Brooklyn DIY Oral History Story

Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky

How long have you stayed or played in North Brooklyn? For many of us the years can be counted on one hand. We missed the halcyon days when Bedford was a frontier and rent was actually cheaper than Manhattan. For anyone interested in our (very) recent history, the cover story for The Williamsburg/Greenpoint News and Arts has an oral history of Ten Years of Music 2002-2012. Beyond interesting tid bits about the beginnings of now big bands (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) the piece also puts the whole scene into perspective. Like this gem:

These events occurred during the advent and rise of the Internet. These early shows, shows in the early 2000s, were not covered in the media. These shows didn’t have photographers with digital cameras in the audience. To put it into a larger context, it was January 2001 when iTunes launched. And it would be another 10 months before we had iPods. This was not only the beginning of a new era of music, music out of Brooklyn, but also the beginning of the end of the music industry as it existed then.

The writer is looking to talk to more people if you’re experienced.

Video Premiere: Slothrust – The Couch Incident

Our friends over at Meerkat Media just sent us over their latest video for Slothrust’s The Couch Incident. The sofa-bound lead singer is confronted by her very younger self, and instead of some lovey-dovey, idyllic realization about ourselves as children, shit gets real when the girl turns out to be elusive, destructive, and violent. The song reminds me a little bit of what the At The Drive In would be like if they had listened to more death metal.

Slothrust was recently a featured artist at Adrian Grenier’s Brooklyn studio (which I did not know was even a thing), Wreckroom.

Nights in Ultraviolet

Forget being a foodie, the new NEW Brooklyn trend is producing a web series.

There is Broad City, with its fancy New York Times profile and comparisons to HBO’s Girls. There is I Hate Being Single with its Upright Citizen’s Brigade cast and now there is Nights in UltraViolet, who borrowed actors from both shows (still a small “artisan” community, apparently) and is still putting out episodes and getting buzz. I’m sure there are 6794509 more and I’ll hear about every single one in PR blasts after this post. Thanks in advance, readers.

Nights in UltraViolet follows a shut-in author of legal thrillers who joins his freeloading friends for a night out, triggering a series of inexplicable events that HMMM mirror his stories? The latest episode, “The Whole World is Out To Get You” opens with slo-mo music video shot in the ‘burg. We can all get down with that.

You can catch up episodes at Get to Nights and the rest of the web series before New York Times Style section gets to it, which Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan has aptly called “the herald of any modern day cultural apocalypse.”

No Lights No Lycra

A dance party in a Greenpoint church basement that happens every week. Apparently, these dance parties are all the rage in Australia.

Your very own is working on a video about NLNL and will be filming tonight.

1st Annual Mustard Festival

Personally, I’m going through a brussel sprouts smothered in dijon mustard phase but this truffled honey mustard on a pretzel doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe we can get a mayonnaise fest next?

The First Annual Brooklyn Mustard Festival is happening Saturday, April 28th, in the beer garden at T.B.D. Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn from 12-5. It will be a celebration of mustard in all of its pungency and richness, its nobility and sloppiness. A smattering of vendors — mostly local but some distant — will be offering up an array of mustards and mustard-based delicacies. You’ll find mustard styles ranging from smooth dijon to stone ground, in flavors ranging from mustard with green peppercorn to mustard with truffled honey to mustard made with Six Point beer. Mustard hailing from one of New York’s oldest mustard companies, and mustard from local, small-batch artisans. We’ll have chutneys featuring mustard seed, mustard-flavored pickles, and a terrific mustard herring. Vendors will make all of their products available for sampling and purchase. In addition, we’ll have for sale delicious soft pretzels (Sigmund’s) and some of Brooklyn’s finest hot dogs and sausages (The Meat Hook) to spread your favorite mustards on, and T.B.D.’s extensive beer list will give you plenty of options to pair your food with.

Saturday, April 28 12-5
T.B.D 224 Franklin St rain or shine! (hopefully shine since they have such a nice yard)

Vendors Participating-
A. Bauer’s Mustard (Queens, NY) • Divine Brine (Huntington Station, NY) • D.P. Chutney Collective (Brooklyn, NY) • Hudson Valley Homestead (Craryville, NY) • The Meat Hook (Brooklyn, NY) • My Friend’s Mustard (Brooklyn, NY – Philadelphia, PA) • Shelky’s Smoked Fish (Brooklyn, NY) • Sigmund’s Pretzels (New York, NY) • Tin Mustard (Brooklyn, NY) • Wine Country Kitchen (Napa, CA)

Brooklyn Bass Party TONIGHT

Our friends over at Brooklyn Bass are throwing themselves a one year anniversary party that you should probably go to tonight. Its free!

From the invite:

As part of our one year anniversary, Brooklyn Bass will be hosting a night of House, Bass, and Techno music, starting the evening off right with DJ sets from the editors.

It’s gonna be super fun, come party with us!

EVENT: Brooklyn Bass 1 Year Anniversary
BILL: Braille, Background Sound, Spectacal, Judge Wise, Thomas, Evan Michael
DATE: 03/29/12
VENUE: Public Assembly Loft
SUBWAYS: Bedford Ave. [L Train], Marcy Ave. [J, M, Z train]

AGE: 21+

Here’s the Facebook invite, if you’re into that kind of thing.

And, a sampling of the music:

[Read more…]

Hella Bitter Party

Our fancy friends over at Hella Bitter are throwing a launch party this Friday to show off their new fancy cart that maybe you helped build with a donation to their Kickstarter. This would be a good time to go and try the Vanilla Kumquat bitters, if I may so humbly recommend a bitter.

We’re finally ready to roll our the Seltzer Cart and Hella Bitter! We’re having a party in Brooklyn to celebrate, and we insist that you come to it. If you pledged at the $100 level admittance is free. For everyone else, it’s just $10 for all the delicious cocktails you can drink. Come and show your support, check out the cart, and help us make the world a bitter place.

March 2
Windmill Studios, 287 Kent Ave
7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
$10 buckaroos

Occupy Wall Street Overview

Have you ignored the protest thinking this was a short-lived fluke? Woken up and realized the protest is almost three weeks in and getting as much coverage as Jobs’ death? Realized its time to catch up so you have something to say over the water cooler?

Here is a primer, folks. It is far from being totally inclusive but the amount of articles being written and photos being taken are becoming unmanageable. Now is the time to save on some rent money, sublease your apartment and join them to really understand what’s going on.

I haven’t checked out the scene in a few days, but this video, “Right Here All Over” shows a huge group. If they got a masseuse hanging out, this has gone prime time.

-Notables are coming by! Jeff Magnum played but Susan Sarandon, Former Governor Paterson, Michael Moore have all also stopped by.Penn Badgley too. But don’t call him a celebrity, he’s a public artist.

The protests are all over the country! Mother Jones is updating an interactive map of the 60+ protests that have sprung up.

The New York Observer has been on the ground, covering the event before it was cool to cover the event. They are still plugging away, too.

Slate takes a stab at explaining the finances behind the 1% that Occupy Wall Street reviles.

-There’s been a lot of criticism over the lack of demands. Douglas Rushoff argues on that this is not as big of a problem as mainstream media is making it out to be. Here is the “living document” the protestors are working on to define what they are working towards.

-Yours truly has been dropping by since day one and I’ve kept up taking photos and tweeting up a storm I got interviewed in a podcast, which is a little dated at this point but a good overview on the beginnings.

-Their are protestors who say they aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. To keep up with the growing moment, the group’s website and twitter are good starts.