Street Vendors

Big campaign going on for the street vendors, kiddos.

Street vendors as it stands end up paying up to $1,000 dollars for infractions like not displaying their license during set up, being too far from the curbs, potentially just inches, and the like. A parking ticket from the city for “parking at an angle to the curb” is 65 dollars. The Street Vendor Project, a member organization that is part of the Urban Justice Center, is campaigning to lower the tickets and introduce a better education system for the vendors. And while the Post thinks the street vendors are plenty capable of “haggling” their way to a better deal, the Street Vendor Project suggests that the Merchant Associations and business groups in the city have more sway and helped impose the obscene fees on their streetside competitors in the first place. Conspiracy? Maybe. But I love me a good NYC business conspiracy.

Intros 434 and 435, with 15 co-sponsors at City Council, are trying to lower fines and reduce the byzantine bureaucracy around street vendors laws. So, the question is do you want to be able to book browse with abandon this summer or not?

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Vegan Pop Up

Secret-ish food markets are back (with the never-talk-to-the-New-York-Times lesson learned from the Greenpoint Food Market forgotten). So, of course we have our very own. And obviously its going to be vegan.

From the release, these are some of the goods:

Puffy glazed doughnuts from Dun-Well Doughnuts!

The Regal Vegan’s top notch Faux Gras! (gluten-free too!)

Meow Meow Tweet, with their masterfully crafted organic bar and liquid soaps, and vegan bug repellent too!

Pretty Monsters has made a special all vegan product line just for us with matcha lavender lip balms, soy candles in new Summer scents, AND tattoo balm!

At the Pinebox Rock Shop this Sunday from 2 to 5, with cheap drinks and freebies. As far as markets go, this one sounds good. As long as they don’t talk to the Times.

More info at their website. Good luck, little food market.

Free Day of Yoga at Bikram Williamsburg

The 7th year anniversary of the Bikram Yoga Williamsburg is this Saturday, and as per usual, they are celebrating with a day of free yoga, massages, yoga tea and other treats. This year they are also celebrating their newly opened sister space, Jivan Yoga Center. They took over Zach Galifaknis old apartment (ha!) above the first studio and now have a store, meditation room and a juice bar (oh la la).

More info at their website.

Bitter Brooklyn Kickstarter

A kickstarter for citrus cocktail bitters made right here in the ‘burg.

Maybe he’ll personally deliver in the neighborhood in time for summer cocktails?

Gnocchi del 29

Gnocchi del 29 is a culinary and art event around the 29th of each month to build community and celebrate abundance and prosperity, partially by eating a shitload of homemade gnocchi made by the host, Patricia Buraschi.

The coming March Gnocchi del 29 is a collaboration with the Goddamn Cobras and featuring photographs by their very own Molly Brolin. The series, “Forever Young,” is one part road trip, one part soft core porn. For the photo-inclined out there, it’s more risque than Robert Frank, but not as naked as Ryan McGinley.

The event will be hosted at Brooklyn Brainery this Saturday at 7pm. For 15 bucks you get a full gnocchi dinner, complete with wine and dessert (vegan chocolate truffles provided by Woodside Bakehouse). Its a small space so RSVP here to get in: Gnocchi del 29 + Goddamn Cobras featuring Photography by Molly Brolin

Goddamn Western pre-teaser teaser

What did you do last summer? Write, shoot and produce your own Western in California? No? Not even a little? That’s too bad.

Apparently, my friends at the Brooklyn creative collective Goddamn Cobras had something better to do than get drinks from the Turkey’s Nest and then lounge in the park. They shot a short in Ojai, Ca in four days with a budget of…$0. Here is there teaser to the preview.

A Goddamn Western PreTeaser from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.

The whole shebang is due this summer. Hopefully its as as great as this clip.

Via Goddamn Cobras

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Hide your gay friends!

Obviously, there are some bigots in Williamsburg.

Meet Barie Shortell. Barie was walking down N4th last month when a group of teenagers started with some anti-gay slurs before jumping him. Ten hours of surgery and three metal plates later, Barie has up to 100,000 dollars in hospital bills.

Have any info? Call 646.610.5267 for the Hate Crime Task Force. Otherwise, go pitch in next Wednesday and drink at Blackout Bar’s fundraiser for Barie. Or you could just throw him a couple bucks here.

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Hasids vs. Hipsters

As obnoxious as N+1’s was with the all out twitter campaign for their “What Was The Hipster” book, the essay “Hasids vs Hipsters” is pretty great. Adds some more analysis than the last New York piece and very timely with the Prospect Park West bike lane drama. It’s only going to get worse with better weather, people.