An Unfinished Life

An Unfinished Life
A novel by Mark Spragg
A non-review by J. Stefan-Cole

The question that bugged me as I read Mark Spragg’s novel, AN UNFINISHED LIFE; Alfred A. Knopf, 2004, was which came first, the screenplay or the novel? The novel’s publish date was September 5th, the film version of the story, as written on the back of my reviewer’s copy is billed as, “Soon to be a major motion picture (Miramax, December, 2004)”. For a movie to be released in December it would have to be in the can by June, and quickly in the editing room for the weeks or months post-production takes. But before production there would have to have been pre-production; location scouts, costume people put in place, a director of cinematography and so on, and before that a director and talent had to be brought on board, and, with some back and forth, producers to produce the money. But way back even before any of that there had to be a screenplay. Okay, maybe someone got their hands on the manuscript and ran with the idea of pushing a film project before a screenplay was written, but you see where I am going.

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Debate Party! Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Join THE NATION INSTITUTE and JANEANE GARAFALO and SAM SEDER of AIR AMERICA’s THE MAJORITY REPORT for a giant-screen, live broadcast of the presidential debate at CROBAR in NYC this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8th.
Doors open at 6:30 PM. Free admission and free food until 8 PM. Cash bar. $10 cover after 8 PM ($5 with your student ID).
Must be 21 or older.
AIR AMERICA will broadcast live on-site with leading progressive
writers and entertainers before and after the debate, including Nation editor KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL, Nation columnist KATHA
POLLITT, actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and others to be announced.
For those outside the NYC area, organize a “watch with
the sound off” party and listen online at
Call 212-209-5400 x5462 for more information
CroBar 530 West 28th St. New York New York


DIG! is a new excellent documentary playing at Sunshine about rival bands Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. Watching the bizarre, entertaining frontman Anton Newcombe in candid moments is worth the price of admission. (He’s also a very nice guy).
Alexander Laurence says: “The real art is the music of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Anton Newcombe.” He’s right. The Dandy Warhols are mediocre at best. The Brain Jonestown Massacre is one of the most underated bands of the past decade.
Plus, they are generous enough to allow free mp3 downloads. We recommend beginning with Take It From The Man!

Hurry up, Rapture

An important story was strangely buried in The New York Times Arts section this weekend about the release of the new Pro-Bush, Pro-Crusade, Pro-All-Non-Christians-Will-Burn-in-Hell documentary, George W. Bush: Faith in the White House. The DVD is being released today as counterpoint to Farenheit 9-11. A staggering 300,000 copies will be sent to Christian churches.
A screening of the film was provided during the RNC, but no press was allowed. Seems that Rove and former Christian Coalition Director Ralph Reed (who is now a senior political advisor to our Rapture-ready Prez) prefer keeping their pandering to the church on the down low. A recent Newsweek poll finds that “17 percent of Americans expect the world to end in their lifetime,” and Bush’s Rapture base will be buying this DVD in droves. The VHS has already sold out on the distributor’s website.

Hilarious (if not disturbing) blurb from the website:

Not since the days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has a president put so much stock in his Christian faith and prayer life for making decisions and leading the United States in its hour of crisis. According to BBC correspondent Justin Webb: “Nobody spends more time on his knees than George W. Bush. The Bush administration hums to the sound of prayer. Prayer meetings take place day and night. It’s not uncommon to see White House functionaries hurrying down corridors carrying Bibles.”

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Radio 4 Interview

Radio 4’s new record, Stealing of a Nation, came out last month. They’ll be playing New York at Webster hall on October 12th. We spoke with the band about the new record in September.
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The NEW FREEwilliamsburg

The New York Times made us do it. Last Sunday, in the NYTimes Magazine they declared that bloggers were becoming an important cultural and political voice. Of course, we decided that we MUST follow suit. The Times is always ahead of the curve.
Here’s one of our favorite bloggers, Wonkette, discussed in their strangely late-to-the-game article:

In all seriousness, we’ve decided to go the blog route in order to bring our readers more timely updates. As we have since 1999, we will continue to feature:
— Interviews
— Music Reviews
— Events Listings
— Politics and media
— Sausage biscuits
Club, Bar, and Restaurant listings
–and of course, random, uneducated stupidity
By morphing into a blog, we will be able to bring information to you quicker, enriching your life and helping to better promote family values on a more timely basis.
Thanks for reading and feel free to send us your thoughts:
send us mail
In the days to come, we’ll be featuring interviews with Le Tigre and Radio 4, updates to our bar and restaurant guides, a ferret pictorial, information about our new book, and much more.
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Gallup Poll

Reading that even the biased Gallup Poll is placing Kerry back in the race should hopefully make the obviously nervous Bush campaign even more defensive and unlikable. According to Gallup they are tied at 49%. This article from the Times last week is equally encouraging.
In case anyone missed this article last week about bias at the Gallup Poll, it is worth a peek:

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The October Art Crawl

I’ve been away too long, and Williamsburg looks like it could use an ass-kicking. So, a bunch of people got sick of paying Chelsea rents here and moved across the river to Williamsburg West as the kids call it…
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