Williamsburg sports bar 4th Down is set to reopen tomorrow

4thdownAfter being forced from their North 4th street location due to rent increases over a year ago, Williamsburg sports bar 4th Down will re-open tomorrow in their new location. Their new spot is at 750 Grand street between Graham and Humbolt. From [Read more...]

The L train may be getting sliding subway platform doors

slidingIn light of the recent deaths due to subway riders being pushed onto the tracks, the MTA is looking for ways to protect patrons. One proposal is to test sliding platform doors on the L train line similar to what they have on parts of the London’s Underground system. From [Read more...]

Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington performed ‘NY I Love You’ with ‘SUCK IT VICE’ written on his body at DBA

Photo via kleebatron

Photo via kleebatron

Last night was the 5th to last night of shows at Death By Audio as the venue has to close due to Vice Media purchasing the block. Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington joined The Immaculates on stage last night for a performance of LCD Soundsystem’s New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down with ‘SUCK IT VICE’ written across his body (see above picture via kleebatron). Oh and the surprise headliner? None other than Future Islands. Check out [Read more...]

Williamsburg woman punches a hole in her door, goes to jail, and has her apartment burglarized while in jail because of the hole in her door

punchA Williamsburg woman recently went through an unfortunate chain of events that started with her punching a hole in the door of her bedroom in her Morgan street apartment. After punching a hole in her door she got locked up due to a warrant that was out for her arrest. While she was in jail a thief was able to enter her bedroom because of the hole and steal $850, plane tickets to Wisconsin and a note from her dead grandparents. From [Read more...]

A man shot at rapper Freddie Gibbs outside of Rough Trade last night

freddie2A man shot at Freddie Gibbs last night, striking two members of his entourage following his sold out performance at Rough Trade records on Wythe and North 9th st. From [Read more...]

Don’t worry, Starbucks made their second Williamsburg location ‘cool’

starbucksStarbucks opened their second Williamsburg location today on Bedford and North 7th. Amid upset neighbors and the denial of their liquor license the new Starbucks is trying to fit in with things like live music and coffee seminars. From [Read more...]

Citibike is expanding to North Williamsburg and Greenpoint

citibikeThe last I heard Citibike was struggling to stay alive, but now thanks to a group of new investors the program is flushed with cash. From [Read more...]

Colin Meloy will be busking in Williamsburg at 11:30AM

colinIf you are in the Williamsburg area you might want to head over to Bedford and North 7th to see The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy:


Hopefully he doesn’t get arrested by the NYPD.

- @joshmorrissey