Williamsburg Bridge’s Manhattan-side about to become even worse

Commuters that use the Williamsburg Bridge know the recent construction is making a melee on the Manhattan side. Walkers, runners, bikers and the assholes on nominally motorized scooters all are forced through a tiny, blind spot-ridden hell. Unfortunately, the end of construction will not alleviate these issues.

The Department of Transportation released the above rendering for the project. The fence extending halfway through the entrance/exit is an attempt at steering bikers up Clinton Street. The traffic problem on Delancey is ignored and will continue to be one of the most terrifying rides in the city (Canal Street and Herald Square maybe still beat Delancey). AND the tight entrance becomes permanent with low concrete walls. I’m going to be even more wary of the fixed gears and skaters bombing the bridge. This rendering looks like they are intentionally after blood for anyone without brakes.

Side note, this is the most biked over bridge in North America. Hot Damn.

(via Gothamist’s Bike Champion, John Del Signore)

Brooklyn Boulders Birthday Bash

Brooklyn Boulders is the only reason I go to South Brooklyn for weeks at a time. Their birthday party this weekend looks worth a trip on the G.

From the invite:
Eastern Mount Sports
Adidas Outdoor

Chef Master Nieves on the grill.
Sheep Station bartenders at the tap.
Brooklyn Brewery on tap.

Somebody’s winning an annual membership to BKB!
Free 2nd Bday shirts
Photobooth to remember our bday by.
Cornhole tournament.
Premiere of City Slickers: Part 2.
Treasure hunt.
Unicorn rides and so much more…

Members = $12
Non-Members (who like us on FB) = $15

So, for 12 to 15 bucks you will be automatically receiving $50 worth of items,
and a chance to win several hundred more in giveaways and raffles!

More info on the facebook event.

Hurricane Guide by a Floridian

I’ll spare you from all the “This is nothing compared to where I’m from” triteness our Californian friends put us through during the earthquake. I’ve learned my lesson after talking shit about a little hurricane named Katrina that caused barely more than a drizzle over southwest Florida but subsequently destroyed New Orleans.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned after sitting through—or running from, in the case of Hurricane Andrew—after a dozen or so hurricanes.

1) Electric is going to go down so stock up on food that can stay out. If ConEd doesn’t have their act together, we could be without electric for days after the hurricane. Open up your fridge as rarely as possible because there is little worse than a fridge reeking of rotting foods in the heat. Try eating anything tonight or early tomorrow that would be a shame to let go bad. This also means at the very least that you’re going to need a cooler and ice to keep the beer cold that you will need to steady your nerves and pass the time.

2) Water stops working when the treatment plants go offline. Make sure you are showered and then fill up your bathtub with water. You’ll need this and a bucket to flush your toilet.

3) Towels, lots of them. There is something about hurricanes that bring out the leaks. Also, if you’re on the first floor, you’ll want them for your doorway. We’ve had a lot of rain to soak up already and depending on what quadrant of the hurricane hits us (the upper-right quadrant produces the biggest storm surge, strongest wind and most chance of tornadoes), we might get some serious flooding.

4) Batteries, water, etc. Charge your stuff. Buy Cheetos. You know this drill.

5) We use to tape a big X on windows so that if the glass did break, it would break into bigger pieces. This has been disproved, but I might do it, for old times sake.

6) Those plants on your fire escape? They are now flying projectiles. Bring them in now while you’re thinking about it. Anything outside that can be picked up and tossed around also needs to be secured.

7) Find a Florida friend that isn’t in the evac zone and get an invite to their hurricane party. We are all having them and will be complaining nonstop that we thought we had moved away from all this nonsense. But we will still be the ones with the best board games and the most beer. And the first ones playing outside when its deemed safe(ish).

Coma Cinema – Business as Usual + free download

Coma Cinema – Business as Usual from Micah Van Hove on Vimeo.

It’s like the Tree of Life previews met drugs.

Also, Coma Cinema is currently offering free downloads for four of their albums. Go crazy.

Drake – Headlines

I never got into Drake when he first hit the scene. Chalk it up to my total disdain for anything related to Degrassi and lyrics that were easy to ridicule (What am I doing?/What am I doing?/ Oh ya, that’s right/ I’m doing me). But with his cheerleading for The Weeknd, one of the best new acts of 2011, and now this new single…I might have to let the Degrassi loathing go.

Drake – Headlines

The album, Take Care, is in stores October 24th and probably in the torrents weeks before that.

Hella Bitter Seltzer Cart

There are apparently still unexplored frontiers in the mobile food movement.

Benjamin Harrison is trying to fund a bitter-infused seltzer drinks cart, which would be serving up drinks in the ‘burg. Since you guys liked his last kickstarter so much, maybe a local source out on the streets would take it to the next level. They plan to have the cart out by mid-August, if its funded.

Warby Parker at Bird

Online eyewear darling Warby Parker are known for their Tom-like approach to commerce (you buy a pair, they give a pair) and styles that appeal to the hip but sight-challenged among us. But buying glasses online, even at the excellent price point of $95 dollars, is a drag. Bird is fixing to remedying that with a party – Wednesday the 27th from 6pm to 9pm you can try on 165(!) styles while downing prosecco, nibbling on snacks, and musing on the DJing by Justine D. My only question – will the monocle be there?

Seedstock at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

From the inbox:

This Saturday, July 9th is Seedstock! a concert benefit for the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm’s farm-based education program. Now in our third growing season, we’ve sown seeds, turned compost, and learned about chickens, bees & bunnies with hundreds of school kids with Growing Chefs’ incredible staff of green thumbs, chefs and educators.

Tickets are $10 at seedstock.eventbrite.com and $20 at the door. 44 Eagle St in Greenpoint Map

The lineup –

Franz Nicolay
Soft Black
Elizabeth Devlin
The Shivers
My Gay Banjo
The Sharp Lads

The view at sunset alone is worth it if you haven’t been.