Plant sale at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Last years plant sale at Eagle Street
Last year’s sale

Now that it’s beautiful out, the time has come to get spring fever and buy plants to slowly kill by neglect or overwatering during the summer. Lucky for you, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is having a soil and plant sale this Sunday May 12th and next Sunday from 11-5pm at 44 Eagle Street. Transplants and soil from McEnroe Farm. The farm is also open for your viewing pleasure.

Re-opening of the Recession Art space

Recession Art, a gallery that sells afforable art for those among us that aren’t planning on living in the Domino Sugar Condos, is reopening on Saturday. FW friend Danny Ghitis is helping them re-debut in style with photos taken in the Harlem Valley.

Recession Art
47 Bergen Street
6 to 10 pm

More info here.

Two new-ish Woodkid videos

Since you all seemed to love debating the last Woodkid video on here, there two other videos that continue the story line. I’d appreciate it there was no accusations of skinhead propaganda this time.

Woodkid – Run Boy Run (Official Video HD) from WOODKID on Vimeo.

I LOVE YOU from WOODKID on Vimeo.

That super mega-pod of humpback whales at the end preceded the super mega-pod of dolphins spotted off San Diego today.

Quora’s Williamsburg page needs some love

This question in particular could use an answer. More and less helpful questions and answers can be found at the topic’s main page.

We Got This – Occupy’s Hurricane Sandy work

We Got This (Occupy Sandy) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

There’s been plenty of criticism about Occupy. I reported on it for almost a year and I totally get it. There were plenty of shortcomings. Occupy’s outreach for Hurricane Sandy victims, however, is not one of those shortcomings. As the video shows, they have set up a commander center to organize and get out goods. OccupySMS was created so those without power or internet but with a cell phone could reach out for help.

Occupy has two outposts good for new volunteers in Clinton Hill and Sunset Park.

Zebros and Gentlemen Brawlers show at Spike Hill

Zebros show at Pete's Candy Store

Photo by Danny Ghitis

Free Williamburg favorite Zebros are putting on a show with the also wonderful Gentlemen Brawlers at Spike Hill on Friday.

This is an audio piece made at their last show for a taste of what to expect (spoiler: there is often dancing).
Typical Zebros show

Convinced? RSVP on Facebook here.

Et Cetera Festival at Public Assembly

A bit late on this but Public Assembly is having a week of events as part of Et Cetera 2012. If “week-long version of a state-funded liberal arts college” at a bar/event space sounds like a good time, this is your festival.

Yours truly will be helping run the investigation panel by Her Girl Friday on Wednesday. Four lady journalists from across different platforms are going to reveal the secrets of getting the scoop. Doors at 7 with a boozy mixer to follow the hard hitting stuff.

Brokelyn has a nice write up on the rest of the events.

First Day of Classes at The Yard

The Yard, a new-ish work space on Nassau, starts off their class series tomorrow with “How to Not Suck Hiring at your Startup.” It’s very General Assembly of them.

More classes here, including the “Caddyshack to Zombieland: On The Meta-Caricaturization of Bill Murray” class.