Watch a short documentary about a Williamsburg pizza delivery man

bestpizzaIf you haven’t already seen it, check out this excellent short documentary about a 52-year-old Williamsburg pizza delivery man named Bill. Bill delivers for Best Pizza on Havermeyer St. and you may recognize him from his many fixie travels around the neighborhood. The [Read more...]

Someone managed to make an entire song about Williamsburg without including the word ‘hipster’

brooklyngirlsVirginia native Catey Shaw’s new song Brooklyn Girls takes place in Williamsburg (and a little bit in Bushwick). “There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside.” While I give her an incredible amount of credit for not putting the word ‘hipster’ in the chorus like everything else ever made, the song/music video is of course still full of standard Williamsburg [Read more...]

The West is ready to do battle with Williamsburg’s first Starbucks

thewestWhen I heard Starbucks was officially opening its first location in Williamsburg my first concern was the excellent coffee shop The West, located about 100 feet from the new Starbucks. In the wake of smaller stores like Kings Pharmacy being forced out of the neighborhood because of big chains like Duane Reade, The West is planning on holding their ground. They [Read more...]

Hey don’t jump down into the subway tracks

subway1During my commute at the Metropolitan/Lorimer G stop yesterday I saw a girl drop her glasses onto the tracks and immediately hop down to get them. She did it so nonchalantly that you would think she did this every day. Don’t do that people it’s dangerous! The whole thing only took about 10 seconds but you should have seen the faces of everyone on the platform after. Yipes!

- @joshmorrissey

What songs reference Williamsburg and Greenpoint?

williamsburgmusicConstantine Valhoui has created the NYC Music Map. It is a Google Map with geographical pins placed on over 200 references to the NYC area. So what songs did he find for [Read more...]

King’s Pharmacy is being forced to move to Red Hook

kingsKings Pharmacy, the mom-and-pop drugstore on Bedford Ave. is expected to close in a few weeks. According to Gothamist they are being pushed out by the landlord after 12 years in the space and will have to move to Red Hook. I’m sad to say that it is almost impressive that the store was able to stay open for 4 years after a Duane Reade opened across the street. Read more at Gothamist.

- @joshmorrissey

Vice is moving into a giant new space in Williamsburg along with $6.5 million in tax breaks

kentAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Vice Media will be moving from their current space on 90 North 11th Street into a 60,000 ft. space on South 2nd Street and Kent Avenue. The new space allows [Read more...]

St. Lucia is playing a free show at Le Poisson Rouge

stluciaWe are very excited to announce Brooklyn’s own St. Lucia will be playing a free show at Le Poisson Rouge on July 9th. You have the opportunity to see a band who sold out 4 NYC nights in a row earlier this year in an intimate venue thanks to a special [Read more...]