Where did the mysterious tie-dye store in Greenpoint come from?

starhawkIf you have walked through Greenpoint in the past six months or so you may have noticed one storefront on Manhattan Ave that looks out of place. In a neighborhood where places of business frequently are forced to leave due to rising rent prices a store full of seemingly outdated tye-dyed items appeared. When walking by with friends recently we joked that it must be a phony front for some nefarious activity, thankfully the New Yorker investigated and it is very real:

I also learned that, although Starhawk Design Studio might seem thrown together, Starhawk’s business outside the store is booming: he designed the backdrops for MOMA’s PS1 series over the summer and created two huge banners for High Times magazine. He makes bulk T-shirt orders on commission, and he said the demand is almost more than he can handle. And yet, during the day, he chooses to sit inside the store, at an easel he has set up near the front, making on-demand designs for customers who drop in.

Read more at The New Yorker.

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The Williamsburg Whole Foods opened today

photo by Jenn Morrissey

photo by Jenn Morrissey

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