Another Tuesday, another remix

I always respect a download link so I don’t have to go hunt for the track.

3rd Ward Specials

Just got an e-mail from 3rd Ward with their specials for this month and there are some doozies.
Introduction to MIG Welding // In this workshop each student will create an imaginative sculpture in steel. While making the sculpture, students will learn the fundamentals of how to mig weld, fabricate, and use other shop equipment and tools. All materials and safety gear will be provided. This class comes with a two day shop pass to work on your projects outside of class time.
Class Duration: 3 Sessions ◊ Time: 7-10p ◊ Wednesdays December 2, 9 & 16 ◊ Register by Nov 27
NOW // Member Price: $180 Nonmember Price: $200 Equipment Fee: $35
After Effects Intro // Open a veritable Pandora’s Box for enhancing artistic projects across any digital medium. Create dynamic text, composite imagery and animate photographs and still imagery. You leave class with an original Quicktime movie for your portfolio.
Class Duration: 3 Sessions ◊ Time: 7-10p ◊ Wednesdays December 9, 16 & 23 ◊ Register by Dec 6
NOW // Member Price: $150 Nonmember Price: $180
Intro to Dreamweaver // You will learn the basics of web design using Dreamweaver; the industry standard software for web design. You will build your own website by the end of the class.
Class Duration: 6 Sessions ◊ Time: Noon-3p ◊ Sundays December 13, 20 & January 10, 17, 24 & 31 ◊ Register by Dec 10
NOW // Member Price: $295 Nonmember Price: $360

This is what happens when you quit your corporate job.

It seems there are a lot of people throwing caution to the wind and quitting their jobs, even with the still tenuous economical situation. My cousin Sam quit her cushy job and is now a full time artist and designer. And her first project involves your ass (hopefully).

Rules and details are here. 100 bucks and bragging rights to show off what your momma gave you? Not bad.

Autumn Mix

My good friend Jables released this mixto go along with these changing autumn days. If you are working on a Saturday night that is full of fun things to do, much like the position I find myself in, this mix will make the pain go away.


Just when you thought Halloween was done and gone, this little number shows up.

They’re playing at Bruar Falls on Saturday. I hope they dress up.

Pearl and the Beard

My friends at Goddamn Cobras just released a video for Brooklyn-based band Pearl and the Beard. I posted about their search for some shoot locations, and it looks like they succeeded.

Anyone have Will Smith’s e-mail?

American Gothic

A little peek at a famous painting’s inspiration to start your week off creatively.
via fffound and The Daily What

A tribute to a tribute for a tribute?

In the beginning, there was just Phoenix’s official Lisztomania video. Shortly thereafter, someone decided the song sounded like the soundtrack to every 80’s teenage angst-y movie ever made, and the brat pack mash up tribute was born. Then, some cute Brooklynites had too much time on their hands and a nice roof at their disposal, and the Brooklyn Brat pack tribute to a tribute was created. Now, some even cuter kiddos in the Phillipines made a tribute to the Brooklyn tribute.

Where will this Lisztomania tribute video arms race end?