his image in lieu of a Presidential run.


Gothamist has more photos if you are interested, but what I’m mostly interested in is the possibility of Bill Murray and Joe Biden drunkenly running into each other at The Commodore.

- @joshmorrissey

Video: See snowy North Brooklyn from above after Juno

junoThanks to Matt Coats‘ quadcopter flyover of Williamsburg and Greenpoint we have some great footage of our snowy neighborhood from the sky after “storm” Juno. Check it out below:

- @joshmorrissey

Video: Here’s what the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront looked like in 1992

williamsburg1992Check out this short video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by photographer Roland Andrijauskas of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront in 1992. The clip shows the rawness of the early 90′s waterfront (try to ignore the weird alien transmissions in the audio) when the twin towers were visible behind smoke stacks. Watch below:

- @joshmorrissey

Related: Zach Galifianakis’ 1993 student film set in Williamsburg

A sad songs dance party is coming to Williamsburg next week

wineHave you ever wanted to cry and dance at the same time in a public setting? Next week you’ll have your chance at Passenger Bar‘s “Cry and Wine: A Party For Your Feelings” featuring Alicia Kennedy on the decks starting at 8pm on 1/28. From Brooklyn Paper:

“I want to play the kind of music that makes you get into your feelings. You’ll feel something different than a normal dance party.”

Cry and Wine: A Party for Your Feelings is Kennedy’s first solo set, a departure from her usual collaboration as part of the Teenage Guide to Popularity, a monthly music video party with pal Douglas Bleggi.

Kennedy said she plans to play a mix of tearjerkers, including dancey-but-depressing classics from Joy Division and the Smiths, along with newer sensitive kids, such as Drake and Lana Del Rey.


- @joshmorrissey