Northside Festival 2011

Ah, Northside Festival is all grown up and proved it with a very professional press event today at Bourough Hall. They even had Borough President Marty Markowitz there, who seem extra excited about the event.

“There is a new sheriff in town,” Markowitz said, talking shit on SXSW before handing out pins that spelled out “Brooklyn,” Dodgers style.

Among the 10398403 announcements, they confirmed Beirut, Sharon Van Etten, Deer Tick, Twin Sister and Javelin will be playing the four day fest this June 16-19. More bands should be announced in the coming weeks.

Beyond the music scene, there is also the first DIY film competition and Northside Open Studios going down. L Magazine (the people behind this whole she-bang) also managed to slip in a magazine launch, appropriately called Brooklyn Magazine, a quarterly debuting next week. Everything you could possibly want to know can be found at their Northside site.

Free Williamsburg will be taking part again with a musical showcase. Have a band that you think would be a good fit? Email us then.

Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Randall’s Animals presents new narration for a real clip on the honey badger, “the most fearless animal on earth” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Randall seems to agree with Guiness, even though he calls the honey badger a sleepy fuck.

I just wrote an article about the Gregory Brothers and remix video, but now I’m a tiny bit remorseful I didn’t find this first.

The Ideal Brooklyn Date Weekend – Hipster Edition

Say what you will about the photos (I know I know, shooting square photos of dressed-up Brooklynites is pretty much a double negative) for L Magazine’s article on a perfect V-day weekend in Brooklyn, but I think they are lovely shots with a few good weekend ideas behind them. Anyone know who did them?

City Journal on Korean Groceries

Photo via Timothycgoodwin’s Flickr

Of course, what’s an article on Korean grocers without mentioning Khim’s Millennium Markets? They also manage to get in a reference to the hipster clientele, which has proven to be catnip for journalists.

Search for Brooklyn Oenology's next wine label artist

Have you been to Brooklyn Oenology’s wine bar? You should, its got a nice vibe and it’s totally affordable. They get to sell wine on the cheap since they are actually a tasting room, and can sell you a bottle at retail that you then get to drink on the spot. To further distinguish themselves in the crowded Brooklyn wine market, they have art as their wine labels-and now want your pretty little project to grace their bottles.

From the release:
Since 2005, Brooklyn Oenology, a unique urban winery using local grapes and production, has been showcasing and supporting Brooklyn-based artists by featuring local art on their eclectic wine labels. Each vintage, blend, and varietal highlights a new work selected by winemaker Alie Shaper from some of the borough’s brightest creative talents.

In celebration of the new year, the opening of BOE’s new Tasting Room in Williamsburg, and the upcoming spring debut of some exciting new wines, Brooklyn Oenology is thrilled to announce an open search for the artist to be featured on our next release, the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc- a refreshing varietal sure to be a summer hit!

I’m not so much of a white wine type of artist myself but, who knows? More details on how to get your art on a wine bottle are at NYFA.

Rebel Bingo this Saturday

It’s a sad day when you realize the word rebel makes you think of the Confederate soldiers and the role that Northern aggression played in the Civil War. I’ve been reading way too much of the Disunion blog.

Hopefully, this rebel bingo in the Williamsburg this weekend is light on secession and heavy on the…Johnny Walker? Is that rebellious? How about indoor smoking? How does one make bingo rebellious?

Info at this Rebel Tumblr here and Info at this Rebel website here. Rebel tickets here. Let us know how the rebelling goes.

Who saw the camels on Sunday?

(Via Bill Luken’s Flickr)

Mac and Cheese

As if the recent opening of Brooklyn Mac wasn’t enough…

From the organizer:

Funds will go towards us staging a hilariously awesome and delicious circus—-slated for Summer 2011 production.

It’s called, “Halo of Bees.”

$10 to eat.
$25 to compete.