Williamsburg restaurant Isa has closed


We can’t say we’re surprised. Isa never could seem to get it together. Eater reports that they have indeed shuttered:

From day one, Isa was committed to being weird — it was gleefully out of step with the rest of the trendy restaurant pack in terms of design, cuisine, and branding. The menu looked like a 90s punk music zine. [Read more…]

How to Get Great Furniture on a Budget (It’s Easier Than You Think!)



Living and working in New York gets expensive fast, and unless you were born with a major trust fund, you know you need to live on a budget. Most of the time, that’s no big deal. Right up until you move, that is.

Then all bets are off as you scrape together first and last month’s rent, a security deposit and cash for a moving van to haul all your stuff to your new pad. Good luck having anything left over to make your new place nice and comfortable — that new couch will have to wait another year. Or will it?  [Read more…]

Ensemble ACJW Presents Turning Point at National Sawdust



Ensemble ACJW Presents Turning Point
Tuesday, May 3 at 7 PM
National Sawdust

Join Ensemble ACJW, the group that Time Out New York called “consistently innovative and exciting,” for their second concert at National Sawdust. Turning Point explores Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony—one of the last tonal works written by the composer—as well as pieces influenced by his revolutionary ideas about sound, structure, and gesture. The program also features works by Boulez, Takemitsu, Matthias Pintscher, and Crawford Seeger.

National Sawdust
Tickets: $15
80 North Sixth Street | Brooklyn

Get the Furniture You Wish You Had with Furnishare



Ready to furnish your next apartment? Making your place look great in New York City is no small feat. [Read more…]

Greenpoint will soon have its own BMW-owned, tech-brotastic, start-up incubator / “world class” restaurant / asshat palace



As we reported last year, the space that used to host the Brooklyn Night Bazaar was purchased by BMW.  As details emerge about what BMW plans to do with the 23,000 square-foot warehouse, we’re beginning to think an automotive showroom would’ve been preferable. Reporters talked to the designer, Nate Pinsley, about the space and it sounds, well, just horrible. As DNA reports, its going to be called A/D/O — awkward shorthand  for the already-pretentious Amalgamated Drawing Office — and it will be a “place for design professionals to work, develop and play.” Ugh. You just know there’s going to be skateboard racks. Gothamist has more:

In fact, the BMW-owned MINI is building a 23,000 square-foot restaurant / retail design store / co-working space that the company hopes will become a “hotbed for future ideas and innovation.”
It’s called Amalgamated Drawing Office, which is “an homage to the team that designed the first MINI,” according to Nate Pinsley, ADO’s managing director. The warehouse’s renovations are being designed by nARCHITECTS and ADO is scheduled to open late this summer. [Read more…]

There was a huge pot bust in Greenpoint over the weekend


Meanwhile, we keep forgetting it hasn’t been legalized. From Gothamist:

400 pounds of beautiful-looking marijuana was seized by the NYPD in a big Greenpoint drug bust this week. First 300 pounds of the mouth-watering weed was discovered in a container that two men allegedly picked up at ABF Freight on the banks of Newtown Creek in East Williamsburg on Wednesday. They then allegedly drove it to 234 Java Street in Greenpoint, where officers acting on a search warrant found another 100 pounds of herb that will never find a good home. [Read more…]

The Sharing Economy for Furniture? Furnishare Makes It Easy



Everywhere you turn, the sharing economy is big news. Ride sharing, bike sharing, couch surfing — it’s all changing the way we interact with our stuff.

But could it really change the way we think about furniture?

Furnishare is out to prove that a new model of furniture sharing can take the stress out of choosing a dining room set and make furniture fun again. Their subscription furniture service makes finding the right pieces for a New York City apartment a snap for renters — but it also offers a way to make money off of furniture items you may own but no longer love. [Read more…]

New York just became more affordable with Furnishare’s subscription service



New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the country — but would you really want to be anywhere else? There’s nowhere else where you can take your pick of food from around the world, choose an evening’s entertainment from a truly endless list of places to go and things to do, and feel the steady pulse of a city that is always on the move toward the future.

Still, once New York has stolen your heart, you have to figure out how to afford to make a life here. When you’re on a budget, apartment hunting can be a special challenge. And once you’ve found your new digs, you still have to get some furniture.

Fortunately, gone are the days when you had to shell out thousands of dollars to furnish your apartment, only to be stuck lugging that heavy furniture around the city to your next apartment in another year or two. Today, Furnishare offers an innovative furniture subscription service that allows you to select furniture items you want and keep them for a short period — you can choose 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions. When you’re ready to move — or when you simply want to change the look of your apartment — just return the items and pick out something new.

Best of all, Furnishare takes care of all of the annoying parts about owning furniture in the city. They’ll deliver your items straight to your door so you don’t have to worry about throwing out your back getting to that sixth-floor walk-up. You can also sign up to have someone else rent your old furniture to earn extra cash, offering even more flexibility to change your apartment’s decor.

Thanks to Furnishare, living in the Big Apple just got even more rewarding — and affordable.