Watch Maya Rudolph’s Prince tribute at Brooklyn Bowl from this weekend

princessThis past Friday and Saturday nights Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum aka the Prince tribute band Princess performed at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl. Check out some [Read more…]

Isa Chandra has opened a new Vegan restaurant in Williamsburg

Photo via @modernlove on Instagram

Photo via @modernlove on Instagram

Isa Chandra, the vegan chef/author and star of Post Punk Kitchen has opened a Williamburg outpost of her [Read more…]

Police are looking for a man who screamed “Bomb” on the L train

Photo via DNAinfo/NYPD

Photo via DNAinfo/NYPD

Police are looking for a man who scared L train passengers as the train was leaving the Bedford station last Saturday. Coincidentally this was on the same day as [Read more…]

2016 is a great time to be alive thanks to PAX

Last week San Francisco’s PAX Labs paid a visit to Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel to demonstrate their forthcoming line of vaporizer products. Those new products are a result of [Read more…]

Former police officer charged after killing man on Bedford Ave in July

bedford161The former police officer who struck four pedestrians with his car on Bedford Avenue (resulting in the death of 21-year-old Andrew Equivel) after a night of drinking at The Whiskey Brooklyn this July has been charged with 26 counts. From Brooklyn Reporter:

At about 3 a.m., the Durango jumped the curb in the vicinity of Bedford Avenue and North Eighth Street, striking four people (one of whom, 21-year-old Andrew Esquivel, was killed) and crashing through a wrought iron fence into the front of a building at 161 Bedford Avenue.

Cell phone video of the scene shows Batka — a probationary officer assigned to the Manhattan Transit Task Force at the time — attempting to leave the scene, but being prevented by passersby.

Read more at Brooklyn Reporter.

You can now stay in the Williamsburg shipping container house

You may remember a few years ago a resourceful couple found a way to build a cheap Williamsburg apartment by renovating shipping containers into a three level apartment on Keap st. That apartment is now available for anyone to rent on AirBnB. The craziest part might [Read more…]

Photos: Bill Murray tends bar in Greenpoint

Photo via @jordanarothman on instagram

Photo via @jordanarothman on instagram

This weekend Bill Murray proved that he is a good dad by slinging drinks at the opening of his son Homer’s new restaurant 21 Greenpoint in the former River Styx space. The event was switched to a private event after overwhelming demand, but that didn’t stop people from crowding outside looking to have an encounter with Bill. However [Read more…]

Let the history books show: It was Adrian Grenier who “Pioneered” Williamsburg

adrianWhen the next book about the history of New York City is written there will need to be one important update: Adrian Grenier “Pioneered” Williamsburg. From [Read more…]